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The Most Popular AI Photo Editing Software



If you’re a photographer, you know that photo editing is almost as important as taking pictures. The right editing software for photography can make a good image look great, and with the power of artificial intelligence, you can now create stunning pictures that are completely unique.

There are many AI photo editors on the market, but which one is best? In this article, we’ve compiled the top options for 2023. To try this image shrinker, click here. So if you’re looking for a way to take your photos to the next level, just keep reading!

Luminar Neo

Our top pick for best editing software for photography is Luminar Neo. Its incredible AI tools are a real boon for beginners and professionals alike. You practically have to do nothing, and the software will perform everything for you. Let’s take a look at a few popular instruments:

  • Magic Light AI;
  • Supersharp AI;
  • Focus Stacking;
  • Upscale AI;
  • Background Removal AI;
  • Noiseless AI;
  • HDR Merge.

Photo processing has never been so easy, and the result ㅡ so stunning. Luminar Neo is available for your Mac or Windows PC.

Movavi Photo Editor

The application is traditionally divided into several working areas: the main screen for working with the image, the tool selection panel on top, and the settings panel (with sliders) on the right. Movavi Photo Editor has 12 basic functions you’ll need to work with your photo. Here are some of them:

  • photo enhancement (manual and automatic): exposure, white balance, temperature, light, and shadow balance adjustments, etc.;
  • retouching to work with portraits;
  • smart object removal;
  • cropping, resizing, and rotating the image;
  • noise reduction with presets for different photography options;
  • Fast replacing the background and inserting other images;
  • Dozens of options for your own watermark.
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The editor itself is functional enough for people who have neither the desire nor the time to learn more complex applications.

Adobe Photoshop

Speaking of professional editing software for photography, there’s no way to avoid this most popular editor. Let’s look at what it has to offer to its users:

  • Sky Replacement is one of Photoshop’s newest tools that allows you to change the sky in your photos with just a few mouse clicks. This tool uses artificial intelligence technology based on the color palette of the image.
  • Refine Edge is a tool for selecting objects in an image that also uses AI. It allows you to select objects accurately and remove the background in the image.
  • Smart Portrait is a beta version of the neural filter in Photoshop that is used to improve portrait photos. It uses AI to smooth the skin and enhance the quality of the image.
  • Colorize is another beta version of a neural filter that is used to automatically colorize black and white images in Photoshop.

Basically, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editing software that uses AI. It has many features and functions that can help you achieve the desired result.


Imagen is a photo editing software that lets you train the AI to your editing style and apply it to batches of images. Imagen’s interface is an order form that allows you to submit Lightroom catalogs for editing and upload edits back. Imagen only works with Lightroom catalogs and is an ideal option for photographers who work with a large volume of photos or already use outsourced editing. ImagenAI provides 1,500 free AI edits for those who want to try this program.


This Artificial Intelligence-based online editor is designed to create great business catalogs. Spyne is a SaaS product that helps commercial photographers create studio images using artificial intelligence and edit them massively.

The app features guided photo shoots that allow you to instantly approve or reject photo quality, and for selected images, Spyne AI offers automated editing solutions. Upload your photos and let the system do the work for you! Also, the app creates professional, sales-ready images for fashion, footwear, food, and e-commerce products.

Topaz Sharpen AI

The cool thing about this one of the best editing software for photography is the intelligent algorithms. Each of them eliminates a different type of blurring. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Motion: This tool corrects the blur that resulted because the subject moved and the camera shook.
  • Focus: Here, the name speaks for itself. This tool is most useful for retouching portraits.
  • Softness: This sharpening tool can replace your current sharpening workflow and add extra clarity and detail to your images. It is designed to distinguish between actual details and noise.

Similar effects, of course, can be achieved in other applications. However, here these functions are implemented in the most user-friendly way possible.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the development of artificial intelligence has led to a range of sophisticated photo editing tools that are now available to professionals and amateurs alike. These instruments offer users a quick and efficient way to enhance photos, allowing them to easily create stunning and professional-looking images. Whether you want to improve colors, adjust lighting, or remove unnecessary objects, there is always an AI photo editing app to help you achieve the results you want. With today’s photo editors, your possibilities are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination.

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