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When Is Tax Free Weekend 2015 Nc?



It’s that time of year again—tax season! With April 15th just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can save some money on your taxes. One great way is to take advantage of Tax Free Weekend 2015 in North Carolina! Get ready for savings and let’s find out when this year’s event will take place.

What’s included in Virginia tax-free weekend?

The Virginia tax-free weekend occurs annually during the first full weekend in August and allows shoppers to purchase certain qualifying items without having to pay state tax. This year, the tax-free weekend in Virginia is scheduled for August 7-9, 2015.

During the 2015 tax-free weekend, consumers will not be required to pay sales and use tax on purchases of certain school supplies, clothing, footwear and hurricane preparedness items that cost $100 or less per item. Qualifying school supplies include textbooks, graphing calculators and more that are designed for student use in a wide range of educational activities (with a few notable exceptions). Clothing purchases must also meet certain criteria; most outerwear and underclothing are exempt from sales taxes, but some luxury accessories aren’t included in these exemption categories.

Virginian shoppers will be able to save money all around during this special shopping weekend—so make sure you get out there and take advantage!

Can you do a tax free weekend online?

Tax Free Weekend (TFW) is a yearly event held in many states in the United States that allows shoppers to purchase certain types of items tax free. The timeframe for TFW varies depending on the state, but it is generally held sometime during August or September. During this weekend, shoppers can purchase certain items including school supplies, clothing, computers and books without having to pay sales tax.

The good news for online shoppers is that some states allow you to take advantage of their Tax Free Weekend online as well. This means that even if you don’t want to fight the crowds in your local store, you will still be able to save money during this time period as long as your purchases are being made through an eligible retailer or website within the specified state.

For example, North Carolina’s 2015 Tax Free Weekend was held from August 7th-9th and allowed shoppers to make tax-free purchases of qualifying items at participating retailers both in stores and online. Since each state sets its own rules and regulations regarding Tax Free Weekends, be sure to check the specifics for your own state before attempting any tax-free shopping over the internet.

How long is the tax free weekend?

Tax free weekend in North Carolina for the 2015 calendar year will take place Friday, August 7th through Sunday, August 9th. During this period, shoppers can purchase select items without being subject to state or local sales taxes. This annual event is sponsored by the North Carolina Department of Revenue and is designed to help families save on essential items before the start of the school year.

Items that qualify for tax-free status during this weekend include clothing, footwear and school supplies that cost $100 or less per item (excluding any associated taxes). Items such as diapers and handbags are also included when made of predominately cloth materials and cost $100 or less per item.

This tax free weekend lasts for a three day period (Friday through Sunday) with no further restrictions imposed. There are no limits on how many items an individual may purchase, nor is there a maximum amount shoppers can spend as long as each specific item meets the qualifications set forth by law.

Who is exempt from paying NC sales tax?

For certain purchases, North Carolina does not collect sales tax. Items that are exempt from the state’s sales tax include unprepared food, prescription drugs, and certain medical equipment. Additionally, most North Carolina counties participate in “tax free weekends” where all sales of merchandise are exempt from state and local taxes. Generally these weekends are held in August and October.

In 2015 the tax free weekend is August 7-9; during this period visitors to stores in North Carolina do not need to pay sales on preparation costs related to a purchase such as installation charges or cutting expenses. Not all retailers are required to participate in the tax-free holiday; those who choose not to are still obligated to collect taxes on these items otherwise applicable. It is always recommended that customers check with their local retailer regarding participation or if additional exemptions may exist for a specific item.


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