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Desc: Many businesses thrive in Thailand, thanks to its strong economy. But it is believed that the most lucrative ones are related to tourism, is that right?

Tourism services form the basis of any travel industry, these services are aimed at enhancing the experience of travelers and making their visit a memorable one. These services are, however, so diverse that they can’t be counted on one hand, from the provision of accommodation and transportation to tours, activities, entertainment, etc. Tourism services are a form of art, every experience is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of travelers. About these services, accommodation for example, presents a lot of real estate for sale in Thailand, with options ranging from hotels and resorts to budget-friendly hostels, condos, and the like.

Real estate in Thailand may not be as lax but it is not all that complicated either. Next is the transportation services which are essential in moving around the cities. Thailand’s transport infrastructures are decent enough as they have airlines, railways, buses, taxis, and rental cars, to explore destinations near and far. Then there are guides, being able to explore freely is fun and all but having a tour guide to show you around is even better.  Services offered by tour operators and guides will be more entertaining and will enhance your experience. The number of malls and boutiques where you can go shopping is not small, go for a little bit of styling, look at the luxury and exotic brands, or just buy one of the artistic locally made fabrics at the market whenever you want. When you’re done with the day, it’s time to move on to the night activities, experience Thailand’s amazing nightlife, treat yourself to dining experiences, visit entertainment venues, attend festivals, or go shopping in any of the night markets; Chatuchak Weekend Market is a highly recommended one.

Tourism in Thailand

Going into a little more detail on tourism in Thailand, tourism services with a unique blend of Thai magic resulted in a dynamic take on tours. Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and warm atmosphere is a unique experience that all visitors should look forward to. The number of well-preserved ancient structures and temples is one of the main tourism activities. It helps to showcase the proud history of the land, and being able to hear about the history of these places from your tour guides as you tour along is another way to enhance the experience.

Also, there are a lot of bustling markets in Thailand, although for this one, being able to freely explore sounds better but with a guide, you know which shops are best for which goods and products. You’ve heard that Thailand has a lot of beaches, now is probably the time to go see them, and lastly let’s not forget about the people. Thais are warm and welcoming people you definitely won’t feel out of place in such a country as they are willing to help out any way they can.

Want to Try Your Hand in Some Businesses in Thailand?

For foreigners venturing into business in Thailand, it doesn’t matter which services you want to render, but it is best to experience these services for yourself. Gaining a thorough understanding of how these businesses work and their nuances, pros, cons, and intricacies is pertinent to running tourism services successfully. Immerse yourself in some of these tourism services and gain firsthand knowledge of consumer preferences, market trends, and potential business ideas. For foreigners, you can consider services like cooking classes, foreign language tours for expats, remote work of course, adventuring, and giving sports instructions. Keep in mind though that most of these businesses are more lucrative than the other, so here is a highlight of some jobs that are better suited to the locals and ones that foreigners can thrive in later.

Notable Tourism Services in Thailand

Home-stay experiences: Locals who are in the hospitality industry can provide home-stay accommodations to tourists. You get to learn Thai culture by putting yourself in the everyday life of Thai locals, participating in daily activities, and enjoying the home-cooked meals.

Thai cooking classes: Learning how to cook Thai dishes is quite possible because Thai locals often organize cooking classes in their homes or in little put-together cooking schools to teach visitors and tourists traditional recipes and cooking techniques passed down through generations.

Off-the-beaten-path tours: Another very good reason why you need a guide, preferably a local is because they are people with intimate knowledge of their cities, towns, and villages and they decide to treat you to specialized tours, take you to lesser-known attractions, and non-touristy areas that are also amazing on their own. These experiences are always more amazing than the usual tour guides.

Traditional craft workshops: Same with the cooking class and the special tour guides, there are just some things you can’t beat the locals at. Arts and crafts in Thailand are one of the main attractions when you visit the towns and villages. When. You can request or when they feel like, local artisans may conduct workshops and demonstrations of traditional Thai crafts for you. Try your hands on weaving, pottery, carving, and silk-making.

Street food tours: This is one of the most interesting parts of touring Thailand. Thai locals are fond of street foods and they encourage visitors to try out their street food culture.

So don’t be surprised when they lead you on tours of the market and introduce you to street food stalls with the original Thai flavors. This can only be a job for someone who knows the land well.

Spiritual and Wellness Experiences: Thailand has a lot of temples, not just ancient ones that are only preserved for tourism but well-functional ones that serve as a place of worship. These temples are a place of spiritual importance to Thais and you can get your local guide to put you through the processes. Mediation, yoga, traditional medicine shops, and wellness retreats are all services that locals versed in traditional Thai practices can show you.

That being said, you can probably assume from the points above that the main reason why locals are better suited for these jobs is that they know the land, they are locals, and have something that can neither be taught nor replicated; they are indigenous.

However, this is not to say that foreigners can’t provide these services, as mentioned before, you only need a very good understanding of Thai culture and norms to be able to perform them. Some tourism services are better provided by foreigners in Thailand like Guided tours in Foreign Languages, Cooking classes for International Dishes, and Sports Instructors among many others. Also, if you want to get the prices of real estate in Thailand, thailand-real. estate is a real estate aggregator with lots of properties for sale. Access different property options, with different prices and in different locations in Thailand, all from the comfort of your home.

Connect, Share and Enjoy

Traveling is all about exploring, the new environment, the new land, the air, the new water, all bring a fresh taste of discovery. If you are not all about traveling for tourism or you’ve been in a place more frequently than you’d expected, then why not use your foreign knowledge to contribute something more? Connect with more people by doing something different, share your knowledge and help others grow as well and don’t forget to enjoy yourself while at it.


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