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Win At Slots: 5 Tips You Should Know



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A percentage of someone’s bet goes to the jackpot every time they spin the reels. In other words, the more spins people make, the higher the jackpot prize.

When it comes to casino games, slot machines are among the easiest to play. What you only have to do is drop your coins into machines, press the spin button, and you can then start playing and hope to hit slot machine jackpot – easy peasy! However, as the saying goes, all that glitters isn’t gold.

Slot machines also come with drawbacks, and on top of them is the lack of social interaction. This may not be a problem for many, but gambling itself is naturally a social practice. Socializing can even help you win at slots!

Moreover, social interaction isn’t a major winning factor in slot machines, not even skills or luck. Slot machines are purely based on a degree of randomness in each play. The good news is that you can increase your odds of winning slots with the following tips.

Look for Loose Slots

Play at slot machines that randomly give higher payouts. They’re called loose slots and often give a higher payback percentage than the average, usually by a fine margin. The payback percentage is all wagers placed into a slot machine, and that’s returned to all who played the machine. Compared to tight slots (machines that aren’t generous), loose machines also tend to have a higher hit ratio.  The thing is, loose slots are rather hard to find in a casino, which is a given considering the potential big payouts a player can win–but there are some tips to find them!

Word has it that loose slots are usually placed on the main slot machine floor, often next to the poker room or table games. They could also be placed in another place with less foot traffic, such as near the elevators.  Another tip to consider is to interact with other gamblers or even the casino’s staff and look for possible clues. Although depending on anecdotal evidence is yet a very classic mistake, there’s no harm in asking!

Take Advantage of Free Spins

When you play online slots, you’ll likely enjoy many perks and giveaways that you usually can’t experience at land-based casinos. These include deposit promotions like cashback rewards, bonuses, and free spins.  Why not take these incentives to your advantage? You may win something from those, particularly in free spins, without even risking your bankroll. The rewards from free rides aren’t guaranteed big, but a win is a win, right?

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Those free spins can be a good opportunity to test your skills, especially if you’re an amateur gambler. And again, the best part is that you aren’t spending any penny while practicing. After all, being a beginner at casino gambling is most amateur players’ pocket’s worst enemy.

Bet Enough for Jackpot Games

A percentage of someone’s bet goes to the jackpot every time they spin the reels. In other words, the more spins people make, the higher the jackpot prize. This growing jackpot payout is the most awaited and best part of any progressive slot.  While enough bets are commonly needed to reach the jackpot, some progressive slots don’t need to set the max of the bets to win the jackpot payout.

If a casino has these slots, opt for them to increase the odds of winnings. If you’ve never heard of them, it pays to ask around again.  Another downside to note is that jackpot games are all about luck. However, as always, there are tricks and tips to turn the tables on these slots. For example, you can look for progressive slots with considerable risk-vs-reward ratios, which can help you help manage the risk of losing money.

Bet Higher

Don’t get cold feet in betting higher. Priming the pump or betting small initially and gradually increasing your bets over time doesn’t really pay off. Truth be told, it’s no better than regular odds.  Although slots are purely random, what’s constant is you’ll get the same payback percentage throughout an entire game. That means your winnings at the beginning are just the same as in the end.

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That’s why it’s better to bet higher to maximize your winnings. The idea is higher bets result in bigger wins. Instead of priming the pump, make huge bets right from your spin, but not too much to the point you’ll exhaust your bankroll for the day.

Slot machines also come with drawbacks, and on top of them is the lack of social interaction.

Go For Higher Denominations

In addition to betting higher, opt for higher denomination slots, such as the dollar or quarter slots machines. They tend to have a higher payback percentage. Typically, when the payback percentage is high in a slot machine, it isn’t influenced by the house edge, which means the game will likely be fairer for you.

However, they still come with risks. Although higher denomination slots increase your chances of winning, they’re high-risk investments. That means it’s a matter of winning them all or losing them all. Hence, as mentioned earlier, be careful when making high or big bets. Divide your bankroll strategically to ensure you’ll be able to play again and have more fun.

Final Thoughts

Nobody can win against slot machines or even other casino games all the time. When gambling, remember that you’re bound to lose, so it’s crucial to set a clear limit before playing and don’t break it.

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