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Investing Smart: What Impresses Tourists the Most in Cyprus





Welcome to Cyprus, to the destination that offers perfect travel, unforgettable experience and exceptional investment opportunities. The increasing demand on island’s property is easily explained by the loyal tax system, stable economy and a variety of housing options for the purchase. However, fulfilling the plan to buy properties for investment in Cyprus and travel can be challenging. The first reason is the divergence between expectations and reality. The Mediterranean heaven can offer something exceptionally unique. Let’s discuss what exactly.

The Benefits of Combining Property Investments and Travel in Cyprus

If you are a globetrotter, do not miss the chance to visit the island. There is a list of benefits provided for foreign tourists and property buyers:

  • Cyprus is renowned for its gorgeous landscapes, stunning beaches, and rich cultural heritage, making it a highly sought-after travel destination. Ownership of real estate in the country allows extend your stands and plunge into a local culture, enjoying all its advantages.
  • Cyprus has the longest vacation season in Europe thanks to the island’s distinct climate and weather patterns and over 300 days of sunshine annually. From May to October, investors rent out their residences to travelers.
  • Cyprus offers a favorable tax system for property investors, including low property taxes and attractive capital gains rates. It is important to manage your property effectively by choosing the correct time to rent it out and get the highest return. Besides, after ten years of ownership, an investor can sell real estate without having to pay the state VAT. Only income tax will be paid by the new owner.
  • Cyprus has a vibrant and growing economy, making it an ideal environment for property investments. Local housing market really flourishes. The experts predict dramatic increase in prices, stable rental demand and high return on investment. By owning property in this thriving market, you can enjoy the potential of long-term capital appreciation and consistent rental income.
  • Cyprus offers high-quality properties. Since 2015, developers in Cyprus are mainly building using new technologies and equipment. So 2- and more storey private villas are built with an elevator and “smart home” system, floor heating and double windows. Additional floor heating in all rooms and double windows are equipped with apartments in new buildings from respectable developers, and the cost per square meter of such housing starts from 3,000 euro.

Now let’s delve deeper into wow-issues for aspiring property owners in Cyprus and how to make informed decisions based on information available. Stay tuned to discover how you can make smart investments while indulging in the joys of travel in Cyprus.

Wow-issues for Tourists in Cyprus

Snakes and Insects

In Cyprus, there are a lot of insects. You can find spiders, millipedes, ants, and other natural world inhabitants where you dwell. In addition, there are a lot of snakes. Humans can safely interact with most species. However you should be cautious around water and in mountainous areas when it comes to Gyurza. It is 1.5 meters long snake that live in that surrounding.

Abandoned Homes

Cyprus has a large number of deserted homes and entire villages. The centuries-long strife between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities on the island is one of the causes. Sometimes abandoned structures in the area are the result of local earthquakes.

Purchasing on the Island

Cyprus does not have inexpensive clothing or footwear. However, a lot of visitors are content to purchase handmade crafts, wine, natural cosmetics, and local cuisine. During the busiest time of year, stores stay open till the evening, and on Sundays they are closed. In Cyprus, store prices are often lowered twice a year, during the summer and the winter. The state controls the start of sales, and discounts range from 50 to 70 percent on all items.

Delicious Dishes

The staples of Cypriot cooking include meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. Many conquerors had an impact on its formation. Garlic and pepper are major flavors in Greek cooking. In Cyprus, soups made of grains, vegetables, and beans are eaten for breakfast, and roast lamb or pork is eaten for dinner.


Fish restaurants provide grilled fish and seafood. Lemon juice and locally produced olive oil are used to season almost every dish.

Foreign Investments in Cypriot Property

The government of Cyprus issued a law according to which foreigners are allowed to get a residence permit after investing more than €300,000 in real estate. It doesn’t matter what stage of construction a permanent house is registered at. To obtain the status you can purchase real estate as early as the excavation phase and closer to the object’s commissioning. Still, the cost of property will differ. The experts say that the cost of real estate is rising even during the building phase. The cost rises by 20–30% from the beginning of sales to the point at which the product is turned over.

In case the property is purchased for renting out, investments in Cyprus real estate provide a monthly income in addition to net appreciation. Property returns in Cyprus vary from 6% to 8.5% annually based on the kind of property and area. Both residential and commercial properties are popular among foreign buyers. On the island, there is always a strong demand for both commercial and residential real estate. To get regular income from rental housing the homeowners can either work with a management company or manage the issues by themselves. The options have their pros and cons, so the choice of a better one is purely individual.


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