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5 Luxurious Lodges Of the UK To Add To Your Wishlist



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After doing all the hard work and meeting the tight demands of your life, you may need to take some time off and unwind. You even need to change the environment from your routine home or apartment. Such a getaway is only worthwhile in a new place full of recherche and natural views away from the noise and bustle of the city.

A luxurious lodge will give you a wonderful experience with ultramodern amenities yet so close to nature to ensure you return entirely rejuvenated. You can rent a holiday lodge at your preferred destination or buy one to avoid the rush of the holiday season.

Here are five luxurious lodges to add to your wishlist:

Stratford Parks

Stratford Parks is what London can best offer in terms of holiday lodges. Strategically located in the central location of the West Midlands, you can easily access it and comfortably reach out to ruminate on all the opportunities around. These include over a mile and a half of private fishing rights, ample and quiet spaces for family time and bonding, a Riverside Bar & Restaurant affording a panoramic view of the river Avon and surrounding Warwickshire countryside, and many more.

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Recognized globally as the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the distinguished unprecedented English playwright Stratford-upon-Avon is an outstanding tourist destination with universal acclaim!  Stratford has many luxury lodges for sale that can be your home as you enjoy all the goodies of this top-notch park. You will access an endless list of first-class facilities by purchasing any of these Stratford luxury lodges.

With your lodge, you can turn up any time. In addition, it will also help avoid peak prices when people flock to the area. You will also have more flexibility when booking a lodge anytime you want to come.

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges is at the top of the game when you want a reviving rural retreat and invigorating intercourse with nature.  Strategically located in the heart of mid-Suffolk, close to the historic market town of Bury St Edmunds, and a short drive from the glorious coast, these magnificent lodges bring you so close yet far enough to have a unique experience.

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges are perfect for bonding with nature during the summer. But they are also an ideal luxury spot all year round, creating an excellent romantic hideaway for unfettering nuptial bliss, memorable events, and memories with close friends.

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With their five lodges, including Heron, Kingfisher, Wagtail, Woodpecker, and Damsel Shepherds Hut, you can always choose what appeals the most to your tastes. Each room has a private hot tub to ensure you enjoy showers even when cold outside, especially during winter.

Badwell Ash Holiday Lodges has various exciting amenities, including free parking, a high-speed network, complimentary instant coffee, a golf course, and many more. The rooms have private balconies, a comfortable seating area, a beautiful dining area, a safe, a coffee maker, and a flat-screen TV to keep you updated with news.

Delamere Forest Lodges

There is something therapeutic about forests and spaces with lots of trees. Unfortunately, with urbanization and active engagements in the city, most people miss out on this natural treatment, a proven healing agent for most of our psychological and emotional wants. While forests are hard to come by in our routine schedules, Delamere Forest Lodge will give you one more vivifying connection with kind mother nature.

In partnership with the Forestry Commission, Forest Holidays offers woodland cabins in their lands and parks in Wales and Scotland. The Lodges in Delamere forests have a special attachment to history, a medieval hunting ground, and are well spaced on 2400 acres of land.

North Lakes Lodges

England is a beautiful country, but the Lakes District remains distinctly unique. With 16 major lakes and uncountable tarns, it remains one of the most sought-after hideaways from life’s troubles, registering an annual average of about 20 million visits.

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While the Lake District remains beautiful throughout, the North Lakes region is breathtaking. It is less crowded and affords the best sighting of the most enigmatic mountains. This is where the provision of luxury lodges will spare you the disappointments of the normal standard holiday cottages to make your stay the most comfortable and memorable.

The North Lakes Lodges are private and tranquil, well furnished with hot tubs and vast outdoor space, and come with special holiday perks such as massages, golf, and meal delivery plans. It is a perfect place to spend time with the people you love and revitalize your connection and commitment to each other.

Lomond Luxury Lodges

Strategically located along the Old Military Road in Glasgow, United Kingdom, Lomond Luxury Lodges will take care of your family this holiday.  Lomond Luxury Lodges comes with perfect amenities for family holiday needs. Some of the amenities include Children’s television networks and books, DVDs, and music for children.

Furthermore, you can also access one of their 2 and 3-bedroom chalet lodges within its beautiful grounds. These chalets have hot tubs, free high-speed Wi-Fi, an allergy-free room, a coffee maker, a hair dryer, etc. Lomond Luxury Lodges is the perfect base to explore Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park from the comfort of your spacious chalet lodge.


Spending quality time alone, with loved ones, or with friends is an excellent way of slowing down to speed up. You need such an experience in a well-chosen luxurious lodge at least once in your lifetime. This article gives you five luxurious lodges that are perfect to be on your wishlist.

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