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5 Reasons Why The Netherlands Is The Perfect Country To Emigrate To




Are you a gypsy searching for your next adventure or someone who loves Dutch culture? Maybe you just left college and want to experience new cultures before settling down. If so, the Netherlands is your perfect destination! With its modern, inclusive culture and eco-friendly practices, this small country has it all—even its prisons look like hotels! Let’s see five reasons why moving to the Netherlands could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

World-Class Job Opportunities for English Speakers

One of the most exciting perks of moving to the Netherlands is the jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers. Being one of the most economically developed and prosperous nations globally, the Netherlands offers various jobs in different fields.

High-tech startups in Amsterdam, or multinational organizations based in Rotterdam, you name it, the Netherlands has got it. The country breathes globalization, business, and entrepreneurship. This means that for all the professionals looking for that huge leap in their careers, the Netherlands is the place for you.

In addition, the Netherlands is famous for being a multilingual nation. Hence, English is very commonly spoken and accepted in the professional field. In fact, the Netherlands has made it to the list of the most English-proficient countries in the world. So, there you have it! You won’t have any problem looking for a job because of the language barrier. Be it the engineering field, marketing, or design, you will have plenty of opportunities to use your skills and experience in the Netherlands.

A World-Class Quality of Life

The Netherlands is unparalleled when it comes to the standard of living. Its happiness and a healthy lifestyle are envied and appreciated worldwide. You will have a lifestyle that others can only dream of.


As for the Healthcare or the Schooling system, it’s super efficient and considered one of the finest in the whole world. Further, the country has an efficient education system—often considered one of the best in the world and a working transportation system.  You won’t have trouble commuting from one place to another. Public transport is at your beck, and call whenever you want. Not to forget the green spaces lining every part of the country. It’s perfect if you are looking to spend your days taking plenty of strolls!

Besides all we mentioned above, the Netherlands is known for its lively arts scene, history, and nature. Whether you’re strolling through Amsterdam’s picturesque canals, cycling around the peaceful Dutch countryside, or visiting ancient castles and windmills, there’s something to ooh and aah around every corner.

A Welcoming, Multicultural Society

Expats often find out that Dutch people are very kind, friendly, and good-natured and more than happy to help you settle in their town. It’s easy to get by as an anglophone, as the English proficiency rate in the Netherlands is incredibly high. This for sure makes it very possible to integrate and make friends without a problem.

The Netherlands certainly prides itself as a very modern and equal-minded country when it comes to equality, diversity, and human rights in certain areas. It is a leading country in many liberal social areas but also has a very good reputation for LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, and social rights when it comes to the freedom to lead the life you want in your country.

A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Way of Life

Living in the Netherlands is an environmentally friendly, tree-hugging hippy dream. It is absolutely leading the world in the field of clean energy and environmentalism and new initiatives to help build an all-around cleaner, greener, and sustainable future.


From the cycle lanes, incredible public transport systems, fantastic examples of waste management, and new developments in the field of clean energy. There is absolutely nowhere in the World you should like to be when trying to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. This country is small but really quite beautiful. Give up the car for a bike and get that free solar power from all that sun!

A Centralized, Well-Connected Location

Seeing it is such a small and densely populated country, living in the Netherlands often puts you in a good central location, which is well connected to elsewhere. It has fantastic transport links, making it the perfect location for being centrally located in Europe.

If you are an international professional business person or otherwise a travel enthusiast at heart, the Netherlands is the place for you. With high-speed rail, public transport, and many international airports and train stations, you can live in this country and travel pretty much all over Europe. There are direct trains and buses regularly running, connecting you directly to every major city on the continent.

A New Way To Live

In the Netherlands, there are limitless opportunities for professional career progression, personal development, and unforgettable experiences. The only thing left to say is… when are you heading off to the Netherlands?

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