Bambino 2021: How to Make Money Babysitting (+Pros & Cons)



Bambino is an amazing business that allows you to earn money by sitting at home and watching small children. When you are not working, you can earn money by watching videos on a website. You can make more money when you watch more videos. You can also get paid to play games on the computer. You can earn money by “sharing” videos on YouTube.

As a child, I was often in need of babysitting services. As I grew older, I began watching TV shows and movies on my phone in order to make myself useful. I started out as a babysitter on my own with my dog while I was still in high school, but the experience taught me many things that I could take with me to work today. And I found that I loved every second of my job.

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Bambino is an online platform that puts you, as a nanny, in touch with local clients. Unlike others, Bambino is not a job board, but a social network where parents can see how their neighbors or other acquaintances have rated a particular nanny.


  • The use of the babysitting platform is free.
  • Practical application
  • Uses a referral system that guarantees the reliability and authenticity of the sitters.
  • You get paid after each session and get honest feedback.


  • Prices are not negotiable
  • There is no system on the platform that encourages parents to tip their babysitters.

Highlighted studies

0.50 to $3.00 average per survey + Branded Elite Program – additional points for active participants

Average survey time – 15 minutes, minimum payout – $10.


DoorDash gives you the ability to keep 100% of your customers’ tips.

You have the freedom to choose the orders you want to take.


Earn up to $20 per hour (no minimum hours required)

Bonus: You can earn $3 for each 5-star award.

Weekly payments – plus immediate payment options

What is a bambino?

Bambino is an online platform that puts you, as a nanny, in touch with local clients.

The company was founded in 2016 and is currently headquartered in Florida. However, Bambino is available throughout the country.

Because Bambino wants to make life easier for nannies and parents, you can download the Bambino app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and find the families you need on the go.

How does Bambino work?

In addition to the usual word-of-mouth recommendations, parents rely on reputable platforms to hire reliable nannies. And the good news is that Bambino combines these two ideas into one: It allows parents to find babysitters in their area who are already looking after people they know.

The way Bambino works is very different from the platforms of its competitors. Unlike others, Bambino is not a job board, but a social network where parents can see how their neighbors or other acquaintances have rated a particular nanny.

This feature saves parents a lot of time and gives them peace of mind that their children are safe with the nanny they hire.

At the same time, this feature of Bambino’s is also beneficial for you as a nanny. Let’s say you worked with a family on the Bambino app and they like you. You will receive a letter of recommendation that will remain in your profile. So every time a neighbor is looking for a babysitter and sees that someone they know recommended you, your chances of getting hired increase by almost 100%.

Yes, Bambino is a serious application that has also received a lot of acclaim in the online world.

Nannies who work with Bambino leave fairly positive comments on Indeed.com in the following categories:

  • Work-life balance – 4.9 stars
  • Salary and benefits – 4.4 stars
  • Job security and promotion – 4.3 stars
  • Management – 4.8 stars
  • Culture – 4.7 stars

In addition, Bambino has a rating of 4.8 stars in the App Store and 4 stars in Google Play. Most of the negative comments on these sites complain about the cancellation policy, as they came across a case where the sitter cancelled her visit at the last minute.

Bambino Babysitters Categories

Bambino ranks nannies according to their level of experience:

Average age the level of experience
Junior Childminder 13 – 15 years old Newcomer
Standard Sitters 16 – 18 years old An experienced person
Advanced Sitters Be at least 18 years old Experienced
Elite Nanny Be at least 18 years old Excellent experience

Let’s analyze each category in detail.

Junior Sitter

If you are at least 13 years old, you can become a junior nanny as this category does not require any experience.

The young babysitters at Bambino are generally between 13 and 15 years old and do not have their own transport.

Standard seat

Although typical standard nannies are at least 16 to 18 years old, you can also fall into this category if you have some nanny experience.

Advanced Sitters

You must be at least 19 years old to qualify as an advanced nanny.

However, with a number of diplomas and certain hours of work on the Bambino platform, one can enter this category at the age of 18.

Elite Sitter

Elite Nannies are the most trusted and highest rated bambino nannies on the platform.

The minimum age for this category is 18 years. In addition, you must pass a full background check by EvidentID using your social security number. They will check your records across the country, state and nation.

Other requirements for Bambino Elite Sitter status are as follows:

  • Do at least 6 sit-ups in the last 2 months (in the Bambino application).
  • Maintain a 4.8+ star rating
  • have a confidence level of 85% or higher
  • Ensure a high level of response to inquiries received on the website.

How much money can I earn as a nanny with Bambino?

The salary you will earn as a bambino nanny depends on many factors, including your experience and the length of time you work as a nanny.

On average, you can earn between $12 and $25 per hour.

Bambino Babysitter commissions and fees

Download the Bambino application and join the platform for free as a nanny. Even if you make a reservation, you don’t have to pay anything.

Needs of Bambino to babysit

To become a Bambino Nanny, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 13 years old (and have parental consent if you are under 18).
  • You need a smartphone to download the Bambino application.
  • Have a Facebook account to register as a babysitter.
  • Be prepared to pass a credit and background check.
  • If you are under 18, you must also report the email to your parents.

How do I start as a nanny with Bambino?

Getting started with Bambino is quite simple and easy. Let’s go step by step so you know in advance what you need to do to become a toddler nanny.

Step 1: Download Bambino App

The very first step to using Bambino as a babysitter is of course downloading the Bambino app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Create your profile

Once the application is installed, you need to sign in with your Facebook account and create your babysitter profile. Your nanny profile will include details about you, such as:

  • your name
  • Age
  • Location
  • the level of experience
  • your CV

Depending on your age and level of experience, the Bambino team may conduct a background check.

Step 3: Responding to requests

Once your profile is approved, it will be published so that parents in your area can contact you and hire you as a nanny for their children.

The advantage of Bambino is that you don’t have to worry about finding a job, because parents themselves contact you to ask you to look after children.

However, this does not mean that you should accept every request that comes your way. When you receive a request, you have the option to accept or decline it.

Each application shall contain the following information on the seats:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Number of children
  • All the additional information you need to know

It’s worth checking the parent’s profile before responding. This will give you additional information to help you make your decision. You can also send a message to a parent if you need clarification on seating arrangements.

Professional advice: Respond to requests as soon as possible, because parents send requests to multiple sitters at once, and if you’re late, they might hire someone else.

Step 4: Selectable for insertion

Once you have accepted the request for a place, the parent will be notified. When parents approach several nannies, it is up to them to choose the one they want to work with.

Step 5: Nanny

Once you’ve been selected, it’s time to get down to the real work and get started as a nanny. As Bambino says, being a nanny is as easy as a primer and gives you some tips on how to do it right.

  • A – Always be on time. Show the parents that this job and their children are your priority. This simple gesture will help them feel comfortable leaving their children with you.
  • B – Be present. Take care of your kids and don’t talk on the phone all the time.
  • C – Cleaning up before your parents get home. Never leave the house in a worse condition than you found it.

Step 6: Getting paid

Finally, when your work is done, your parents will pay you through the app. And you will receive the payment directly into your Venmo account or your bank account, depending on your choice.

How does Bambino Payments work?

Now that you’ve made money as a nanny with Bambino, you may be wondering how the app will pay you. Let me be clear with you.

Parents will pay you at the end of class through the Bambino application. This money is deposited directly into your account in the Payment tab of the application.

Since Bambino is a cashless platform, it handles all payments and ensures that you are safe and paid for the service provided.

Do not ask for cash or any other form of payment outside the application, as Bambino will remove your profile from the platform.

Normally, the proceeds of the sale will be transferred to your account within 2-3 business days after closing. These times do not include weekends and holidays.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bambino


  • The use of the babysitting platform is free.
  • Practical application
  • Uses a referral system that guarantees the reliability and authenticity of the sitters.
  • You get paid after each session and get honest feedback.


  • Prices are not negotiable
  • There is no system on the platform that encourages parents to tip their babysitters.

Bambino customer service

There are two ways to contact Bambino Customer Service if you have a question or a problem:

  1. Send your request through the Bambino contact page
  2. You can also call the Bambino helpdesk from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm, at 844-622-6246, for urgent questions.

Bambino alternatives

Bambino vs Care.com

Care.com is one of the world’s largest online platforms that connects families with nannies and caregivers. Although using Bambino is completely free, you must purchase a Care.com Premium subscription, which costs $20 per month, in order to respond to job postings.

Summary of care

  • Earn as little as $15 an hour for childcare, dog walking or elder care.
  • Real-time payments – in less than 30 minutes
  • Access to retirement benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Care.com offers affordable health and dental insurance

Bambino v Sittercity

Like Bambino, Sittercity is a reputable platform where you can connect with families in your area. Once you are registered with Sittercity, you will receive applications directly from parents and can also apply for open positions.

Bambino v UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is also a popular platform that connects nannies with families in need of their services. But unlike Bambino, UrbanSitter is more of a job board where you can find open positions. And on Bambino, you will receive requests for places directly from families.

City Sitter Summary

  • Top babysitters earn more than $1,000 a week
  • No commissions – you keep 100% of what you earn
  • Determine your own hourly rate
  • Work to your own schedule

Is Bambino worth it?

Overall, I would say that Bambino is probably one of the best platforms for finding nanny jobs. The main reason for this is the way Bambino works. It is entirely based on recommendations and shows you as a reliable nanny that parents can consider.

And the fact that Bambino doesn’t charge for babysitting is an added bonus.

Bambino FAQ

Does Bambino run a background check?

Yes, Bambino checks your credit card and criminal record.

How do I get money on Bambino?

Once the transaction is complete, you will be paid through the Bambino app and receive your money either through Venmo or directly into your bank account.{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much do Bambino sitters make?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” Bambino sitters make anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get paid on Bambino?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” Bambino pays out in BTC.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What percentage does Bambino take?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:” Bambino takes a percentage of the total sales from the company.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Bambino sitters make?

Bambino sitters make anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour.

How do you get paid on Bambino?

Bambino pays out in BTC.

What percentage does Bambino take?

Bambino takes a percentage of the total sales from the company.


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