Top Online Journal Tools That Help You Journal Every Day



When’s the first time someone told you to journal? Our guess is that it was probably middle school. Journaling every day can have incredible benefits, and that’s why it’s often encouraged that you develop the habit early on! Journal writing every day can make you feel better. It’s a great way to put your thoughts together, confide secrets on paper that you can’t tell anyone. 

Journaling can also help with your productivity, especially if you’re a writer. Productivity is a mildly addictive entity — we want to accomplish more and more once we start. Often the morning slips away in errands and routine, but starting the day with writing a few pages can set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s a form of braindump — helping you declutter the floating thoughts in your head so you can focus on the present.

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750 Words

This is my favorite tool on the list. An incredible way to start your day — this online tool is very simplistically designed. The idea is to write about 750 words everyday, about 3 pages of writing, and then go about the rest of your day. It’s ideally supposed to be done the first thing when you wake up, but you can incorporate it into your daily schedule in the way that it fits best. 

The tool follows the stream of consciousness technique, where you type away without worrying about the spellings or how coherent you’re being, just trying to get out all your thoughts as quickly as possible. Most of the time, writing 750 words doesn’t come naturally to you. You can go about 300 without any effort, but as you finish writing 750, you’ll realise that you ended up writing things you didn’t even know that were bothering you. The subconscious mind ‘leaks in’ in this technique, helping you gain some clarity and insight into what’s on your mind. ‘Better than therapy’ is what the tool’s creator claims, and while we’re not confirming that, the tool is still one not to be missed. 

After you enter your writing, the site uses a tool called Regressive Imagery Dictionary that will analyse your mood, mindset and feelings according to the words and language you used most often. This is a bonus for those looking for some external analysis. There is also a streak system to motivate you to go back everyday and write!


Penzu is a very neatly designed online journal site as well as mobile app. It is made to be the perfect online alternative to actually writing with pen and paper. The interface is very convenient and easy to use. You get to make separate daily entries, as well as multiple ones in a day if you wish. You can even make Penzu as much of a scrapbook as you’d like, inserting images in between your writing or even audio notes. You can also add comments or tags to the entries you’ve made. It’s also incredibly easy to search for your old entries, which is a big improvement from flipping through pages to search for something you wrote ages ago. 

This gives you the traditional diary experience while also letting you customize certain things to your liking. Penzu helps you stick to your daily diary entries by giving you constant reminders to enter in a daily write-up. You can upgrade to Premium with Penzu if you like, to get the additional syncing of data as well as military grade-encryption! Safety might be a concern for you, and this is the perfect solution. 

There’s also a feature where Penzu tells you what you wrote on this day, one year ago. This is a particularly nice feature since it’s always insightful to look at where you were exactly a year ago. You get to see how far you’ve come, how you’ve grown and it always creates a sense of pride in yourself!


There are many other online journals but we’ve selected the ones with the most unique and useful features. Both 750 Words and Penzu have an accessible and easy user interface while also letting you have the freedom to use the tool the way that benefits you the most. Ultimately, journaling is a personal tool for your personal growth and productivity. It can help your creativity blossom, provide you great comfort while also being a good discipline to inculcate in yourself. 


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