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4 Tips to Manage Multiple Sales Channels Together




In today’s day and age, e-commerce is growing at unprecedented levels, and you, as a business owner, must keep up with such trends. You cannot stay limited to only one means of making sales. Moreover, you must adopt and adapt to the multi-channel sales approach.

95% of marketers acknowledge the importance of the multi-channel approach in marketing and sales, and a galloping 73% have such strategies in action.

However, most businesses struggle to maintain multiple sales channels and often give up. So, if you want to enjoy its benefits but not get overwhelmed, follow these steps!

1. Mindfully Manage Your Inventories

It is important to have a well-managed and organized inventory when you’re working with multiple sales channels. After all, each change in your data will initiate a chain reaction.

For example, if you receive multiple orders, it will change the stock levels. It will be too draining to jump between different channels trying to keep all aspects updated. This issue calls for third-party assistance.

Inventory management systems are important when you’re dealing with a multi-channel approach. Manual management can be an option but is not necessarily the best one.

You will be left struggling with orders and might suffer overselling or underselling. Consequently, if you’re equipped with the right support systems, you’ll be on top of the changes in stocks and prices!

2. Choose Which One Will Be Most Profitable

Because you are spoilt for choice, it does not mean all the sales channels will perfectly fit you. You must consider multiple criteria before investing your resources into it.

The most important aspect here is ‘profitability.’ Calculate how much you can profit or what you were getting from your other channels and add taxes.

The taxes, additive costs, and fees are different on different channels. So, make sure you read the terms and conditions well before investing.

Moreover, consider aspects like audience behavior, your capacity or teams to manage it, if your customers can trust the channel, and more.

Retail media measurement is another useful and strategic metric to process and analyze the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns and advertisements.

It will track and evaluate the different metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), providing insight into your media initiatives’ performance. However, invest in the best professionals to get the right answer.

3. Don’t Miss Out on Reaching Out Via Emails

Do not cut off all communications with your customers once the purchase is made. You must keep them around longer and promote good customer relations.

They are the base of your business sales. Maintaining relationships with them and prioritizing their help in more sales will also add value in terms of referrals. Since purchase decisions are still heavily influenced by word-of-mouth reviews.


However, read the recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) to ensure how and what information you can collect from the customers.

Send them emails to check up on them and inform them about new releases, discounts, and offers. In other words, keep them in the loop so your business does not go out of their minds!

4. Consecutively Keep Building Your Social Media Footprint

Selling your products and services on multiple sales channels is not enough. In today’s time, building your business’s social media presence is very important.

This will exponentially increase your reach to a bigger target audience. It will also be a great and effective way of assessing your industry competitors.

You can get creative with the way you portray your brand. It needs to be more than merely a shop for products and services.

Influencer marketing is the “it” way of getting people interested in your offering. Seeing their favorite influencers reviewing your products and services will also positively impact the audience’s trust in your business!

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Staying on top of the industry trends is very important to ensure business sales growth. As beneficial as the multiple sales approach is to your business, taking your time and understanding the concept is best.

Lack of clarity leads to your investing your resources in the wrong places. Start here with these steps to manage multiple sales channels together!

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