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How Can You Navigate Menopause Sustainably And Feel Empowered? Here’s The Eco-Friendly Guide Every Woman Needs




The journey through menopause is like a rite of passage every woman must embrace. It signifies the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. But as the body undergoes these transitions, it can be both a confusing and challenging time. Symptoms ranging from hot flashes to mood swings and irregular periods in the perimenopausal phase can be unsettling. But what if, amid this tumultuous journey, there was a silver lining? A way to not only cope but also give back to our planet?

Enter sustainable menopause. The idea is not just to navigate through menopause but to do so in a manner that’s eco-friendly, empowering, and deeply mindful of our planet’s health. Adding a sustainable twist can offer that extra dose of peace as you find ways to adapt and grow through this period.

Embracing The Natural Journey

The first step in sustainable menopause is understanding and embracing the natural journey. Instead of seeing menopause as a medical condition that needs ‘fixing,’ view it as a natural phase of life. This perspective shift can significantly reduce the pressure to resort to treatments or products that aren’t eco-friendly. One innovative way to stay grounded during this time is by practicing ‘eco-mindfulness.’ This involves spending more time in nature, perhaps gardening, or simply sitting outside more often, absorbing the earth’s healing energies. This not only helps in coping with menopausal symptoms but also reminds us of the importance of nature, which we’re trying to protect through sustainable choices.

Natural Symptom Alleviators

As the body experiences hormonal fluctuations, symptoms like mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes can emerge. Instead of immediately turning to pharmaceutical solutions, numerous natural alleviators should be considered. Herbal teas, for instance, can be calming and beneficial. Ingredients like chamomile, black cohosh, and red clover have been cited for their potential benefits during menopause. Moreover, exercise, a balanced diet, and yoga can also serve as natural remedies. The added advantage? You’re reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding medicated solutions packaged in non-biodegradable materials. Many perimenopausal women often ask, “Why are my breasts sore?” This is a common symptom due to hormonal changes and can be relieved with gentle massages using organic oils, wearing comfortable, non-wired bras made of organic cotton, and warm or cold compresses as needed.

Sustainable Menstrual Products

With irregular periods being a significant part of perimenopause, using sustainable menstrual products becomes crucial. Cloth pads, menstrual cups, and period panties are fantastic eco-friendly options. These are reusable, reducing waste and frequently purchasing disposable products, thus saving both the environment and money.

In addition to sustainable strategies for navigating menopause, it’s essential to stay informed about the changes your body may undergo during this phase, including issues like perimenopause weight gain.

Preparing For The Unexpected

Perimenopause brings its set of uncertainties. There might be days when the flow is heavier or lighter or when there’s unexpected bladder leakage. To stay prepared and comfortable, choosing sustainable products that cater to these needs is essential.


Accidents happen, so wearing reusable bladder leak underwear or period panties daily is a choice many women feel confident making. These not only ensure you’re protected but also help in reducing the environmental harm associated with disposables. Besides, feeling in control and not having to worry about such mishaps is incredibly empowering.

Sustainable Lifestyle Choices

Diet and lifestyle play a pivotal role during menopause. Consuming organic, locally sourced produce can help manage symptoms while supporting the environment. Reducing processed foods, caffeine, and sugar and increasing the intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can work wonders. Activities like sustainable yoga – practicing on eco-friendly yoga mats using organic props – can contribute to both personal and environmental well-being.

Eco-Friendly Personal Care

Another vital step is choosing personal care products that are sustainable, organic, and free from harmful chemicals. Many skincare products, for instance, have parabens and phthalates, which can disrupt hormones. Opting for natural alternatives can be healthier for the body and the planet. Women going through this season are also highly aware of personal hygiene, and the benefits of a bidet can’t be emphasized enough. It reduces the use of toilet paper, saves trees, and ensures a more thorough cleaning. It’s an investment that pays off both personally and ecologically.


Navigating menopause sustainably is about intertwining personal wellness with planetary care. Women have the unique power to birth, nurture, and transition through various life phases. As we move through menopause, embedding sustainability into this journey makes it more empowering and creates ripples of positive change in the world around us. Remember, every sustainable choice made during this time is a step towards healing – healing of the self and of our beautiful planet. The path might have its challenges, but with sustainable practices, we’re not walking it alone; we walk hand in hand with Mother Earth.

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