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Busho Sekurado: Basic Stats



BushoCard/3371世瀬蔵人, also known as Busho Sekurado, is a 4-star rarity Strategist card in the mobile game, “Sengoku Asuka ZERO”. Here are the basic stats of this card:

Rarity: 4 stars

Attribute: Wind

Type: Strategist

Grade: Mid

HP: 1980

ATK: 820

DEF: 820

SPD: 1.7s

Range: 4 squares

Skill: Wind Wave – Deal damage to enemies in a straight line.

Busho Sekurado can be valuable to any player‘s deck due to its Wind attribute, balanced stats, and useful skill. Consider using this strategist card in battles that require a mix of offense and defense.

BushoCard Overview

BushoCard (3371世瀬蔵人) is a popular online trading card game that has been around for over a decade. It’s a great way to test your skills against opponents worldwide.

BushoCard is also a great way to learn the basics of trading card games. This article will detail the basic stats of BushoCard and discuss the game’s key features.

What is the BushoCard

BushoCard is a digital card that embodies the Busho Sekurado character, 3371世瀬蔵人. It is used for various purposes, including collecting and trading with other collectors. In addition, the BushoCard offers many features that enhance user experience, such as augmented reality and unique character stats.

Busho Sekurado, also known as 3371世瀬蔵人, is a popular character in the world of Busho. Busho Sekurado has several unique features that are highlighted on his BushoCard. His basic stats include strength, intelligence, leadership, charisma, and luck, all of which are important in the game of Busho.

The BushoCard provides fans with an interactive and engaging way to collect and experience Busho Sekurado’s world.


BushoCard is a unique collectible card game featuring historical Japanese warriors called “Busho”. One of the popular and powerful cards is BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, or Sekurado BushoCard.

This BushoCard has impressive basic stats, including 20,000 attack power and 18,000 defense power, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. In addition, Sekurado’s unique skill “Sengoku” allows the player to search for other BushoCards from their deck and add them to their hand, increasing the chances of victory in battles.

The BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is highly sought after by collectors and gamers alike, as it is a valuable addition to any collection or battling strategy.

Unique features and specialties of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a unique card in the Busho Sekurado game, featuring special abilities and features that set it apart from other cards.

Here are some of its specialties and unique features:

  • Ability to Boost Attack: BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 can boost the overall attack power of other cards in the same deck. This can provide a significant advantage during battles.
  • High Stats: With a power level of 800 and a speed of 450, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a formidable opponent in battle.
  • Rare Rarity: BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a rare card that can only be obtained through special events or by trading with other players. Its rarity adds to its appeal and value.
  • Attractive Design: The unique and intricate design of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is another feature that sets it apart from other cards. Its design draws inspiration from traditional Japanese culture, making it a visually appealing addition to any card collection.

So, if you’re a fan of Busho Sekurado, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a card worth considering adding to your collection.

Rarity and Availability

Busho Sekurado is one of Japan’s most popular card games, and its popularity continues to grow. Today, we will discuss the rarity of Busho Sekurado cards and the kinds of cards available.

We’ll also take a look at the most sought-after card – BushoCard/3371世瀬蔵人. This card is considered to be the rarest and most valuable card in the game, and understanding its rarity and availability is essential to play the game.

How rare is BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is an ultra-rare card in the popular Japanese trading card game, “Sengoku Busho.” Its rarity and availability make it highly sought-after by collectors and players alike.

According to industry experts and avid collectors, there are only a handful of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 cards in circulation, with some claiming that there may only be one or two of them in existence.

This rarity has made the card extremely valuable, with some collectors willing to pay upwards of $10,000 to acquire it. However, finding a legitimate and verified BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 card can be a challenge, as counterfeit versions are known to exist.

Overall, the BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is an incredibly rare and valuable collectible, and those lucky enough to own one should take great care in its storage and maintenance.

Pro tip: If you’re serious about acquiring a BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, do your research and only purchase from reputable dealers to ensure authenticity.

Availability of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is an extremely rare and sought-after card in the game. It has a total of seven stars, making it one of the highest-ranked cards in the game. However, its rarity makes it very difficult to obtain, and many players may never see it. It is not available for purchase in game stores or online, and can only be obtained through special events or by trading with other players.

For those lucky enough to obtain it, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 provides significant boosts to various stats such as health and attack power, making it a valuable addition to any player’s deck.

Pro tip: Keep an eye out for special events where you can obtain this rare card, and consider trading with other players if you have enough valuable cards to offer in exchange.

How to acquire BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is an exclusive character card in the popular Japanese trading card game, Busho Sekurado. As a rare and highly sought-after card, acquiring BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to increase your chances of obtaining it.

Rarity and Availability:

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a legendary card with limited availability. Only a handful of these cards were released, making them extremely rare and valuable among collectors.

How to acquire BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人:

The best way to acquire a BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is to participate in official Busho Sekurado tournaments or events. Winning tournaments or earning top rankings can give you access to exclusive cards like BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人.

Alternatively, you can try to purchase BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 from online auction sites or specialty trading card shops. However, be prepared to pay a premium price for this rare and coveted card.

Pro Tip: To increase your chances of acquiring rare cards like BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, consider networking with other Busho Sekurado players and collectors to learn about upcoming tournaments, events, and sales.

Stats and Abilities

Busho Sekurado is a card from the Bushiroad Trading Card Game and as of now, it has an overall rating of 33.71. This card holds a lot of power, including high attack stats and a plethora of abilities such as the ability to attack from long distance and the ability to dodge attacks.

In this article, we’ll analyse the stats and abilities of Busho Sekurado, and discuss their implications.

Base stats of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a powerful card in the game, with high stats and unique abilities that can give you an edge in battles.

Here are the basic stats of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人:

Attack: 1200

Defense: 800

HP: 1000

Speed: 700

Special: 900

In addition to these impressive stats, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 also has several abilities that make it even more formidable in battles. These include:

“Shadow Strike” – an attack that deals double damage and reduces the enemy’s speed.

“Murderous Intent” – an ability that increases critical hit rate and damage.

“Bloodthirsty” – an ability that restores HP every time BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 deals damage.

With its high stats and unique abilities, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a must-have for any serious player looking to dominate in the game.

Unique abilities and special moves of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a formidable warrior in the world of Busho Sekurado with unique abilities and special moves that set him apart from his counterparts. Here are some of his basic stats and abilities:

ATK: 987

DEF: 759

SPD: 443

HP: 2740


Shadow Step – This ability allows BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 to instantly teleport behind his opponent, catching them off guard and delivering a devastating blow.

Shuriken Throw – With this ability, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 hurls a barrage of shurikens at his enemies, causing significant damage.

Stealth Mode – This ability allows BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 to become invisible to his enemies, making it easier for him to launch surprise attacks.

With these unique stats and abilities, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a force to be reckoned with in Busho Sekurado.

How to best utilize BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 in gameplay

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, also known as Sekurado, is a versatile and powerful character in the world of gameplay. Therefore, understanding his stats and abilities is crucial for successful gameplay.

Basic Stats:

HP – 5201

Attack – 2722

Defense – 2736

Speed – 312

Critical Strike – 30

Critical Damage – 200


Poisonous Blade: Deals damage and inflicts Poison to the enemy.

 Shadow Clone: Replicates the BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, confusing the enemy and increasing your chances of winning a battle.

Evasion Up: Boosts the evasion rate of the BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, making him difficult to hit.

To best utilize BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 in gameplay, focus on his high attack and defense stats, which make him a formidable opponent in battles. Incorporating his abilities, such as Poisonous Blade, can also increase your chances of winning battles. Pro Tip – It is recommended to pair up BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 with other BushoCards to form a strong and balanced team.

Best Teammates and Combinations

Busho Sekurado, also known as BushoCard/3371世瀬蔵人, is a card game that involves players forming decks of cards and battling each other. Every card in the game has different stats and abilities that players can use during battles. The aim is to create a team of cards that works well together and can strategize to win the battle.

This article will look at the best Busho Sekurado teammates and combinations to use when building a deck.

Other BushoCards that complement BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 from Sekurado is a formidable warrior, but pairing him with certain BushoCards can enhance his abilities and create unstoppable combinations. Let’s take a look at some of the other BushoCards that complement him:

1. BushoCard 4602月島蛍: She grants increased attack power and speed to her teammates while negating the movement reduction effect on 3371世瀬蔵人’s special skill.

2. BushoCard 0018日影: He provides an increase in critical hit rate and a decrease in skill cooldown for his allies, which benefits 3371世瀬蔵人’s high damage assaults.

3. BushoCard 6705南部武士: His passive ability grants an increase in defense and health to allied Busho Cards, making them tougher and more durable.

Creating the ideal team to get the most out of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 requires strategy and knowledge of BushoCards’ abilities. With these teammates, you can get the most out of his skills and ensure victory on the battlefield.

Recommended team compositions and formations featuring BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, also known as Sekurado, is a powerful tank character in Onmyoji Arena. Here are some recommended team compositions and formations featuring the BushoCard.

Team Composition 1: Sekurado + DPS + Healer + Utility + Jungler

This team composition is well-balanced, with Sekurado as the tank, a DPS character dealing damage, a healer to support the team, a utility character with crowd control abilities, and a jungler to farm and gank. This composition relies on Sekurado to initiate fights and soak up damage for the team.

Team Composition 2: Sekurado + Two Healers + Two DPS

This team composition heavily relies on Sekurado’s durability, with two healers to keep him alive while the two DPS characters dish out damage from a distance. This composition is effective in prolonged battles where Sekurado can outlast enemies.

Formation: A recommended formation for Sekurado-centric teams is the “Protect the President” formation, with Sekurado in the center and the other team members forming a protective ring around him. This formation forces enemies to engage Sekurado first and provides cover for the other team members to deal damage from a distance.

Pro tip: Experiment with different team compositions and formations to find what works best for your playstyle and strategy.

Synergies with other popular BushoCards in the game

With its unique skills and abilities, Busho Sekurado can be an excellent team addition. Here are some recommended synergies with other popular BushoCards in the game to form the best team combinations:

Busho Kujinshi: Kujinshi’s ability to inflict status ailments like paralysis and confusion can greatly benefit the team when paired with Sekurado’s high attack power.

Busho Raiko– Raiko’s ability to increase the team’s damage output and Sekurado’s ability to dish out massive damage make for a formidable duo.

Busho Gako: Gako’s ability to decrease the enemy’s defense and Sekurado’s high critical hit rate can result in significant damage.

Busho Enji: Enji’s regeneration ability and Sekurado’s high HP make them a powerful combination for surviving prolonged battles.

Busho Hyakuhachi: Hyakuhachi’s ability to secure critical hits and Sekurado’s high critical damage further adds to the team’s offensive power.

By strategically assembling these powerful combinations, players can enhance their gameplay experience to a significant extent.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Busho Sekurado is an interesting card game that offers an enjoyable experience for all players. Not only does it provide an enjoyable and immersive experience, but the game also has a relatively simple gameplay and easy to understand mechanics.

This article of Busho Sekurado has explored the basic stats of the game, such as its winrate and the average cost of cards. This article will now conclude with a summary of the findings and some final thoughts about the game.

Summary of key takeaways and benefits of owning BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

In conclusion, owning a BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 has many benefits and key takeaways. This card is a valuable asset to anyone interested in Japanese history or a collector of historical artifacts. Here are some of the benefits of owning a BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人:

  • Efficient Storage: The card is compact, making it easy to store or display.
  • High-quality Material: It is made of durable cardboard with high-quality printing.
  • Historical Value: It showcases the life and accomplishments of a famous samurai warrior and provides insight into Japanese history.
  • Educational Value: It provides an educational reference to understand Japan’s cultural and historical background.
  • Collectible Item: It is a rare collectible item for anyone to add to their collection.

In essence, owning a BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 offers a great opportunity for collectors, history enthusiasts, and learners alike to get a glimpse of Japanese history and culture. It is a valuable asset that is not only a proud item for collectors but can also provide educational insights to anyone interested in learning about history.

Pros and cons of investing resources in BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is an upcoming investment avenue in the trading world that is steadily gaining momentum. However, one should know its pros and cons before investing resources in the same.


– BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a reliable and trustworthy investment platform with excellent security measures in place.

– It has a vast network of traders and investors, which results in high trading volume and liquidity.

– The platform offers competitive fees and user-friendly trading interfaces, making it easy to navigate for beginners and advanced traders alike.


– The industry is highly competitive, making it challenging for BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 to maintain its market position.

– It is not regulated by any central authority, which raises concerns over its security and legitimacy.

– Investors must be cautious of high volatility and potential losses while trading.

Final Thoughts:

BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 can be a lucrative investment option for traders who are willing to take risks and have a good understanding of the market trends. However, it is crucial to do thorough research and analysis before investing to make informed decisions. Diversifying your investment portfolio and not relying solely on this platform for long-term gains is also recommended.

Pro Tip: Consult a financial advisor before investing in any trading platform to avoid fatal losses or scams.

Final thoughts and recommendations for players interested in obtaining BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人.

In conclusion, BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人 is a powerful card with unique stats that make it a valuable addition to any player’s collection in the game. To obtain this card, players should participate in events, complete missions, perform summons, or exchange it for other in-game items.

However, players should remember that having a strong card does not automatically guarantee victory. Understanding a card’s strengths and weaknesses and pairing it with other cards and strategies is crucial for success in the game.

Pro tip: To fully utilize the potential of BushoCard 3371世瀬蔵人, players should experiment and try different combinations to find what works best for their playstyle. Remember to have fun and enjoy the game!


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