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4 Strategies To Try When Playing Tongits




Tongits is a local rummy card game found in the Philippines. It uses a standard 52-card deck, and it can go in many different directions. In every game, there should always be three players. The game cannot start if there are too few or too many players. Because of this, the game went on as a popular pastime among locals.

With the popularity of tongs, you can find the game in local casinos or online platforms. Since it uses cards, its rules are similar to games like mahjong and tonk. However, winning one is based on a rummy card game. Therefore, it is important to use strategies in winning tongs.

Here are some strategies that you can try!

Preventing A Draw

A draw is a common way to end a game. However, drawing too early in the game is bad etiquette. Games like tongits go, or other formats allow players to prevent a draw. To do this, one player should meld or set their cards to “bluff” the opponent. You can also lay off a card on another player’s melded set. However, once you place the cards on the table, you cannot reuse them. It counts as discarded cards each time.


Another way is by folding and deciding not to challenge. If a player decides to draw at any moment, they will not show their cards. That way, it prevents them from knowing if they got a “bluff.”

Getting A Card Combination

There are four card combinations that you can use to your advantage. These are:

  • Three of a Kind
  • Four of a Kind
  • Sagas
  • Straight Flush

Players can also meld or set if they have a combination. It can be a safety net if a player is going to lose.

Winning By Stock-Outs

A stock-out is when there are no cards left in the stock. If there are no cards, the final score will then get counted based on the player’s hands. However, no player should declare a draw before the stock-out happens. Remember, the lowest score wins.

Having The Lowest Possible Score

Being a rummy game, tongits determines its winner by having the lowest possible score. All cards have a set value and only count on the player’s hand. If a player discards a card, that card will not count toward the final score. As a result, players must note that they should discard their cards carefully.


The final tally will start if a player declares a draw or when no cards are left. For example, the king, queen, joker, and ten cards have 10 points.

On the other hand, ace cards have one point. All remaining cards retain their value. Due to this, having an ace card in your hand is valuable.

You need to time your cards right before the final count starts.

Wrapping Up

Having a strategy in tongs will help you understand the game’s mechanics. While the goal is to get the lowest possible score, you must get certain cards and time your draws. If you have a certain card on your card, create a combination to have a safety net. Remember, preventing a draw is better than getting a “bluff.”

At the end of the day, tonight’s is a game of luck, timing, and strategy.

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