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The Importance of Auditing Your UPS Parcel & Freight Invoices




Are you running a business that routinely sends out products to customers? Do you run an online business? How often do you deal with shipping and parcel services? If you frequently work with these companies, you probably know that they are expensive. Not to mention that they aren’t always accurate. Whether you are doing your best to lower your overhead or simply want the peace of mind that you are getting the best possible price for parcels and freight, below are some reasons why you should audit your UPS invoices.

Make Sure the Prices is Right

The most obvious reason to audit your UPS parcel and freight invoices is to make sure the price is right. When you send a lot of packages to different places, the cost varies depending on the location, the weight, and the number of boxes you are sending. Of course, you need to make sure all these costs are correct. Instead of paying more than you need to every time you send a package out, you should be sure that the price from UPS is right. To do this, you need to audit them frequently. UPS is a company that wants to maximize profit and it’s a business full of human beings that can make mistakes. You can even use UPS audit fee reduction software to scan invoices. All these reasons and more are why you should audit them.

See How to Lower Costs

When you are scanning the invoices frequently and auditing UPS, you will find out new ways to lower costs and decrease your overhead. Not only will you see which shipping costs are higher, but you will also combine more shipments and maximize your freight needs. The more you audit UPS, the better you will understand how to get the most out of their shipping services.


You can even charge your customers more for 3-day shipping and lower your own costs. The longer you work with UPS and find out about the ins and outs of the business, the cheaper your shipments will be and the more you will get out of the service. Don’t settle for less when it comes to shipping with UPS.

Combine Shipping Orders

In the invoices, there are plenty of ways to combine shipping orders. When you are sending a lot of orders to one place, you will be able to lower your costs by combining the shipments on a freight. It’s also possible to strike deals and make new contracts with UPS if you know that you will be shipping frequently to the same region. In addition, when you have large shipments, you will be able to lower the costs overall. When you are combining shipping orders, there are plenty of chances to lower the expenses when it comes to shipping.

Understand What You Are Paying For

Beyond figuring out how to lower costs and combining shipping orders, you should also understand what you are paying for. Peace of mind is important. When you know what you are paying for, you will be able to feel better about the expenses. When you are aware of what you are paying for and why, you will be able to make better decisions in the future.


Shipping isn’t cheap, and to maximize your profits and lower your overheads it’s crucial to understand what you are paying for. That way, you will have the tools at your disposal to improve your business.

Avoid Unnecessary Fees

Finally, the last reason you should scan your invoices and audit UPS is to avoid unnecessary fees. If they are legitimate fees, you will learn how to avoid them next time. If there are errors, you can get UPS to correct them and give your money back. Depending on the fee and what it was for, you can get the cash back in your account or avoid fees in the future. There are plenty of reasons why you should audit UPS.

They are a company made of human beings. People make mistakes even at the highest level. If something is incorrect, you might get some money back. On the other hand, if you are trying to avoid extra costs and fees in the future, going over your invoices and auditing when necessary, will help you gain peace of mind and the understanding necessary to lower the overhead. Your business need profits. Lowering shipping costs can help.

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