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6 Reliable Forex Signals to Improve Your Trading Experience



Forex trading has inspired millions around the globe to earn a passive income consistently at home using trading tools and strategies. This trillion-dollar financial market is among the fastest-growing ones just like crypto. Being one of the most popular markets, it is not surprising to see its dynamic movements each day. The drastic and unexpected highs or lows make it really complicated for newcomers to understand how to trade in order to make profits. To help the situation, people use the forex signals available, which are an asset to any forex trader.

By forex signal service, we mean a tool that does all of the time-consuming tasks like market research and analysis to find the most profitable entry/exit point for a trade. Although it is possible for someone to learn through experience how to identify the best entry/exit point. But it is impossible for traders to always have the time to spend on deep market research and analysis before placing an order. Therefore, best signal services are a necessity for all traders, and we will discuss the top 6 ones in the following:


One of the most extensive forex signals services is forexsignals.com which was over 83,000 global members. On Trustpilot, this service has around 1,500 positive comments as they offer not only signals but also daily live streams featuring professionals. The breakout of markets and potential opportunities are discussed in these live streams.

Why use this service?

  • After signing up, users can access the trading room, where they will receive signals every day.
  • Users also receive daily market updates through the mail.
  • The choice of following a particular trader’s signal is given to users.


Signals from this service are provided by a team full of experienced market analysts that work on sending out between 5 and 9 signals per week. The company which owns Pipchasers is said to have a 2,000 pips monthly target. The trading opportunities include not only forex pairs but also metals. All of the signals are sent in real-time.

Why use this service?

  • The asset list for analysis includes up to 20 forex pairs and metals.
  • It also offers free signals service, but the paid version is better.
  • Traders who use Pipchasers get 24/7 tech support.

3. Daily Forex Signals

This service started for all enthusiastic forex traders in 2014 by onboarding a number of skilled traders who have experience in the financial industry. This service ensures that expert market research and analysis are shared with users as real-time alerts through text on the Telegram application.

Why use this service?

  • It has been operational for several years, which makes it a reliable signal service.
  • The service has a monthly package that is priced reasonably.
  • With this service, users get both fundamental and technical analysis in one place.

4. FX Street

This forex signal service is suitable for all forex traders who want to have a live trading signal service. Though this one is a new-found addition to the list of best forex signals it has attracted several thousands of forex enthusiasts since its release. It sends out live market updates and analyses along with market news.

Why use this service?

  • The trading community trusts this service.
  • Users can choose multiple trading strategies using this service.
  • The signals are included in the premium plan of this service which also gives access to private webinars of veteran traders.

5. Direct Forex Signals

This forex signals service is renowned for providing its users with a handy course that trains beginner traders in identifying profitable trading opportunities. This guide includes all the details and information required by any trader to become efficient. The “direct forex signals” are available in different packages, including lifetime access to this guide after purchase.

Why use this service?

  • This service sends not only analysis but also updated market info to users.
  • This service allows 1-to-1 live messaging.
  • The forex course mentioned above is optional.

 The only downside of a forex trading signal would be its costs which is a problem if one is on a budget.

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