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How to Prepare Correctly for a Massage Session



We tell you how to prepare for a massage, so that the procedure brought the expected effects – pain relief, the ability to relax, get rid of fatigue and discomfort. After all, it also happens that after the session the client feels only disappointment.

Much of the success of massage therapy depends on following the rules of preparation. We will give you tips on how to properly prepare for a massage at Armonia salon – they will help you enjoy every treatment.

So, the rules are as follows:

  • You should come to the session in a calm state. If your thoughts are peaceful, “flowing” behind the manipulations of the master, the healing effect of the massage will be higher. For this purpose, you should come to the procedure 10-15 minutes before it starts, so that there is time to rest from the road and relax.
  • One hour before and one hour after the session, you should avoid eating.
  • One hour before the procedure it is recommended to take a shower, using a washcloth and shower gel. When this is not possible, for example, if you go to the master immediately after work, you should come 15-20 minutes in advance, so that there is enough time to conduct hygiene procedures in the salon.
  • Another nuance that you need to do before the massage is to visit the restroom to feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
  • When going to the massage therapist, do not use perfumes. Scents have a strong effect on humans, which is the basis of the science of aromatherapy. Not every scent we like in our daily lives will be beneficial when receiving a massage.

    Some of them affect positively, others – negatively. But it is difficult to distinguish them from the bouquet composition of eau de toilette. Extraneous aromas will distract both you and the Master during the session. Therefore, do not put perfume on your skin, even if it is of the highest quality, for at least one hour before going to the salon. A clean body smells best.
  • One of the points of preparation for the massage procedure is to identify contraindications. When you come to the salon, the first thing that awaits you is filling out a client card. The master will ask you about any medical conditions you may have. Please give correct information, as some illnesses are temporary or partial contraindications to massage. Your answers will determine which techniques and methods the master will use during the procedure. If massage therapy is contraindicated for you, you will have to refuse it in order not to harm your health. The master can advise you on alternative solutions to your problem.
  • When settling down on the massage table, try to take the most comfortable position. The result of an uncomfortable position will be involuntary muscle tension, compensating for the discomfort, because of which you will be constantly distracted from the manipulations of the master. The effect of the procedure will be worse – you will not achieve the desired goal, that is, wasted money. To avoid this, do not hesitate to tell the Master about your discomfort. He will definitely help to solve the problem.
  • Special creams, scrubs and oils are sometimes used during the massage. If you are allergic to cosmetic products, the Master will use hypoallergenic oil, which is always available in the salon’s assortment.
  • Do not hesitate to tell the masseur how you feel during the session and the course as a whole.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before a Massage

Going to a massage for weight loss or any other procedure, you need to exclude several factors:

  1. Alcohol intake less than a day before the session. Under the influence of massage, the blood vessels dilate, which may cause a repeated feeling of intoxication.
  2. Visiting the salon immediately after the beach. If you have been sunbathing, even if you follow all the rules of tanning, it is necessary to give your skin a rest at least 24 hours, so that it has time to recover.
  3. Self-use of cosmetic products for massage. It is better if the oil or lotion will be chosen by a professional.
  4. Smoking before the procedure. What you should not do before a massage is smoking. Massage helps the immune system to eliminate toxins through the skin, so there is a possibility of unpleasant odor from the pores.  One hour before the procedure it is necessary to give up cigarettes.
  5. Visiting a massage parlor if you feel unwell. If you have aggravated a chronic disease, or you just feel unwell, postpone the session to another day.

A special place in the recommendations on how to properly prepare for a massage is the need to choose your Master. Armonia specialists combine traditional techniques and modern methods to provide clients with comfort and guaranteed benefits and pleasure.


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