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New Activities for People to Try This Winter



It is cold, dark, and rainy – there has never been a more perfect time to try something new! Sure, sometimes the wintertime can feel dull and leave you wishing for sunnier days, but longer nights mean more time to spend finding cool things to do. 

It might be tempting to spend all the time on the couch watching your old favorite series, but you might get to spring and feel like all those hours have been wasted. So, instead of waiting for the sunny days to come back around, here are some fun things to try. 

Get Baking 

Baking has become very popular over the last few years, but if you are one of the people who never got around to it – the winter is the perfect time. You can make it easier on yourself and get a bread-making machine. It will take care of everything from kneading to rising and baking. They aren’t foolproof, though you will need to make sure you work on it. The measurements will still need to be exact enough to give you delicious bread at the end of it. 

Or if you want to spend more time on it, then sourdough is a great option. Since you will be at home more often, you will have the time to make a starter, feed it, and watch for the right time to make bread with it. 

Here is a great starter recipe: Beginner Sourdough Starter Recipe – The Clever Carrot.


Think about how many hours you likely have in the evenings and weekends, avoiding the cold and the rain. You can spend about 15 minutes a night learning a new language. This is even more beneficial if you have a few places that you want to visit in the next few years. 

Duolingo is one of the most popular options, but there are plenty of free language-learning websites online now. Not to mention quick tips and lessons on Instagram and TikTok.

Make the most of all the resources you have, and you will be able to ask for directions to the toilet or for a coffee in no time at all. 

For those who are hoping to have a bit of a device detox, head to your local library or buy some language books online instead. 


Gaming is one of the most popular ways that people are entertained in modern times. No matter what type of game you like to play, you will be able to find it online. For those who are a bit more social, you can choose games like World of Warcraft, find a guild, and spend the evenings chatting with your newfound friends. More solo players can choose games like slots, make the most of the free spins, and play from the couch via mobile. 

If you have a group of friends that have always wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons but have yet to really get started, then check out Gloomhaven online or check out the board game version. 

Finding ways to connect with the people you live with might be high on your agenda, and in that case, some board games can last days or weeks when you get really good. If you have a tabletop that you are willing to give up for a good cause, here are some of the longest tabletop games: 

  • The Campaign for North America – estimated 1,500 hours of gameplay.
  • World in Flames – estimated play time is 100 hours.
  • Gloomhaven – approximately 90 hours of gameplay.
  • Pandemic Legacy – this is flexible and takes as long as you want but can be finished between 12-24 hours.

Shorter options:

If you don’t want to dedicate too much time but still want something immersive, here are three solid options: 

  • The Republic of Rome – around five hours
  • Nemesis – approximate 6 hours of game time
  • 7 Ages – around 8 hours of gameplay


It might finally be time to get around to reading all of the books you have been making lists about or adding to your e-reader every time there is a sale. If you don’t want to read after a long day, then switch out the written word for an audiobook. 

Try to give it your full attention, sit somewhere comfortably, and listen.

If books aren’t your thing, but you really want to start exploring other people’s writing, then Substack is a great place to start. No matter what it is you want to read, you will be able to find it there. Almost all of the substacks you come across will have a free subscription option, and you can choose to pay for the ones that you really enjoy. 

Use the late Fall and wintertime to indulge in hobbies and activities that you have always wanted to do but never made time for. 


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