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Dragon Age Inquisition Here Lies the Abyss Hawke or Stroud: Choose Your Fate



dragon age inquisition here lies the abyss hawke or stroud

Dragon Age Inquisition Here Lies the Abyss Hawke or Stroud

Dragon Age Inquisition’s quest, “Here Lies the Abyss,” presents players with a crucial decision: Choose the fate of either Hawke or Stroud. This choice not only impacts the storyline but also carries significant consequences for the Inquisition and its allies. As an expert in Dragon Age lore, I’ll delve into this pivotal moment and explore the implications of siding with either character.

When faced with the decision between Hawke and Stroud, players must carefully consider their relationships, alliances, and personal preferences. Hawke, the iconic protagonist from Dragon Age II, is a beloved figure among fans. Choosing to save Hawke means preserving their legacy and continuing their role in Thedas’ history.

The Role of Hawke in Dragon Age Inquisition

When it comes to Dragon Age Inquisition, one cannot overlook the significant role of Hawke. As players dive into the epic storyline of “Here Lies the Abyss,” they are faced with a crucial decision: choosing between Hawke and Stroud.

  1. The Champion of Kirkwall: Hawke, known as the Champion of Kirkwall, is a beloved character from Dragon Age II. Their presence in Inquisition adds depth and continuity to the series. Whether you played as Hawke or encountered them in your previous adventures, their appearance sparks nostalgia and excitement among fans.
  2. A Personal Connection: One reason why players may lean towards saving Hawke is due to their personal connection with this charismatic protagonist. Throughout Dragon Age II, players shaped Hawke’s story, making tough choices that molded their character’s personality and influenced relationships with companions. Preserving this connection by choosing to save Hawke allows for a more emotional and immersive gameplay experience.
  3. Impact on Thedas: As players delve deeper into the intricate world of Thedas, they witness how their decisions ripple through its fabric. Choosing to save either Hawke or Stroud directly affects not only these characters but also has ramifications for future events in Dragon Age lore. The consequences can vary greatly depending on which path you choose, offering replayability and ensuring that no two playthroughs are alike.
  4. Aligning with Your Values: The choice between saving Hawke or Stroud also presents an opportunity for players to align themselves with their own values and beliefs within the game’s moral framework. Each character represents different ideologies and perspectives, allowing players to express their own ideals through this pivotal decision.

Exploring the Consequences of Choosing Hawke or Stroud

One of the most critical choices players face in Dragon Age Inquisition’s “Here Lies the Abyss” quest is deciding between Hawke and Stroud. This decision has far-reaching consequences that can impact both the immediate outcome and future events within the game. Let’s delve into the potential outcomes of choosing either Hawke or Stroud, shedding light on the consequences that await.

  1. The Fate of Hawke: If you choose to save Hawke, a beloved character from Dragon Age II, they will join your party temporarily. However, this comes at a cost as Stroud sacrifices himself to ensure everyone’s escape from the Fade. While saving Hawke may be emotionally satisfying for fans, it can have ripple effects on Thedas’ political landscape and relationships with other characters.
  2. The Sacrifice of Stroud: Opting to save Stroud instead leads to an alternate outcome where he survives while Hawke perishes heroically. This choice carries its own set of repercussions as it affects Varric Tethras’ story arc and his relationship with Hawke. Additionally, choosing to sacrifice one protagonist over another can alter how NPCs perceive your character and influence their interactions throughout the game.
  3. Impact on Character Relationships: The decision between saving Hawke or Stroud also plays a significant role in shaping your companions’ opinions and relationships with you. Some party members may express gratitude or disappointment based on who you chose to rescue, deepening their trust or possibly straining their loyalty towards you.

Ultimately, choosing between saving Hawke or Stroud in Dragon Age Inquisition’s “Here Lies the Abyss” quest is a decision that carries weight and has lasting consequences. It not only affects the immediate outcome but also shapes relationships, storylines, and the overall experience of the game.


In conclusion, choosing your fate in Dragon Age Inquisition’s Here Lies the Abyss quest is a decision of immense significance. It not only affects character relationships and storyline developments but also presents players with moral dilemmas that resonate throughout their gaming experience. With its replayability factor, this choice ensures that Dragon Age Inquisition continues to captivate players with its rich narrative possibilities. So think carefully, for your decision will shape the world of Thedas and leave a lasting impact on your journey as the Inquisitor.

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