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How to Ask for Evaluation on Etsy: Proven Strategies for 5-Star Feedback




Did you know that products with reviews on Etsy are 270% more likely to be purchased than those without? As an Etsy seller, receiving positive reviews can be a game-changer for your business. But how do you encourage customers to leave those coveted 5-star reviews? In this blog post, we’ll explore proven strategies on how to ask for reviews on Etsy, craft exceptional customer service, and handle negative feedback professionally. Let’s dive in and learn the art of mastering Etsy reviews!

Key Takeaways

  • Positive reviews are essential for success on Etsy, so sellers should strive to provide excellent customer service and products.
  • Requesting reviews promptly after purchase is key, using personalized messages or insert cards as reminders.
  • Adhere to Etsy’s guidelines when requesting feedback. Use automated tools and loyalty programs for long-term relationships with customers.

The Power of Positive Feedback on Etsy

Earning positive reviews helps to establish trustworthiness and reputation within the Etsy marketplace and boost visibility in search rankings. Moreover, they can be instrumental in driving sales and attracting new customers. It’s no wonder many sellers strive to collect more positive feedback from their satisfied customers.

However, asking for reviews can be a delicate process. Maintaining a polite and respectful demeanor when asking for reviews on Etsy is key. Moreover, delivering outstanding customer service and top-notch products is the basis for receiving positive online reviews on Etsy. In the following sections, we’ll discuss how to provide exceptional customer service and explore various strategies for requesting Etsy reviews.

Crafting Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer service lays the foundation for positive reviews on Etsy. As an Etsy seller, you should focus on:

  • Creating high-quality products
  • Optimizing their listings
  • Adhering to community guidelines
  • Providing honest and accurate shop information and policies

These practices can contribute to customer trust and satisfaction.

Clear indications of processing times in multiple locations and accurate estimated delivery dates guarantee a satisfactory customer experience. By providing an accurate estimated delivery date, you’ll set the right expectations for your customers and pave the way for positive feedback.

When to Request Evaluation: Timing Matters

Choosing the right time to ask for reviews is important. Ideally, you should send review requests after the buyer has received their order and has ample time to use the product. This allows customers to provide detailed and meaningful feedback, which can lead to more positive reviews.

Keep in mind that customers have up to 100 days to provide a review on Etsy. You need to balance giving customers time to use the product without waiting so long that you miss out on valuable feedback. As a general rule, it’s best to send a review request within a reasonable timeframe after the purchase.

Strategies for Requesting Etsy Evaluation

There are several effective methods for soliciting reviews on Etsy, including sending personalized messages, inserting cards, and following up with customers. Each strategy has its unique advantages and can help you increase the likelihood of receiving feedback from your customers.

In the following subsections, we’ll examine each strategy in detail and guide you on how to adopt them in your Etsy shop. These techniques can help you not only acquire more reviews but also build long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Personalized Messages

Personalized messages demonstrate sincere gratitude and can boost the chances of obtaining a review. By addressing the customer by their name and referencing their specific purchase, you show that you genuinely care about their experience.

To send a personalized review request, you can use Etsy’s messaging system to reach out to your customers after they’ve received their order. Here’s how:

  1. Include a friendly greeting.
  2. Express gratitude for their purchase.
  3. Courteously ask them to share their feedback and leave a review.
  4. Remember to provide clear instructions on how to leave a review if needed.

Insert Cards

Insert cards serve as a tangible reminder for customers to provide feedback and can showcase your branding. A well-designed insert card can encourage customers to leave a review by providing a concise and personalized message.

Customer thank you cards with a review request message are a popular option. You can also include a small discount code or other incentives that do not violate Etsy’s policies to show appreciation for their purchase. Just remember to keep the card simple and visually appealing to make it more effective.


Follow-Up Communication

Follow-up communication serves to illustrate consideration and focus on customer satisfaction. Sending a follow-up message within a reasonable timeframe after the purchase demonstrates that you value the buyer’s experience.

An effective follow-up message for requesting reviews on Etsy should be polite, friendly, and personalized. Extend a friendly greeting to the customer, express gratitude for their purchase, and ask them to share their feedback and leave a review. Provide explicit directions on how to leave a review if needed and maintain the message succinct and on point.

Handling Negative Evaluation Professionally

Negative reviews can highlight areas for improvement in your Etsy shop’s products or customer service. Acknowledging the customer’s concerns and offering potential solutions is a must. By managing negative reviews properly, you can demonstrate to prospective customers that you take their opinions seriously and are committed to improvement.

While it’s natural to feel disheartened by a negative review, remember that it’s an opportunity to learn and grow. Evaluating negative reviews can help you refine your operations and ultimately lead to more positive feedback in the future.

Incentives And Ethics: What’s Allowed on Etsy

Maintaining a trustworthy and successful shop requires a thorough understanding of Etsy’s policies on incentives and ethical practices when asking for reviews. Offering coupon incentives in exchange for reviews is not permitted on Etsy, as it violates laws governing product reviews. Moreover, offering exchanges for positive reviews is strictly prohibited and could result in shop suspension or shutdown.

Adherence to Etsy’s guidelines and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines for online reviews is a necessity. When something is given in exchange for a review, the individual leaving the review must disclose that they received something in exchange.

Following ethical practices will ensure your shop settings remain in good standing and build a solid reputation based on genuine customer experiences.

Utilizing Etsy Tools for Evaluation Management

Etsy tools and features designed to streamline the process can simplify management and encourage customers to leave reviews. For instance, platforms like Alura.io offer a follow-up reminder tool to track messages and reviews. By automating your review management, you can save time and improve your chances of receiving more feedback.

Etsy also sends multiple feedback reminders to customers once the review window has opened. By taking advantage of these tools and features, you can simplify your review management process and focus on improving your products and customer service.

Evaluation Request Templates and Examples

Crafting an effective review request message can be challenging, especially if you’re new to Etsy or unsure of what language to use. To help guide you, here’s a review request template and example you can use as a starting point:

“Hello [Customer Name], We hope you’re enjoying your [Product Name]. We would highly appreciate it if you could spare a few moments to leave us a review on Etsy. Your feedback matters to us! It would be greatly appreciated! This is the link to our review page: [insert review page link]. Please take a minute to review us. Thank you for supporting our Etsy shop. Your purchase is much appreciated. Best regards, [Your Name].”

Using this template as a foundation, you can customize and personalize your review request messages to fit your shop’s unique voice and style.

Building Long-Term Relationships with Customers

Building long-term relationships with customers creates a bond with purchasers and cultivates a base of returning customers, which is significant. By expressing appreciation, maintaining communication, and implementing loyalty-building strategies, you can foster strong connections with your customers and encourage them to return to your Etsy shop. Additionally, you can check courses, such as Dylan Jahraus, to help you gain knowledge about the Etsy platform. You can find the reviews of her course on the site or on YouTube.

Engaging with customers after they have posted a positive review or a negative one can also foster a sense of loyalty and contribute to the growth of a returning customer base. Always respond with gratitude and professionalism, regardless of the nature of the review.

Remember, a loyal customer base is invaluable to the long-term success of your Etsy shop, so make sure to manage your Etsy account effectively and consider expanding to an Etsy store.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, asking for reviews on Etsy is an essential aspect of building trust, increasing sales, and improving search rankings. By providing exceptional customer service, timing your review requests thoughtfully, and employing strategies such as personalized messages, insert cards, and follow-up communication, you can effectively encourage customers to leave valuable feedback. Remember to handle negative reviews professionally, adhere to Etsy’s policies, and utilize available tools for review management. With persistence and dedication, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of Etsy reviews and fostering long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get people to evaluate me on Etsy?

Send buyers a personalized message thanking them for their purchase and provide clear instructions and links to your Etsy review page, so it’s easy for customers to leave a review if they’re satisfied with their purchase.

How do you ask for an evaluation?

Make your request concise and provide a direct link to the review platform. Offer guidance on what you’d like to see covered in the review, such as features or elements that stand out. Ask customers in person, over the phone, via your website or email, social media, thank you pages, or receipts/invoices.

Can friends and family leave evaluation on Etsy?

Yes, family and friends can leave reviews on Etsy, as long as the purchase was made on the platform and the buyer and seller do not have a material connection.

How do positive evaluation impact my Etsy shop?

Positive reviews on Etsy help build trust, boost visibility, drive sales, and attract new customers, making them essential for any shop’s success.

When is the ideal time to ask for an evaluation on Etsy?

The best time to ask for a review on Etsy is after the buyer has received their order and had time to use it.

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