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How Credit Unions Help You Save on the Auto Loans?




Looking to finance an auto purchase?

Well, there are a variety of avenues available such as auto dealerships, a bank, or an auto loan financing company. Or you can choose one of the most promising options: a credit union!

A credit union for an auto loan can help save your money over any other alternatives as it often charges lower interest rates. In this blog, we try to understand how credit unions follow a business model different from other lenders, helping you save on auto loans.

So, to learn more about the best credit unions for auto loans, let’s read on.

How Do Credit Unions Work?

An auto loan from a credit union is similar to a loan from a dealership or bank.

Application for a loan can be filed online or at the branch location. If approved, then the requisite amount for financing the auto loan will be provided to you. After this, regular installments, along with the interest, will be paid by you. Once the loan is paid back, the vehicle is yours.

What makes a credit union different from other lenders is the business model.

Usually, banks and dealerships offer auto loans to make a profit, whereas credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. Their core priority is to provide personalized services to their members (who also own the credit).

Benefits of Auto Loans from Credit Unions

Lower Interest Rates

The business model of a credit union allows them to charge lesser interest rates than their competitors as they do not prioritize profits. Hence, they charge less.

Personalized Services

Credit unions provide more personalized services to the members than alternative lenders.

As they are smaller in size than national banks, they provide customized customer-centric services.

Credit Qualifications

Every loan taken from a credit union has a credit qualification.


Although, it has less stringent requirements for the same providing flexibility. They gather information from credit reports and history before giving loans.

Securing the Finance Before Buying

Credit unions help provide finances in advance so that whenever you walk into the auto dealership, you are aware of how much you plan to spend.

It is a better bargaining position for the customer, which provides him the leverage.

Lower Loan Minimums

As member-centric service providers, they are much more likely to be responsive to individual needs.

For example, a credit union will likely work with a member to loan a smaller amount if the member buys a less expensive car.

User-Friendly Loan Procedures

The loan procedures can be completed online or through the phone with less paperwork and meetings.


This will also help in improved financial counseling and lower fees and charges than any other alternative lenders.

Better Approval Odds and Easier Membership

It might seem as if having a membership of the credit union is cumbersome and a drawback–but it is actually an advantage!

It is easier to get a membership as the procedures are simple. You can search your area code and will surely find a few to choose from.

Connections with the Communities

The credit union’s connections to different communities and lower interest rates, helping to save money, make them a credible option for auto loans.

Wrapping Up

Personalized, customized, and affordable–the defining features of a Credit Union. If you are looking to buy a vehicle, there is no better way than to go for the Credit Union route.

In this blog, we tried to explore how credit unions help to save money on auto loans. Hopefully, this was helpful. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us; we’d love to hear from you.

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