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Angry Parents vs. The Public Educational System




Tutoring and writing centers are becoming increasingly popular in the academic space. These centers have emerged to address a significant deficiency of the public education system. Parents should not be enraged by their children’s poor performance in the public education system, yet tutoring and writing centers can enable students to attain higher grades by improving their assessment-related skills.

Parents Expectation

Parents strive to fund their children’s education with the hope that it increases the likelihood of their offspring’s success. The cost of education is relatively high, especially at top-notch institutions. Parents work multiple jobs and long hours to ensure that finances do not present a barrier to their children accessing high-quality education. The willingness to pay significant amounts for education is followed by the expectation that children will have access to the necessary support to achieve high grades, which allows them to stand out in the job market.

Priorities at Public Education Institutions

Educators prioritize the delivery of content over equipping learners with the relevant skills to articulate responses to test questions and assignments properly. Typically, university institutions have a few writing courses in the first year of study that are expected to equip students with the skills to complete essay assignments, which is the dominant testing format. The focus of the remaining courses is field-specific knowledge. This preparation proves to be ineffective because it has no refresher courses, yet the complexity of writing assignments continues to increase over time.

The Problem

Although learners have a superior classroom experience, they may be incapable of achieving high grades because they lack the skills to demonstrate their content mastery during testing. Educators provide knowledge-rich lectures and offer detailed class notes and reading material.


Students attend lectures and spend enough time reading class materials, which implies that they should achieve a meaningful level of understanding. However, well-read students can struggle to structure and draft responses to questions, which results in poor scores.

A Ready Solution

Parents are angered by poor results and blame the public education system, but they do not recognize that the burden of increasing students’ testability is not entirely dependent on school resources. The amount of knowledge that educators should transfer to students is substantial. Educators’ decision to prioritize content over cultivating test-related skills is justifiable. Tutoring and writing centers provide students with continuous specialized instruction that allows learners to match their test response skills to the rising sophistication of written assignments.

Value of Tutoring and Writing Centers

Tutoring and writing centers enable students to receive additional instruction by matching students with qualified tutors. A tutoring and writing center aids students in developing the skills for completing written assessments.


In turn, the legit assistance offered by Wr1ter.com covers the entire process of completing an assignment that, starts from the research stage to the delivery of the final draft. This form of assistance enables students to deliver responses to written assignments or review their papers. Moreover, they continue to sharpen their assessment-related skills.

The Way Forward

The public education system fails to meet parents’ expectations of high grades because it has the challenge of finding a balance between content delivery and nurturing assessment-related skills. Parents should not direct anger towards the education system. Instead, parents should pay for their children to access the services of tutoring and writing centers that will positively impact their assessment-related skills, resulting in better grades.

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