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Entertaining Activities that’ll Keep Your Kids Busy Indoors During Winter




As the cold season begins to creep up, your children feel more stuck inside the house and are looking for activities to entertain themselves because there’s nothing more boring than not being able to play outside.

Now that the temperatures fall below freezing, your kids don’t want to spend time outdoors, let alone play in the mud. So how can you keep their sanity and yours? When you’re all stuck together inside? The last thing you need is to deal with toddler tantrums and house destruction because they have nothing else to do.

You’ll soon discover that you can keep your kids busy and encourage them to engage in many indoor activities. All it takes is a little bit of creativity. And research. Here are some recommendations to make your life easier.

But first, why should you encourage your kids to stay active during winter?

As a parent, you probably know that physical activity is essential for good cardiovascular health because it lowers the risk of severe diseases like obesity and diabetes. And where do you count that it wears them out for when the nap time comes, and you don’t have to deal with crying toddlers who refuse to go to bed? Other benefits of encouraging your children to stay active are:

– They build self-esteem

– They learn to manage their emotions

– They become more confident in their skills

– They benefit from increased bone strength

– They benefit from improved brain health

And these aren’t the only ones. Keeping your kids entertained is challenging when they can spend limited time outdoors. It’s too cold for small children to get out of the house, or you might not have access to areas where they can play safely during the winter. Sometimes, children aren’t even interested in staying outside, so you need to keep them entertained inside.

Activities your kids can do indoors during winter.

When you pick indoor activities for your children, make sure they encourage them to be physically active and healthily entertain them. Here are some recommendations.

Play board games together

Board games are perfect for spending quality time together as a family. When you encourage your children to play board games with you, you build memories together. These games encourage kids to be determined, motivated, competitive, and creative. They acquire valuable skills when making strategies to win the games, such as goal orientation, problem-solving, decision-making, and social aptitudes. Before picking the board games, ask your children for their opinions to ensure they enjoy playing them. You don’t want to transform this fun activity into something they loathe.

Build forts

Forts have always been magical places for children because they allow them to bring whatever world they imagine to life. Depending on their age, you can set up the fort for them, or they can build it. The cold season is extensive, so they have plenty of time to create a masterpiece.


Please encourage them to engage in an elaborate project so they can stay busy longer and forget about the chilly winter outside.

You can also ask your partner to transform the cardboard boxes left from Black Friday purchases into a fort or an obstacle course for your kids to entertain them. Take inspiration from the internet, and you’ll be surprised by what you can make with scissors, duct tape, and a couple of boxes.

Plant flowers

If the space allows it, you can plant indoor flowers even during the winter. All you need are some pots from elho and seeds or baby plants. Research ahead to figure out what kind of flowers will thrive indoors during winter because you don’t want your children to get disappointed when they die. You could, for example, plant some succulents or cacti as they require little care and don’t take much space. Suppose you already have some flowers on the balcony; you can move them on a planter on wheels and bring them indoors. Ask your children to water and care for the plants during the winter to help them acquire new skills and be responsible.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are entertaining activities, and while they’re more exciting when planned outdoors, you can also organize them indoors during the winter. Suppose your kids are in for this adventure; you can plan the ultimate adventure at home. You must purchase some goodies, get something your children love, and hide them around the house. Then, draw a map for your kids to search for the treasure. Make sure the clues are not too easy or difficult to find because you don’t want the little ones to get angry because the game is too difficult.

Craft time

Are you a Pinterest parent? You’re not the only one; many others are in this group. Sometimes, you need inspiration to keep your children busy, and Pinterest is the main inspiration for crafts projects. However, please don’t go overboard with the projects because your children don’t need something crazy to keep them entertained. Please ensure the crafts you choose are worthy of their time and enable them to improve the skills they’re interested in enhancing. Also, you don’t have to spend a fortune on supplies. Look for crafts projects your children can complete with their supplies around the house.


If you avoided paints and crayons until now because you were afraid that your children would get the house dirty, now is the moment to take them out of the closet because they’ll keep the little ones busy for a long time. During the winter, you must introduce as many crafts projects as possible and hope for the best. Your children might damage some things, but they’ll develop new aptitudes, which should bring you more satisfaction.

Do you have other suggestions? How do you keep your kids busy during the cold season?

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