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8 Block Puzzle Techniques To Solve Puzzles Like a Pro




Solving puzzles has always fascinated us. We intend to challenge our logical reasoning and analytical skills to solve puzzles of various kinds. We test our patience and intelligence by measuring the outcomes. In this scenario, block puzzles are the most popular ones among enthusiasts. The unique puzzle pieces twist our brains and give us the proper fuel to improve our game. Such challenging puzzle games can be played online. Playing block puzzle win real money on popular apps adds more convenience and thrill. So, how can you start mastering the puzzle-solving skills? What are the basic techniques to follow? Check out this list of expert tips and techniques to build your strategy.

8 Block Puzzle Solving Techniques and Tips

Start with the corners and edges.

The first pro technique to solve a block puzzle is to start at the edges and corners. The reason behind using this technique is that the corner and edge pieces are unique and easy to identify. You can easily find them on a stack and set them apart. These pieces act as an anchor for creating the desired framework. When you have set the pieces and covered the edges, you can easily visualize the rest of the puzzle pieces and put them in the right places.

Laying the groundwork

As mentioned, start with the corners and edges to create a possible layout. You will have clues to set the puzzle pieces to follow. The designed layout will help you generate groundwork for finding and placing the right pieces available. Eventually, you will discover a pattern to complete. Remember, every block puzzle game might have unique features that decide the gameplay. The reliable base you have prepared will help you set other pieces and create a desired pattern. Some block puzzles reward points if you complete lines vertically or horizontally. So, aim at creating lines without blocking the entire board. Keep spaces open to set the available pieces to score more points.

Focus on the vertical and horizontal lines.

Piling bricks or puzzle pieces without concentrating on forming vertical and horizontal lines might jam your puzzle board. Your score will significantly reduce when you cannot place more blocks and make complete lines. Certain block puzzle games offer bonus points if you succeed in making multiple lines at once. So, plan by checking the available and upcoming blocks and keeping spaces open. Make multiple lines to score more than the conventional points at once by creating combos. If the puzzle board is not conventionally shaped, follow the geometric aspect and stack blocks accordingly. So, developing and completing multiple columns and rows will generate more points.

Don’t leave single spaces open.

Another pro technique to avoid scoring small is keeping one or single block space open. You might have seen the block puzzle boards have segments or square spaces to fill. As you fill the board with blocks, you will score points.


So, keeping single block spaces open will not let complete lines vertically or horizontally. Make sure you cover the board with blocks without leaving single-block spaces as much as possible. The more you connect blocks, the more you can score by completing lines.

Beware of the 3×3 blocks.

The most annoying and challenging blocks to place on a puzzle board are the 3×3 blocks. You must anticipate the incoming block pieces and set space for these. Target the corners and edges as much as possible to set these square blocks to avoid leaving single spaces on the board. Use these blocks as a boon by completing three lines simultaneously to score more. Leave ample space for these blocks and prepare the rest to adjust. Create a hole of nine blocks to accommodate these blocks and take your score to the next level.

Check the order of block pieces.

Another pro tip from the expert puzzle solvers is to check the incoming block order. If you do so, you can take a significant step to stack the pieces in the right places and avoid leaving empty, inconvenient ones. Sometimes, confusing shapes will appear, not letting you fit them properly. Make a contingency plan to set these pieces right to accommodate the rest. Remember, there will be spaces left to fill. You will only be able to make exact shapes sometimes. But preparing for the mentioned blocks is better than planning nothing.

Focus on the block puzzle mode.

The more you solve puzzles, the more complex the levels will become. Concentrate on the mode of block puzzle game you are playing. You must set the criteria based on the objectives of the game mode. If it is a time-based game, try stacking the blocks quickly and cover the bonus areas. If it is a campaign, focus on the available blocks and strategize.

Check key patterns

Another essential method to follow is to check the critical patterns of the recurring block shapes. Even though mobile apps always deliver random shapes, you can still figure out when the specific shapes will repeat. By anticipating the recurring blocks, you can fill the board and leave spaces to create a combo and score more points. If the game allows you to rotate the shapes, check the space available and use the most suitable orientation.


Remember the previous techniques of not leaving empty single spaces and leaving ample space to fit other blocks for completing multiple rows and columns.

Bonus Tip: Adaptation is crucial

Evaluate your progress for every board. Try understanding the reasons behind your quick setback in stacking blocks. This way, you will find a unique way to avoid those mistakes. The more you adapt, the better your puzzle-solving strategy will become. Your experience will make you a better puzzle solver than a few days ago.

Final words

Your potential to become an efficient block puzzle solver will increase every day. Download a suitable app with excellent challenges to solve and win real prizes. Keep yourself motivated to solve these puzzles with a fresh mind. You will get a new domain to enhance your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Why wait? Start playing your favorite block puzzle game today to master these skills.

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