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Dr. Neinstein: New York City’s Renaissance Doctor




In a city as cutthroat as New York, Dr. Neinstein has positioned himself and his practice at the forefront of a modern renaissance in plastic surgery. His approach, rooted in specialization and patient-centered care, reflects a deep understanding of the evolving needs and expectations of patients seeking cosmetic enhancement.

His educational background, clinical expertise, and scholarly contributions underscore a career dedicated to the advancement of plastic surgery, making him a distinguished figure in this field.

Specialization: The New Norm in Plastic Surgery

The methods of choosing a plastic surgeon have evolved significantly. Today’s patients prefer practices that are not just experienced but are purpose-driven and specialized. This trend is particularly noticeable in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, where Dr. Neinstein’s clinic has become the go-to for mothers seeking post-pregnancy procedures. A departure from the generalist, older surgical practices, Dr. Neinstein’s focus on specialized care aligns with the patients’ inclination towards surgeons who are passionate about specific procedures.

A Closer Look at Dr. Neinstein’s Professional Journey

Dr. Einstein’s journey in the medical field is marked by his dedication and specialization in plastic surgery. His credentials are a testament to his commitment. Since 2012, his name has been synonymous with innovation in the United States plastic surgery scene. His educational path began at the University of Western Ontario and continued through a residency at the University of Toronto, culminating in board certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.


His residency was marked by significant academic contributions, with publications spanning aesthetic surgery, breast reconstruction, and hand surgery. His expertise was further acknowledged with a Best Paper award at an American Society of Microsurgery meeting for his work on breast reconstruction in women with breast cancer.

Advanced Training: Setting the Foundation for Excellence

Post-residency, Dr. Neinstein’s expertise was honed at the Manhattan Ear Eye and Throat Hospital, known globally for its advanced aesthetic surgery techniques. As one of two fellows, he immersed himself in learning a breadth of procedures, gaining skills that would set the standard for his practice.

Scholarly Contributions and Safety Advocacy

Dr. Neinstein’s commitment to the field extends into scholarly research and safety advocacy. He has authored significant safety and procedural guidelines and continues to contribute to journals like Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

Breast and Body: Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s Focused Expertise

Neinstein Plastic Surgery stands out for its concentrated expertise in breast and body procedures. This focus enables the team to deliver unparalleled care and results. Before any surgical commitment, patients undergo thorough consultations with Dr. Neinstein or an associate surgeon, ensuring that their needs and expectations are meticulously understood and addressed.

Liposuction and Tummy Tucks: Tailored to Patient Needs

Dr. Neinstein and his team, including Dr. Funderburk, are deeply focused on patient-centric body transformations. Their approach is not one-size-fits-all; they offer advanced liposuction techniques and a variety of tummy tucks, including mini and reverse tummy tucks, to cater to patients’ specific post-pregnancy body needs.

Breast Surgery: Enhancing Confidence Through Expertise

The clinic’s commitment to enhancing patient self-image through breast surgery is evident in its range of reconstructive, augmentative, and reductive procedures. Dr. Neinstein’s dedication to this domain is further fortified by recruiting Dr. Anna Steve, who leads both clinical and research efforts in breast surgery.


Addressing Gynecomastia: Comprehensive Male and Transgender Care

Neinstein Plastic Surgery’s expertise also extends to male and transgender patients experiencing gynecomastia. The practice provides comprehensive care, employing liposuction and surgical tissue removal to address this condition and support patients in their journey towards their desired physique.

Advancing Plastic Surgery Through Innovation and Technique

Dr. Neinstein’s role in the plastic surgery community extends beyond his clinic’s walls. He is known for his innovative contributions, particularly in liposuction and body contouring techniques. His dedication to the advancement of the field is seen in his proactive approach to adopting and refining new methods, ensuring that his practice remains at the cutting edge of surgical developments. This relentless pursuit of improvement serves as an inspiration for fellow surgeons, highlighting the importance of evolving with the field and embracing new technologies and techniques to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Dr. Neinstein’s role as a vanguard in plastic surgery sets a high bar for others in the profession, emphasizing the value of innovation as a cornerstone of excellent patient care.

The Neinstein Approach: Surgical Mastery Meets Patient Care

Located in an iconic Manhattan setting, Neinstein Plastic Surgery marries surgical precision with a patient care approach that prioritizes the individual’s comfort and stress reduction. The practice has established itself as a place where expertise in breast and body surgery is not just about the procedure but also about the holistic experience of each patient who walks through its doors.


Dr. Neinstein’s practice is not only a testament to his professional achievements but also a beacon for those seeking transformative plastic surgery with a personal touch. It is a place where expertise and empathy converge to offer patients an experience that goes beyond the norm.

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