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The Role Of Employees In Brand Communication



When talking about the online communication of brands, particularly on social media, one essential keyword must always be kept in mind: diversification. Indeed, one cannot think of entrusting the fate of one’s online channels to a single genre of content, perhaps focused solely on the product and its functional features. There are two reasons why a brand should never follow this strategy: the first has to do with the tastes of the audience, which would surely never be able to appreciate a page that published only cold product photos, without any element that would contribute to warming up the brand communication.

The second is related to the performance of the page and the goals the brand intends to set through its use, such as increasing followers or a definite increase in sales through a content strategy on social. If your audience were to stop following your page because they were disappointed with the nature of the content posted, not only would followers and overall post interactions drop, but so would actual sales.

Every user who visits a company’s social networks, in fact, is to be considered for all intents and purposes as a potential buyer, so constant efforts must be made to stimulate his or her interest and to make sure that he or she continues to browse the company’s virtual spaces for as long as possible until he or she decides to visit the online shop – reachable with a link or any button to be placed in posts or pages – and make his or her first purchase, thus turning into a real customer.


To achieve these goals, therefore, it is necessary that the content is always diverse and that the audience continues to find it useful and interesting for its immediate purposes. The editorial plan for social media publications should therefore contain product content (including some videos and photographs taken in an unusual way), content focused on the brand’s historical tradition and its more emotional aspects, but also more modern content that clearly and imperturbably addresses the hottest current issues, such as those of an ethical or social nature.

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The brand’s voice must also resonate loud and clear in expressing an opinion on sensitive issues or topics, thus capturing the interest of its consumer even more effectively. This kind of content, like all others, will have to be dosed carefully, with extreme precision, so that none ends up taking precedence over the other.

Another category of content to be held in high regard is that related to employees: in fact, all brands should devote a good portion of their online publications to the people who animate the company, to their stories, without being afraid to create posts with textual content and a photograph depicting the smiling face of one of their employees.

In fact, communication is based on the exchange of messages between people, so visitors to your profiles will also expect to find testimonials and business stories told directly by people. Compare for yourself the effectiveness of a static post, perhaps consisting of a short text and a product image, and that of more dynamic content, featuring one or more employees smiling or otherwise expressing positivity: likes, interactions, and shares will almost always reward the second type of content.

 The Weapons of Communication

There is no point in possessing the weapons of online communication if you are not then able to exploit them properly. Web spaces are like boundless expanses just waiting to be filled and enlivened with entertaining, dynamic, and exciting content capable of reaching the heart of your target audience in a matter of moments. These talks apply not only to social media but also to all other communication channels available to the brand, such as newsletters, the website, or the company blog. If you manage to put all the most appropriate content on one website, this online page will become a true work of art and will bring you incalculable satisfaction (also in terms of sales).

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A concrete example of this strategy is offered by some of the best online portals dedicated to gambling, where every player will be able to find vast selections of casino games and slots to try in total safety, but also useful guides to facilitate the initial stages of his approach to the world of online entertainment (registration, the redemption of any bonuses or the use of VPN technologies). Each online game offered by the portal has been carefully analyzed and reviewed by a scrupulous team of experts, who have taken into consideration various factors such as security, the reputation of the page, and the speed of payments.

Dynamism, even more than diversification, is the real key to achieving online success (and increasing brand performance).

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