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5 Steps to Choosing an Online Casino Bonus




Choosing the right online casino bonus is a crucial step in having an enjoyable online casino experience. However, with the number of choices players have, this can make the process quite challenging.

To choose a few, there are a few steps you should follow, such as understanding the differences between them and reading the wagering requirements, to name a couple. This article will cover everything you need to know about choosing online casino bonuses in 2023, so continue reading to learn more.

Understand Differences Between Bonuses

Before browsing for an online casino bonus to use, the first step in choosing one is understanding the differences between them. The biggest differences between bonuses are the wagering requirements that need to be met. Most new online casino players aren’t aware that different bonuses have different requirements.

A few examples of online casino bonuses include:

  • Reload bonuses
  • Free spins
  • No deposit bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses

In addition to comparing different bonuses in your pursuit to understand them, you can use sites like Automatenspiele to easily find sites with great bonuses, like online casino 15 euro gratis, for example. This will give you a quick overview, which will help you to understand them much faster.

Read Wagering Requirements and Conditions

As mentioned, the biggest differences between online casino bonuses are the wagering requirements each has. Many online casinos will lure players with a bonus that seems great at face value, and it is your responsibility to read through the wagering requirements to validate how good the bonus actually is.


For instance, a free spins bonus might offer 50 free spins, which at first glance, makes for a great bonus. However, upon further inspection, you might realize that you’d need to wager your winnings 30 times, which is going to be expensive. Let’s say you win $100, but with a wagering requirement of 30x, you’d need to wager $3,000 to get those winnings.

Fraudulent online casinos are commonly known for offering seemingly lucrative bonuses that have almost impossible to meet wagering requirements.

Research the Online Casino

An important step in choosing an online casino bonus to use is researching the online casino that is offering the bonus. First, not all fraudulent online casinos will offer easily identifiable fake bonuses; some will offer bonuses with easy-to-meet wagering requirements. To avoid being scammed by these sites and to ensure that you have a pleasant playing experience, you need to research the site.

This is very easy to do since there are many resources available online to get a better idea of online casinos you might want to play at. For instance, Automatenspiele provides in-depth bonuses for some of the most popular online casinos. There are plenty of other sites that do this, too; just be sure you know what to look for.

For instance, a few things you should look for in reviews include:

  • What games are being offered
  • What bonuses are being offered
  • The level of customer support
  • The speed of deposits and withdrawals
  • The user interface and user experience
  • How easy the site is to navigate

Consider the Site as a Whole

Much like doing research for the site, you should consider the site as a whole when choosing an online casino bonus. After all, you are actually going to be playing on the site, and if the experience is going to be terrible, it doesn’t matter how amazing the bonus is.

Does the site have your favorite games? Does the site offer fast deposit and withdrawal options? Does the user interface of the site look dated? These are just a few factors that go into choosing an online casino and should be things you consider.


At the end of the day, sometimes it’s better to sacrifice a great bonus in exchange for playing at an established site that will provide a great playing experience. Unless, of course, the bonuses matter more to you, and the experience is just secondary.

Always Be on the Lookout for Scams

Finally, the last step on this list to conclude the article is to always be on the lookout for scams. There are many websites that have launched with the sole intention of taking advantage of inexperienced players.

Remember to learn the difference between bonuses, do research about the site you want to play at, read the wagering requirements of the bonuses, and lastly, decide if the site as a whole is worth playing at.

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