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Is It Illegal to Eat an Orange in the Shower – Busting Myths and Misconceptions



is it illegal to eat an orange in the shower

Is It Illegal to Eat an Orange in the Shower

Let’s dive right into a pretty unusual topic. Is it illegal to eat an orange in the shower? You’ve likely heard this peculiar question before, perhaps as a quirky ice breaker or even a piece of random trivia. It sounds completely absurd, doesn’t it? I mean, why would anyone pass legislation about fruit consumption in the bathroom?

To clear up any confusion from the get-go, I’ll tell you straight: there are no known laws anywhere that specifically prohibit eating oranges—or any other food for that matter—in the shower. This might come as a relief if you’re one of those folks who relish their citrus while getting squeaky clean.

We need to consider where this odd query came from. The origin of this statement isn’t really clear. It’s possible that it’s just another internet myth—something someone threw out there for fun and has since spiraled into a bizarre urban legend of sorts. Don’t worry though; we’re going to delve deeper into this mystery together.

Unusual Laws Across the Globe

You’d be surprised at some of the weird and wacky laws that exist around our world. Let’s talk about a few that might leave you scratching your head in bewilderment.

First off, let’s take a trip to Singapore. Here, it’s illegal to chew gum. Yes, you read that correctly! The country introduced this law back in 1992 to keep public spaces clean. Now, isn’t that something? Another quirky law comes from Switzerland where it’s prohibited to flush the toilet after 10 PM in apartments – apparently, it’s considered noise pollution!

Next up is Victoria, Australia. Believe it or not, only licensed electricians are allowed to change light bulbs here. It sounds absurd but if you’re caught doing this without a license – get ready for a fine!

Now onto another fruity law: In Ohio, USA, it’s actually against the rules for one to throw a snake at anyone else (and rightfully so!). And lastly – guess what? There’s an unusual law in Italy which prohibits keeping goldfishes in glass bowls – they believe it could cause them distress.

While these laws may seem strange and unfathomable:

  • Chewing gum is banned in Singapore
  • No flushing toilets after 10PM in Swiss apartments
  • Only licensed electricians can change lightbulbs in Victoria
  • Throwing snakes at others is illegal in Ohio
  • Keeping goldfishes in glass bowls is forbidden Italy

They serve as reminders of how different cultures and societies approach civil conduct differently.


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