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Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie: Commander Skill



Historical Background of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie was a renowned commander during the Sengoku period in Japan. He was also known as Tanikashiwa no Naoie or Tanikashiwa Naoie. Naoie was the son of the powerful samurai Tanikashiwa Sadatsugu and was born in 1545 in Owari Province, Japan.

Naoie fought in many battles and served under several feudal lords throughout his career. His notable victories include the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute and the Battle of Okehazama. His skills in battle and tactics earned him a reputation as one of the finest commanders of his time.

Naoie was also known for his mastery of busho cards, a popular game among Japanese samurai. His busho card, 3376, became famous and is still widely known today.

Despite his many accomplishments, Naoie met his end at the hands of his lord, Oda Nobunaga, who suspected him of plotting a rebellion. As a result, Naoie was forced to commit suicide in 1582 at 37.

Pro tip: To learn more about the life and times of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie, visit historical museums and read books about Japanese history during the Sengoku period.

Role in Feudal Japan

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie was a prominent samurai and military commander who lived during the Sengoku period in Feudal Japan. He served under the powerful Uesugi clan and played an essential role in various military campaigns throughout his career.

Naoie’s prowess as a commander was highlighted by his expertise in adapting his strategies to suit the terrain and circumstances, making him a formidable opponent in battle. His tactical acumen was bolstered by his deep understanding of logistics, which enabled him to keep his armies well-fed, well-equipped, and prepared for extended campaigns.

Naoie is sometimes referred to as “3376谷柏直家” in BushoCards, a popular Japanese mobile game that features historical figures. His “bushocard” highlights his skill as a commander and serves as a reminder of his enduring legacy as one of the most capable military leaders of the Sengoku period.

Evaluation of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie’s achievements

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie was a legendary commander during the Sengoku period of Japan. As a member of the Samurais, he achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his career, spanned several decades.

His notable achievements include:

  • Leading successful military campaigns for his clan.
  • Earning respect and loyalty from his soldiers.
  • Establishing himself as a skilled politician and strategist.

Naoie is also known for his leadership in laying the foundation for the castle town of Kanazawa, now a major city in Japan.

His Busho Card, 3376谷柏直家, is a testament to his excellence in leading troops to battle, with unique abilities that complement his leadership skills and make him one of the most valuable cards in the game. His achievements continue to be celebrated and remembered by historians and admirers of Japanese history.

Pro tip: You can visit historical sites in Japan related to Naoie, such as his gravesite in Kanazawa, and learn more about his life and accomplishments.


Busho Card 3376谷柏直家, also known as Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie, is the card of a legendary samurai commander from the Warring States Period. It is valued for the Commander Skill that it possesses.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this Busho Card and explore its Commander Skill.

Introduction to the Busho Card

The Busho Card, also known as the 3376谷柏直家, is a powerful commander skill in the game that offers several benefits to players.

This card represents the legendary warrior and strategist Tanikashiwa Naoie and is a highly sought-after item among players. The Busho Card enhances the attributes of the player’s army and offers exclusive bonuses like increased Hit Points (HP), Defense Points (DP), and Attack Points (AP). Players can activate the Busho Card by dragging and dropping it onto a specific slot within their army.

It is crucial to understand the different attributes of this card and how to use it effectively to gain a competitive edge over other players. By mastering the Busho Card, players can create a formidable army and achieve victory. So, choose your cards wisely and become a true master of the battlefield!

Rarity and Availability of the Card

The card 3376谷柏直家, also known as Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie, is a highly sought-after card in the world of the Busho card game. However, its rarity and availability can make it difficult to acquire.

This commander skill card allows you to draw two cards from your deck and discard one from your hand. While it is highly effective in the game, it comes with a limited supply, making it a rare find.

Some players resort to trading or buying from collectors to acquire the card or try their luck buying booster packs in hopes of getting the card. However, the rarity and high demand for the card can make it challenging to obtain.

If you manage to get your hands on a 3376谷柏直家 card, consider it a prized possession that can significantly improve your gameplay.

Pro tip: It is crucial to weigh the cost and benefits of acquiring this card, as it can be quite expensive.

Key Stats and Abilities of the Card

Busho Card 3376谷柏直家, also known as Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie, is a powerful commander skill card in the popular mobile game Senko no Ronde 2. Here are the key stats and abilities of the card:

Attack Power: 3

Defense Power: 1

Speed: 1

Range: 1

Special Abilities: The card’s main ability is to summon a large tornado that damages all enemies on-screen and reduces their movement speed. In addition, the card boosts the attack power of all ally units by 10% for a short time. As a busho card, it can only be equipped to busho units in the game.

To make the most of the card’s abilities, using it with other support cards that increase attack power or movement speed is recommended. By equipping this card to a strong busho unit, players can deal significant damage to opposing units while also providing a crucial boost to their army.

Commander Skill of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie is a powerful and highly esteemed historical figure in Japan. His unparalleled strategic abilities earned him the nickname “Busho”, meaning “commander”.

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie also possessed a unique skill known as the “Bushocard”, also known as 3376谷柏直家. This article will explore the Commander Skill of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie and explain what the Bushocard is and the advantages of using it.

Overview of Commander Skill

Commander Skills are special abilities that can be unlocked and upgraded for each commander in the mobile game Busho Tales. For example, one of the commanders in the game is Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie, and his Commander Skill is called “谷柏直家” or “Bushocard/3376”.

This skill boosts the attack power and critical hit chance of all allied units on the battlefield, making it an excellent choice for offensive players who want to deal more damage. Additionally, it increases the likelihood of enemy units being inflicted with the “Confused” status, which can turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

To unlock this skill, players need to obtain the Busho card for Tanikashiwa Naoie and upgrade it to the required level. Once the skill is unlocked, it can be upgraded using skill points earned through playing the game.

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie’s Commander Skill is a powerful asset for any player looking to dominate their opponents on the battlefield.

Busho Combination for Optimal Commander Skill

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie is a powerful game commander requiring a specific combination of busho cards to achieve optimal commander skill.

If you have the Tanikashiwa Naoie busho card (3376), you can unlock his full potential by pairing him with two other powerful busho cards: Azai Nagamasa (2268) and Maeda Toshiie (2207).

This combination unlocks the “Harmony Within Chaos” commander skill, boosting troop attack, defense, and health.

It’s important to note that the skill level of each busho card will affect the overall effectiveness of the commander skill. Therefore, take the time to level up each card and upgrade their skills to maximize the potential of your army.

Comparison of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie with other legendary cards

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie is a powerful legendary card in the game that stands out compared to other legendary cards based on its unique Commander Skill.

Here’s a comparison with other legendary cards:

1. Uesugi Kenshin: Known for his high attack and defense stats but limited Commander Skill.

2. Takeda Shingen: Known for his high critical hit rates and strong attacking skills.

3. Sanada Yukimura: Known for his high defense stats and strong special skills.

Compared to these legendary cards, Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie’s Commander Skill stands out with its ability to instantly heal all units’ HP on the field while increasing their defense stats. This makes him a valuable addition to any player’s deck, especially during challenging battles.

Pro tip: Level up and evolve your Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie card to unlock even more powerful stats and abilities.

Strategies for using Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie (Bushocard/3376谷柏直家) is a unique commander skill in the game. It gives the player an advantage on the battle field by increasing their attack and defense.

This article will explore some strategies for using Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie to its full potential. Whether you’re looking for an edge in competitive play or just want to have fun with the skill, this guide should help you get the most out of your Bushocard.

Focusing on Defense and Castle Protection

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie is a skilled game commander specializing in castle protection and defense. Here are some strategies for using his skillset effectively to protect your castle and troops.

Build up your defense: Naoie’s expertise lies in defense, so focus on building your castle’s defenses and upgrading your troops’ armor to create a solid defense line.

Equip Naoie with proper gear: Use the best defensive gear available for Naoie, such as the Fortress Armor, to make him an even more formidable defender.

Use his skills: Naoie’s skills, such as Fortress, Pro, and Castle Wall, strengthen your castle defenses and troops. Make sure to use them strategically to bolster your defense.

Pair with other commanders: Naoie’s skills work well with other commanders’ skills, particularly those that improve troop defense or restore troop health.

Focus on specialization: Naoie is specialized in defense, so focus your enhancement efforts on his defense-related abilities to make him an even stronger defender.

With these strategies, you can maximize the potential of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie to defend your castle and troops effectively.

Incorporating Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie in Offensive Tactics

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie can be valuable to any offensive tactics in military strategy games. Here are a few tips for effectively using this commander skill:

1. Take advantage of the boost to attack power. Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie’s skill increases the attack power of nearby friendly units, making them more effective in combat.

2. Position your units strategically. To get the most out of this skill, you need to position your units to maximize their attack power. Concentrate your forces in one area where they can make the most significant impact in battle.

3. Be mindful of the cooldown time. This skill has a cooldown period, so use it wisely. Do not waste it on a small skirmish or low-value targets.

4. Use it in combination with other similar skills. For example, Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie’s skill can be stacked with similar commander skills to increase the overall attack power of your units even further.

Try incorporating Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie in your next offensive tactic and witness its impact on your game strategy.

Collaborative Strategies and Pairing with other Busho Cards

Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie has a powerful commander skill that can be enhanced by pairing it with other Busho cards and implementing collaborative strategies. The following are some of the pairings and strategies that can be employed to maximize the effectiveness of your Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie card:

– Pairing with Busho cards that provide bonuses to troop types: By pairing your Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie with other Busho cards that provide bonuses to specific troop types, you can create a formidable army that can deal massive damage to enemy units.

– Pairing with Busho cards that provide tactical benefits: Busho cards that provide tactical benefits such as increased movement speed or vision range can complement the commander skill of Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie and make your entire army more efficient on the battlefield.

– Pairing with Busho cards that provide healing or defensive benefits: Pairing your Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie with cards that provide healing or defensive benefits can help your army survive longer in combat and sustain fewer losses.

By combining these pairing strategies and collaborative tactics, you can effectively utilize the full potential of your Busho Tanikashiwa Naoie card and dominate the battlefield.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different pairings and tactics to find the best combination for your playstyle.


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