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The Advantages of Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans



The expense of healthcare is rapidly increasing in the modern world. Unexpected medical expenses from sickness or tragedy might put your life savings at risk and leave you deeply in debt. Comprehensive health insurance policies can help in such situations.  Compared to standard health insurance, these plans provide more coverage and protect against a greater variety of medical costs.

Let us explore the benefits of all-inclusive health insurance plans and how they may help you and your family in more detail.

8 Prime Benefits of Having a Health Insurance

Here are a few primary benefits of purchasing a comprehensive health plan for you and your family:

Financial Safety

One of the significant advantages of purchasing an extensive health plan is ensuring financial security. Medical emergencies can occur anytime and anywhere thus you must have an adequate financial backup for such times. Due to inflation, every sector, including healthcare costs, is rising. So it would help if you had a health plan for you and your family members.

Lifetime Coverage/Renewability

Usually, most insurers set an exit age for their health plans of 75 years. However, many insurance companies offer their health plans for a lifetime. Otherwise, some insurers offer the option of buying insurance with a lifetime renewability option.

Value Added Services

A comprehensive or extensive health insurance plan often comes with additional services that will enhance the coverage of your policy. Some of the common additional services are teleconsultations with certified doctors, discounts on medicines, etc. Thus, while buying a health policy, look for this option for extensive coverage.

No Claim Bonus

NCB rewards a policyholder for not raising any claims within their health insurance term. It usually increases some percentage of your total sum insured. For instance, if you have a health plan with a sum insured of Rs. 10 lakhs and receive a 5% no-claim bonus (NCB), your sum insured will increase to Rs. 10.5 lakhs upon renewal.

Beneficial Add-on Covers

Health plans provide financial protection against medical expenses, along with access to a network of hospitals. 

Beneficial add-on covers include maternity benefits, critical illness cover, personal accident cover, outpatient care, etc.  It simply enhances the overall coverage which will ensure extensive health protection.

Cashless Treatment

Cashless treatments or hospitalization allow you to receive medical care without any instant out-of-pocket expenses. It mostly covers expenses of hospitalization, surgery, and other treatments directly with the hospital you are admitted to. It will reduce your financial stress, along with ensuring timely access to necessary healthcare services.

Tax Benefits

Health insurance in India comes with numerous benefits, including attractive tax benefits. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, a policyholder can get a tax deduction of up to Rs. 25,000 (for individuals) on the premium paid toward their health plan. In addition, senior citizens can get up to Rs. 50,000 on the health insurance premium amount.

Pre-existing Diseases

An extensive health plan acts as a financial safety net in times of medical emergencies. In addition, many medical insurance policies offer policyholders coverage for pre-existing diseases.  It ensures access to necessary treatments and medications, which will improve one’s health outcomes through regular check-ups and early interventions.

Factors to Consider While Acquiring Extensive Health Insurance

Gradually, medical costs are increasing; thus, opting for a comprehensive health plan is crucial. While choosing one from any insurance provider available in the market, such as ACKO General Insurance, you must consider a few essential factors to get optimal coverage for you and your family. Below are some factors to consider in such cases:

Inclusions and Exclusions

You must have a minute to check into all the inclusions of the health plan. Most people think checking the inclusions is enough but it is wrong. Look into the list of exclusions to make an informed decision while purchasing a health plan.

Waiting Period

It is the time before your health coverage starts. Usually, pre-existing coverage comes with waiting periods. That is why one must choose health plans with shorter or zero waiting periods to enjoy accessing your financials quickly.

Room Rent Clause

It is the clause that limits reimbursement based on hospital room charges. Do not forget to look into the room rent clause to ensure that it adequately covers hospital accommodation expenses without limitations or restrictions.

Premium Amount

While buying a health insurance plan, consider the premium cost relative to coverage, including deductibles, to maximize the out-of-pocket expenses. 

There are varied insurers who offer customization options for their health plan. By availing, you can get health plans at affordable price points.

Co-payment Clause

It is a portion of your medical expenses that you have to pay from your pocket. Before buying a health plan, look into this clause to avoid paying money from your savings. There are insurers, like ACKO, that offer health insurance plans with no copay option.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Plans with comprehensive health insurance are a great way to control medical expenses and guarantee financial stability. You can make wise choices if you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of different programmes. Recall that having a complete health insurance plan gives you the power to take charge of your health and well-being, along with proactive preventative care and a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, if you are looking for attractive comprehensive health insurance plans with affordable premiums, visit ACKO’s official website.

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