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Everyone has a love-hate relationship with money. We love it because it’s the one thing we can’t live without. We hate it because we can’t quite control it. Writing about money on a daily basis is a great way to earn some much-needed cash, but it’s also a well-known way to get bitten by the writing bug. There are many ways to make money writing about money, needless to say.

If you want to make money writing, you’ve got to get serious with it. Sure, there are plenty of ways to make money at home writing blog posts, publishing books or creating ads for your blog. But these methods are best suited to the more entrepreneurial types of writers.

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15 Best jobs for creative writers

1. Blogger

Blogging is a great option for those looking for a creative writing job as a side income that can replace a full-time job. This type of work can bring in a few dollars to $10,000 a month.

There is no immediate pay, but you can work at your own pace for a few hours a day or a week. Another interesting feature is that you can write about any topic.

Once your business is established, you can earn affiliate commissions, place ads on your blog, or even sell your own products. Generally, it takes about 18 months before you start receiving income. But there is potential for long-term returns.

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2. Editor in chief

If you love the idea of selling and have a talent for writing engaging content, copywriter is one of the best creative careers for you.

Copywriting is essential for online, print and even television advertising. The overall goal is to get people to buy a particular product or service.

As a copywriter, you can create anything from slogans to social media ads. You should be concise and be able to explain in a few words why someone should buy the product. It can be a difficult area of writing, but it is also one of the most lucrative. The average salary for editors is $51,000 a year.

3. Novellist

When many people think of a job as a writer, their first thought is novelist. Being a writer is more a labor of love. The average novel is between 60,000 and 100,000 words. This requires a high level of commitment.

You need to be able to create interesting characters and put them in unique situations to keep readers interested in your stories. It’s not enough to have a great idea, you have to do an outline, and then develop plot points and character progressions.

The average income of a novelist is $73,000 a year. You may also need a frahlingen to market and sell your work.

4. Social media officer

Social media has become more than just a way to connect with old friends. Today, social media platforms are powerful tools for marketing products and services, presenting brands and connecting with potential customers.

Companies and influencers need to tailor their messages to the target demographic within the limits of text and style requirements for the content. This creates a fantastic opportunity for a certain type of writer. If you enjoy analyzing statistics and have strong marketing skills, this may be the position for you.

The average salary for a social media post writer is $44,500 per year.

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5. Observer

Many of us like to give feedback on the products and services we use. But if you want to go further, you can make money as a critic. These days, many people rely on reviews to make their purchasing decisions. For example, companies need ratings for everything from books to devices.

You can start writing reviews on the Stream website. With this innovative platform you can search for almost anything. Once published, users vote on the usefulness of your review. You will receive $0.10 for each useful vote. You can also earn $0.10 for each answer to consumer questions.

6. Corrector

For those who have an eye for detail, proofreading can be one of the most suitable jobs in creative writing. Although this is not technically a writing assignment, you should have good grammar and other writing skills.

As a proofreader, you are the last line of defense for the content. Their task is to ensure that the document is free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors before publication.

There are many opportunities to work as a proofreader. The average salary for correctors is $43,000 a year.

Hardcover: 29 pages to find a proofreader online

7. Writer

Do you dream of creating a Hollywood blockbuster or writing a popular television show? So your calling is to be a screenwriter. As a writer, you are a creative figure behind the scenes of a show or movie. You can write a television episode, adapt a novel for a movie, or even come up with your own idea.

You need to understand the structure of a script and be able to create interesting characters and thoughtful dialogues. You also need to have a thick skin and be open to criticism. In fact, writers spend most of their time making changes to their work.

On the other hand, the average income of a screenwriter is $80,000 a year.

8. Songwriter

Although there are many songwriters, many artists ask others to write the lyrics and music for their songs.

Songwriters receive three types of royalties. Look at this:

  • Mechanical royalties : These are royalties you receive when you sell your song.
  • Service costs: If your song is played through an online stream, live performance or on the radio, you will receive performance rights.
  • Synchronization costs : This type of royalty applies when your song has a license to be used in a video, for example. For example, in a YouTube video, a TV show or even a film.

The average salary for songwriters is $51,000 a year.

9. Speechwriter

Politicians aren’t the only ones who use speechwriters. Celebrities, business leaders, PR firms and many others need good speeches. This work is best suited to authors who are able to present convincing arguments, even if they do not always agree on principles or policies.

A degree in communications, political science or journalism is a good start. You can also sign up for Toastmasters or take the time to watch debates to educate yourself. The average salary for speechwriters is $84,000 a year.

10. Technical Writer

Technical writing is a niche area. You must therefore be able to convert complex jargon into simple English. You can design and develop software manuals, write user guides, or create technical specifications.

An essential part of this work will be to interpret the information provided by engineers, software developers and other specialists. But working as a technical writer is promising. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, technical writing will experience above-average growth through 2028. You can also expect an average salary of $76,800 per year.

11. eBook Writer

Working as an ebook author is a lot like working as a novelist, but you don’t need an agent or publisher. Amazon has made it easy for authors to self-publish on the Kindle platform. Just upload your entire book with the cover.

Putting your book on the list is free and Amazon receives a commission for each sale.

You can make money:

  • 70% for books between $2.99 and $9.99.
  • 35% for books outside the above price range.

Kindle allows you to self-publish books on almost any subject, fiction or non-fiction. You can set your own rates, and the best writers earn $10,000 or more per month.

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12. Journalist

With a 24-hour news cycle, journalism has become one of the most important creative professions. Journalists write about just about everything from fashion to leisure destinations to breaking news. You can even specialize in areas of interest, such as sports, celebrity news or current events.

Most publications require at least a degree in English or journalism. However, you can start at a small local newspaper to gain experience.

The average salary of a journalist is $40,800 a year. But the best journalists can earn much more.

13. Columnist

Many people think that a journalist and a columnist are the same, but they are not. Columnists are paid to give subjective opinions on specific topics or current events. You must take a reasoned and convincing stand on every issue, from the current state of the economy to the latest traffic rules.

Columnists often write books or appear as experts on television talk shows. To become a columnist, you must have experience in your field. You can expect an average salary of $73,000 per year.

14. Ghostwriter

If you love writing but don’t like being in the spotlight, ghostwriting is one of the best creative side jobs for you.

There are jobs for beginners writing simple web content, but more experienced ghostwriters are in demand when it comes to writing updates for social media, books, and other content.

Prices can vary considerably. Beginners may only be able to earn $1 or less per 100 words. But more experienced writers can get up to $150,000 or more for writing a book.

15. Specialist in e-mail marketing

Digital marketing strategies are nothing without the skills of an email marketer. This is a form of digital marketing that involves creating email, building an email list and managing leads.

You spend your time writing emails, newsletters and other sales materials.

Other duties include:

  • Create and monitor email marketing campaigns
  • Optimize the design and layout of emails
  • Read the messages
  • Monitor emails
  • Create e-mail lists
  • Track and analyze campaign results

Depending on your experience and skills, you can expect a salary of $50,000 or more per year.

How do you become a writer?

First you need to refine your spelling, grammar and writing technique. Then you can look for work on freelance platforms for aspiring creative writers. As you become more experienced, you can start getting higher stakes.

If you want to build your confidence before you start working, classes can help. EarnMoreWriting, for example, allows you to start writing without any experience.

How do I find a freelance job as a lawyer?

Whatever creative writing job you’re considering, you’ll likely find work on one of these platforms.

  • Upwork is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers. You can search for all types of jobs in creative writing based on your experience and skills.
  • Fiverr – You can offer your services as a gig on Fiverr. Don’t worry, you’re not limited to $5, as you can increase the price of your gig and charge more.
  • Freelancer is another popular site for searching for work online. Once you have created a profile, you can search job boards and apply for jobs that interest you.
  • Guru – similar to Freelancer and Upwork, you can create a profile on Guru. You can also select skills and knowledge to increase your visibility to potential customers.
  • iWriter is more like a content mill platform. But for beginners, this can be a good starting point. iWriter will evaluate your application and you can choose to work at that level.

What are the highest paying jobs as a writer?

The best way to make money in creative writing is to become a novelist or ghostwriter. With the right niche, you can make $100,000 or more a year.


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