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Important Basketball Tournaments For Online Sports Betting in India




Basketball is ranked among the most loved sports on live sports betting apps in India. The games have captivated audiences across the globe and are action-packed with extensive dynamics. Several basketball tournaments are played every year. The popularity of the sport is so high that it has surpassed all other sports. Although basketball is primarily an American sport, it is extremely loved by fans in different countries. Some national and professional clubs offer global appeal to betting experts as well. If you are thinking of venturing into sports betting with basketball, then we bring to you the best basketball tournaments that you can consider in the near future:

1. National Basketball Association (NBA)

The National Basketball Association is popularly known as NBA. It is the premier and most sought-after basketball tournament in the world. Some of the most talented basketball players participate in this tournament to showcase their abilities and skills. Politicians and other famous celebrities follow the matches. The competition is intense, and you can easily recognize some of the names of players who have acquired fame for their skills. The performances and championships have shaped the careers of several basketball players. This is also one of the most popular tournaments in terms of sports betting. Teams like the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have set historical records in this game.

2. March Madness

Another significant tournament in basketball history is March Madness. It is also known as the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament and is primarily held in the United States. The tournament was launched in 1939, and it is held annually. About 68 college teams participate in the tournament and have an excellent fan following. It is a single-elimination tournament that consists of thrilling matches.


The college teams play to acquire the national title and reach the national level of basketball gaming. Exceptional players in the history of March Madness make several records.

3. FIBA Basketball World Cup

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is a global basketball championship. With the sport’s increasing popularity in the US and Canada, it was bound to go international, where other countries also competed with some of the best basketball players known. The tournament was established in 1950, and 32 countries participated and competed with each other to get this international trophy in hand. The tournament is held every 4 years and is loved by basketball fans in different parts of the world. The US is definitely a dominant team, with Spain and Argentina following in their footsteps to gain the number one title.

4. Olympic Basketball Tournament

Apart from the tournaments, you can also find a good reputation for the Olympic Basketball Tournament. The typical host of this international tournament is the country that hosts the Summer Olympics. This tournament is also very prestigious; only the worthy teams can compete for the title. This championship was established in 1936 and is held every 4 years. 12 national teams compete with each other and gain the respect and love of basketball fans with their skills and prowess in the game. The US is definitely the Dream Team with some of the best basketball players like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. The talent of the national teams is judged to give them the international title of the best of the best.

5. NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament

When Men’s basketball teams have significantly contributed to the sport, the women’s basketball teams are still catching up.


This tournament signifies the growing participation of women sportsmen in the basketball games. This is one of the top college basketball tournaments for women players. The championship location is the US, and was launched in 1982. The tournament is held every year, and 64 college teams compete with each other to qualify for national team status. The competition is very high, and in the past few years, the women’s basketball tournaments have also made excellent contributions to the sport.

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