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What is the Best Personal Pension Plan



pension plan

When will you start planning for your personal pension? How long and how much can you invest every month for ensuring a healthy ROI? Are you an employee? Is there an employer-sponsored pension plan in your workplace? If yes, what is the monthly pension you get after retirement? Can it meet your personal and family needs and wants? If your answer is no to any of the previous four questions, you need a better pension plan.

What is Your Profession?

Small Business: Solo 401(k) S is a highly recommended pension scheme. The present contribution limit is $18K if you are under 50. $24K is the contribution limit if you are above 50. You must be the owner of a Single-Owner business with no employees.

The plan covers you and your spouse. When you choose Roth solo401(k), the tax benefits are stated to be better. Pre-tax payment options allow you to increase your savings at the time of retirement. There is no age limit for starting your contributions. The recommended age is 30.

 You can contact an online broker or the Bank of America directly. There is also May other banks and financial institutions which offer the simple/Roth solo 401(k) plan.

The key benefit is the loan you get from your savings. The maximum limit is 50% of your net savings and the loan money is $50K. Interest on loans is 1%. The investments you make can earn good dividends and interests.  

Employee: Roth IRAs are the recommended pension plans if you are an employee and no employer contribution for your pension plan. You can also use it if you are a self-employed individual. You can make a maximum annual contribution of $55K regardless of your age. The present interest rate you earn on your savings is 8%.  

Roth IRA can be beneficial if you change your jobs frequently and you have no other secure pension plans. You choose to withdraw the entire money after retirement or draw only the interest value every month as a pension. Your withdrawals are free from tax.

IRA-Rollover Loan is available for a short term. It is free of interest and returnable within two months. An extension can result in a 10%penalty.

Pension Plan with Loan

Credit unions offer you pension plans with options for loans. You may be an employee, owner of a small business, or a self-employed individual. Your maximum annual contributions can be $60K. Pre-tax and Post-Tax are the two options you have. The unions offer home-loans at affordable interest rates.

The plan is backed by a maximum insurance scheme of $250K. You may transfer a part of your savings onto a money market account, share certificates, or IRA depending on your convenience.

Investments into money market accounts could be an attractive option since it can generate handsome ROI every month. The risk factors could be variable, depending on the market conditions. Investments into share certificates from logistics companies and other stable industries can earn you handsome ROI every month with the lowest possible risk factors.

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Best Exercises for Financial Flexibility



Earn more

Financial flexibility is a state in which you can afford to spend a few more dollars for your favorite cuisine in a restaurant. You can afford to buy a more comfortable home with heating and cooling systems. You can afford to treat your parents in a specialty hospital. You can afford to send your children to international schools. You can afford to spend two more days of holiday in Hawaii and the Bahamas. Well, you can increase the list to infinity. But how you do it? Here are a few simple tips.

Prioritize Spending

Essential Spending: You need to give top priority for the essential spending to your household items, grocery, utility bills, tuition fee, etc.

Other Priority: Would you prefer to spend more on an annual holiday or having an expensive sofa in your living room? Would you spend more on buying a home or have an extended holiday in Taiwan? We are talking about prioritizing the spending. When you spend on your mortgage loan, it is possible to save on rent and reduce the risk of having to change rental homes frequently. It is also an investment as the future asset.

Asset Accumulation: Accumulate assets for you and your family. Spending on buying moveable and immovable assets is an investment. You may buy appliances, equipment, and tools, car, gold, bonds, shares, and stocks, etc.

Leisurely Spending: You can take a well deserved holiday during Christmas and New Year. You don’t need to spend a fortune. But you can surely make it memorable for you and your family. Plan your holiday so it can refresh your mind and energize your body.

Increase Earning

Language Skills: There are plenty of opportunities to earn extra in the present digital era. You can take up a franchise of an established online language school. If you are well versed in foreign languages, it is the best opportunity to earn. Online translations, interpretations, and transliteration are some of the works in demand today. You may also create English subtitles for foreign language films and documentary.

Other Skills: You may open a small business from your home. It could be selling art and artifact. You may choose to sell handicrafts from Asia. You may choose to teach Yoga. You may choose to open an Italian or French restaurant in your city. You may choose to sell artificial jewelry from or you may choose any other part-time job and small business. Your aim is to earn extra money apart from your regular salary.

Optimize Saving

You may reserve your salary income for household expenses, loans, insurance, tuition-free, and medical expenses, etc. You can also reserve a part of your salary for short-term and emergency funds. But your entire savings from part-time job and small-business should go into long-term saving.

Maximize Flexibility

Optimizing the procedures for earning, spending and saving can give you the maximum financial flexibility in your life. You can dare to spend a few more dollars for the cappuccino you drink at your favorite restaurant on your next visit and smile.

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Tips to Earn More Pension than the Best Salary



Cash flow

Long-term Investments that can earn regular ROI are stated to be the most effective ways of the pension plan. Investing in the correct plan at the most trusted financial sources can ensure more pension than the best salary you may earn. Here are a few simple tips that may help you to take the right decision.

Real Estate Investment – Continuous Income

Real estate investments can earn consistent cash flow with very low risks. We all know the growth of the real estate market all over the United States and the rest of the world. The value of land and apartments is growing rapidly. There could be some recession in the residential real estate when the demand slows down. But it is only a short-term slum which may not have any serious impact on the real estate market as a whole.

Pension Funds: Pension funds from private and public sector real estate is a growing investment across the USA today. Direct investments from individuals can earn higher dividends during your pension period. The market volatility in the long-term is stated to be the least among the investments for pension funds.

Direct Holdings: Bearer security certificates for real estate means a trusted source of income for your investments. The agency in which you make the investment will be directly responsible for the security of your money and assured returns.

Re-Investments: Once the project term is over, you can withdraw your investment and the earned profits. Or you may continue by re-investing a part of it onto other projects. You may continue to earn the profits every month as your pension.

When to Invest: practically speaking, there are no age limits for investing in the real estate pension fund. You may start from the early or late twenties to get the best returns by the time you reach 60. Then you can convert that fund into a Treasury bond pension plan and earn pension without any risks.

Logistics Investments –Trusted Pension Plan

 Logistics is a domain which is growing all over the USA and rest of the world. It is the connecting channel for all the public and private sector businesses. The vertical growth and expansion of the organization will be positive and risk-free.

Pension Funding: Pension funding will be through the net profits earned by the organization. They will have an insurance trust which manages all your investments. Many of the trusts offer a pension to the spouse of the deceased person who is eligible for the plan. You can earn fixed revenues every month.

Pension Value:  If your investments last for 2 or 3 decades of your active working period, it is possible to earn more funds than your salary. But you have to select the right logistics company which is projected to be stable on the stock markets. The experience could be one of the primary criteria for choosing the company. You should also consider the customer base on the global market and the type of services they offer. The international value of USD in the export and import markets also plays an important role in deciding the profitability ratio.

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How to Generate Income after Job Loss



Business plan

Job loss can be psychologically frustrating and financially devastating unless you are prepared to face such shocks. It may happen if your employer company sinks. It could be due to fluctuating markets. Or it may happen due to any other reason. Your first task is to assess your present financial condition.

Factual Analysis

Have you saved enough to survive until the next financial revival? You have to list all your recurring expenses like rent, utility bills, loans, tuition fees, and household expenses. It is better to avoid non-essential and lavish expenses during this period. Make sure you have sufficient resources for the next one or two months. Then it is possible to think calmly about generating income within that time. Or you have to take emergency measures immediately.

Next Job

Hire a consultant and search for the best job you can find. He will be able to guide you in your specific professional domain. You can also publish your career profile on social media, local directories, and yellow pages. A proactive approach can help you get your next job within the shortest possible time.


Self-employment is a lucrative profession if you have the talent and experience in your professional domain. You may also think of others like creative writing, art, music, dance, Yoga, martial arts other areas in which you have specialization.

Being a freelancer gives you more freedom to choose our working hours during the day or evening. You can spare rest of time for earning extra income through teaching a skill or a language. Foreign languages like German, Spanish, and Chinese are highly lucrative fields of income generation.


Staring a small business with minimum investment can help you support your family. Find the most lucrative business in your hometown or city. Take a business loan and start your entrepreneurship. It could be a restaurant, florist business, interior design, accenting, or others. Choose a field that can earn you considerable ROI and provide professional satisfaction.

Build your clients through consistent marketing on social media. You can find many free website development tools online. Take time and learn how to create one or two pages website through DIY methods. Find an economical domain provider and launch your website.

List your business on local directories. You can contact established businesses in your hometown and ask them to publish links to your website on their web pages. It may take time and socializing efforts on your part. After taking the initiation, you will eventually do the required tasks to stabilize your business.


You can become a consultant in your specific professional domain. It needs minimal investments for your website, online marketing, a laptop, and an internet connection. You may start your business from the comfort of your home. You can use your cell phone to contact potential clients.

Online meetings with your clients can help you save time. You can build a reasonably good client base within a short span of time. Once you start getting regular ROI, it is possible to think of having an exclusive office.

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