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From Lab to Life-Changing Benefits 5 Exciting Research On Niagen




There is an increased concern about the global population aging faster than expected. Most studies propose that aging could be due to various conditions; however, most focus on cellular activities and their impacts on aging.

These studies agree that boosting optimal cellular functionality is critical for slowing down aging and extending the human lifespan hence the recommendations for anti-aging supplements.

One of the ideal supplements is the Niagen NR supplements which are still under exploratory studies to understand their full effects. The ongoing investigation has explored various impacts and roles to determine the supplements’ suitability for anti-aging needs.

Here are some explorations and how these supplements could help preserve life and promote vibrant lives.

Effects of Declining NAD+

NAD+ is one of the most essential enzymes in the body due to its critical impact on various body functions. There have been more trials and research focused on determining the effects of NAD+ on the body. Subsequent studies reveal that declining NAD+ levels can lead to various illnesses, including metabolic and cognitive.

Due to the declining levels, the amount of fat stored in the liver will increase, thereby inhibiting the optimal functionality of the liver. Besides liver fats, there is increased visceral fat storage in regions such as the belly.


Therefore, as the enzyme levels decline, there is a high chance of suffering from obesity and other related conditions like diabetes. The enzyme is critical for balancing blood sugar levels, insulin and boosting insulin absorption.

As a result, low NAD+ levels can lead to rising blood sugar levels and increased insulin resistance, eventually triggering metabolic syndrome.

Studies also reveal that as the levels decline, optimal brain functionality also declines, exposing one to illnesses such as dementia. As the levels decline due to old age, one can easily suffer from cognitive diseases. Other conditions associated with declining NAD+ include fatigue, loss of muscle strength, vascular illnesses, etc.  

Therefore, taking Niagen supplements is ideal for preventing declining NAD+ and other enzymes in the body. Regardless of the Niagen supplement you take, you can significantly boost these enzyme concentrations and prevent certain illnesses.

Impact of Niagen on Aging

Most clinical trials and studies focus on the impacts of Niagen on aging by examining the impacts of Niagen supplements on boosting the NAD+ enzyme levels in the body. Most of these studies confirm that Niagen has a significant cellular impact, thereby boosting cellular growth, development, and replacement processes.  

NAD+ enzyme facilitates the activities of mitochondria, a cell responsible for producing cellular energy needed for optimal cell function. Due to such impacts, the cells can accomplish their roles, eventually slowing aging.

Due to increased cellular energy production, cells can optimally accomplish roles such as boosting body immunity, facilitating recovery, and supplying oxygen needed throughout the body. Such functions can slow down aging by boosting brain activities to prevent cognitive illnesses that can speed up aging.

Secondly, they ensure the body stays healthy and free from illnesses such as metabolic illnesses that can also speed up aging.

Impact of Niagen and Brain Health

As one age, the NAD+ enzyme levels decline, speeding the aging process and other illnesses, such as metabolic illnesses. This is a possible explanation for why elderly people are vulnerable to metabolic and cognitive illnesses. Such illnesses include diabetes, hypertension, dementia, and other mental health illnesses.


Due to the prevalence of cognitive illnesses in old age, more studies focus on the impacts of Niagen on brain health to recommend it as an ideal supplement for the elderly. These studies reveal that as the NAD+ levels decline, enzymes such as SIRT-1 and SIRT-3 are likely to decline.

The enzymes are linked to optimal brain functionality, nerve processes, and cognitive functions.

Therefore, the decline in these enzymes will lead to cognitive and neurodegeneration illnesses. Taking precursor forms of NAD+ in the form of Niagen supplements will boost NAD+, thereby boosting the enzyme levels. Therefore, consumption is likely to extend brain functionality and mental functionality.

The Relationship Between NAD+ and Obesity

Obesity is one of the global human health challenges, with the number rising due to junk foods. However, there are specific concerns about obesity amongst some adults despite the initiatives to eat healthily. This has led to examining the role of enzymes such as NAD+. As one consumes more Niagen supplements, there is an increased amount of NAD+ enzymes which can help slow down obesity.

According to studies administering different Nicotinamide riboside (NR), supplements can help deal with obesity and overweight issues. As one takes more supplements, it boosts NAMPT (Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase – a protein-coding gene), which regulates body metabolism, further supporting the burning of fats to reduce fat accumulation in the body.

These studies also reveal that as one age, NAMPT levels decline, thereby reducing metabolism and increasing lipid profiles in the body.


Besides the impacts on lipid profiles, the decline in NAMPT could also affect the functionality of pancreatic cells leading to type 2 diabetes and liver diseases. Various clinical trials support the regular uptake of Niagen NR supplements to prevent diabetes and obesity caused by a decline in certain enzymes.

Relating Cardiovascular Illnesses and NAD+ Enzymes

One of the main areas of clinical trials is understanding how NAD+ can prevent cardiovascular health complications. This includes heart attack and other factors that trigger these conditions. Declining NAD+ levels can trigger heart attacks and other illnesses in various ways.

Due to lipid accumulation, blood vessels become less effective at pumping blood to the desired areas. The lipids also affect heart muscles, weakening them and inhibiting the ability of the heart to pump blood faster throughout the body.


Studies on the significance of Niagen supplements are ongoing as more benefits are yet to be covered. Presently, studies confirm that Niagen supplements boost NAD+ levels in the body. The enzyme is critical for metabolic functions, improved cellular activities, and preventing obesity and other related illnesses.

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