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If youve heard of Nielsen’s TV Ratings, you are familiar with the term “Nielsen family”. Advertisers, networks and cable channel providers all use this term to refer to the family of people who watch their programs. However, what most people don’t know is that Nielsen actually has a second family. This second family is composed of all the people who use the Nielsen ratings database.

Some people are skeptical of Nielsen and it’s just a simple fact that their ratings are not entirely accurate or reliable. But unlike the rest, Nielsen’s ratings system is not shrouded in secrecy. Nielsen is actually open about their ratings and makes all their data available to the public. The ratings are collected by a team of over 5,000 people who monitor television, movies, and other content in more than 2,000 markets around the world.

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Nielsen is a household name, and the Nielsen app is a fun way to make money in your spare time. In fact, you will only be rewarded if you allow the app to collect data on your device.


  • Earn $50 per year on autopilot
  • Excellent customer service
  • BBB accreditation with A+ rating
  • A chance to win $1,000


  • Data protection is an issue
  • May slow down the device

Highlighted studies

0.50 to $3.00 average per inquiry

The average duration of the interview is 15 minutes


Earn up to $20 per month

Search time – 10 min to 20 min

Available in more than 40 countries


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For decades, Nielsen has set the standard for global market research. The company is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. This means that you don’t have to worry about whether Nielsen has a good reputation at all.

In addition, Nielsen has a good reputation in the online community. Although some complain about privacy issues, many users praise the company for its legitimate surveys and decent payouts.

Nielsen Group operates a number of panels and recently acquired Pinecone Research and Harris Poll Online, underscoring their legitimacy.

How does the Nielsen mobile application work?

Nielsen wants to understand how people use their smartphones and devices. This allows companies to learn how consumers perceive and interact with brands.

The list of clients working with Nielsen includes retailers, manufacturers, governments and non-profit organizations. Because these organizations value honest feedback and opinions, they are willing to pay Nielsen users for their time and input.

What is the registration process for the Nielsen mobile application?

There are several Nielsen survey panels, and for each panel there is a different link to sign up. However, it is surprisingly easy to sign up for the app.

You will be asked to fill out a registration form in which you state your name, address, place of residence and other personal details.

Before you can download and install the application on your devices, you must complete a brief registration process. This includes family information and more detailed information about your devices.

The Nielsen application needs to know what types of devices are being used in your home. However, they must also provide information about operating systems, who uses the devices most, and types of services.

You will then be asked to download the application.

The Nielsen contest is open to all U.S. citizens 18 years of age and older.

Sign up for the Nielsen Mobile Application here

How many points are the Nielsen Mobile App worth?

There is no direct conversion in the Nielsen app, as points are exchanged for gifts.

How much can I earn with Nielsen’s online surveys for mobile apps?

Although Nielsen is best known for its surveys, the Nielsen app is actually a passive data collection tool. By simply installing it and leaving it on your device, you are providing data.

This means you don’t have to investigate. The application runs in the background on your device and collects information about the applications and games you use. In addition, the addresses of the pages you visit and the time you spend on each page are examined.

The application also collects data on the time and duration of calls and text messages, and the type and size of files on your device. However, it does not show the numbers you are calling, the content of your texts or the content of your files.

ACNielsen guarantees the highest level of privacy for users of the ACNielsen application. The application is safe and secure, and your data is not shared.

The company reports the information collected as aggregate data. This means that individual members are not identified, but group data is collected.

By simply installing this app and running it on your device, you can earn the equivalent of $50 a year.

What are other ways to make money with Nielsen’s mobile application?


Nielsen is also holding a contest for all users of the Nielsen app. You will then automatically participate in the monthly draw.

The prize pool is $10,000, but two winners will get $1,000 each, and there are other small prizes.

How do I use points with the Nielsen Mobile App?


Nielsen app users have an excellent repertoire of rewards. There are physical objects like televisions, cameras and other electronics.

You can also choose gift cards from brands like Target, Amazon, Starbucks and many more. Nielsen ships the rewards within a few days of your order, so you should receive them within a few weeks.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Nielsen mobile application?


  • In addition to its BBB accreditation and A+ rating, Nielsen has decades of experience in the industry, which means the answer to the question Is Nielsen Trustworthy?
  • You receive gifts and rewards by running the app in the background on your device.
  • Nielsen has an excellent customer service record. So if you have any questions or concerns, you can get help
  • You can win up to $1,000 a month in this lottery.


  • Some reviewers were concerned about confidentiality. However, Nielsen is a reputable company and guarantees that user data is safe.
  • This application is only available to US residents.
  • Since the application runs in the background, it may affect the battery life. While this is not relevant to the question of whether Nielsen is legitimate, it is a valid concern.
  • Some users of the Nielsen app are complaining that they can’t use their rewards.

Is Nielsen’s mobile app worth it?

Nielsen is undoubtedly a well-established company with decades of experience in the industry. If you’re wondering about Nielsen’s reputation, take a look at their accreditation and BBB rating for proof.

The Nielsen app allows you to earn rewards by simply running it in the background on your device. There are also cash prizes to be won.

While the Nielsen app is not the ideal solution for people looking for a full-time job, it is an easy way to supplement your income if you are looking for a side job.

Nielsen mobile application alternatives

Nielsen Mobile application FAQs

How do I contact Nielsen Mobile Application Support?

You can contact Nielsen support via email, social media or the app’s contact page.

Is the Nielsen mobile app free?


Can I complete Nielsen surveys using the mobile app?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to download Nielsen app?

The Nielsen app is safe to download.

Is the Nielsen company legit?

The Nielsen company is a very reputable company that has been around for more than 100 years.

How much can you make from Nielsen?

The Nielsen Company is a global information company that provides data on television audiences.


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