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Most Popular Mobile Games For Apple Mobile Devices in 2022



Mobile devices are an important part of people’s lives. They accompany us everywhere – at work, at home, on our way somewhere. Without them, we can’t imagine a day. Today, smartphones and tablets are used for various purposes such as playing in an online casino site like Golden slot.

They help pay for something, make purchases, and even entertain us. Mobile games are extremely popular today. Their quality is now shifting to a new level because mobile developers keep working hard to make their products prominent and make users download them. In our article, we will speak about games from Apple devices.

The Popularity of Mobile Games

Smartphones and tablets are always close at hand. People today have little free time. However, when we are waiting in a queue or sitting in transport, we have a good chance to relax. In this case, an interesting mobile game is an option.

The popularity of mobile games is growing year by year. It’s connected with the spread of mobile devices. There’re a few other reasons for people’s passion for such games:

  • The comfort of usage. Modern people can hardly find any free time to sit in front of the PC and play computer games. At the same time, mobile games managed to naturally integrate into a stressful and busy life. Such games are fast and easy to access and don’t require much time.
  • Affordability. Compared to many modern games developed for PS or PC, mobile games have lower prices (they can even be downloaded for free in certain cases). While gamers have to spend over 50 GBP, games for smartphones/tablets will cost ten times less.
  • Socialization. Looking at the first mobile games, which were for a single player, modern products are much more advanced. They allow building expanded social connections by playing with or against your friends, participating in collective games, and using many other additional options. Thus, mobile games open more opportunities for communication even if you have a lack of time.
  • Innovation. The mobile gaming industry is still developing. That allows the demonstration of more innovative products and features. There exist dozens of types of mobile games for one, two, or a group of players. Every user can choose a preferable genre and enjoy the gameplay.

Many mobile games can be linked to social networks (for example, Facebook). Thus, you can share your achievements with friends and invite them to play.

Types of Mobile Games

On smartphones and tablets, a great diversity of options is available – from mobile casino sites to advanced MMORPG. Gamers can play their favorite pokies, try themselves in collective card tournaments, and even earn with mobile games.

It’s essential to understand the key varieties of mobile games:

  • Arcade. It’s one of the oldest types of games. And it’s still one of the users’ favorites. In fact, there’re many games of the genre that are remakes of old versions. There’re a few key requirements for such products, which are the comfort of control, interaction, and attractive gameplay.
  • MMORPG. Today, it’s one of the users’ favorite genres because it provides many features, interesting options, and social issues. In fact, it’s an online role-playing game available on your smartphone. You can play, make friends, or fight against enemies. The virtual world of such games is great. Many MMORPGs for PC were extended to mobile devices.
  • Puzzle. It’s one of the simplest varieties of games. Thus, people of all ages can play them. They’re represented by diverse styles and features. Modern products are characterized by interesting plots and high-quality designs with animated effects.
  • Action. Those who like testing their wits and reflexes adore such a genre. Such products make users face challenges and try their nerves. Action games include fighting, surviving, shooting, etc. Again, many games of this type were taken from the original versions created for PCs.
  • Battle Royale. It’s another type of MMO. There’re thousands of users, and your main task is to survive. It’s a quite brutal variety of games. However, it still allows gamers to relax and relieve stress after a hard-working day.
  • MOBA. The genre is close to MMORPG. However, this is a battle arena, where teams of players fight against each other. There’re even games recognized as esports. And there’re true competitions, while the winners get great sums of money.
  • Digital Cards. Card games are timeless. People still play them to win money or to relax. This type of game is also popular among mobile device owners. It’s possible to find almost any variety of card games – poker, blackjack, solitaire, etc. There’re renovated games based on cards. They might have interesting plots and wonderful graphics. Such games can be created to play alone or with friends.

Leading Games for Apple Mobile Devices

 Apple devices are widely used for entertainment. Besides, the company keeps creating more opportunities for players to have real fun. One of the latest additions was Apple Arcade, released in 2019. It became an innovative part of the App Store, where thousands of apps are available for free. Apple Arcade allows the subscribers to enjoy new unique products from top independent developers. It’s considered a new step in the development of the mobile gaming industry. The collection offers over 100,000 games of various genres. Each game is carefully selected with the application of strict requirements.

Subscribers will have a chance to play the best mobile games at any time without adverts. The collection includes games for players of all ages. The included games won’t be accessible anywhere else, so it’s exclusive access.

We selected the best games for Apple mobile devices, which you should try:

Game Description
Card of Darkness It’s basically a card game, which uses the corresponding mechanics. However, there’re many extra features, which transform the game into a strategy. It will allow players to start an unforgettable adventure. The game is full of magic, monsters, and secrets.
ChuChu Rocket! Universe It’s based on the Sega Dreamcast game. It’s a 3D puzzle, which will make you test your brains. During the game, players will have a chance to explore amazing universes and open their secrets.
Disney Melee Mania This is a fantastic game, where you can meet diverse Disney characters. It’s created in a complicated MOBA genre. Choose your team consisting of 3 heroes and play against real players!
Fantasian This magnificent game was developed by Mistwalker Corp. – a studio responsible for the legendary Final Fantasy. It’s an RPG game with a great number of dioramas, which are drawn by hand.
Overland 2 It is a survival game, where a player should travel across the apocalyptic world. Users will face many challenges and have to make hard decisions. It’s necessary to be quick to survive! The game looks pleasant though the graphics are very simple.
Shinsekai: Into the Depths This is an incredible game developed by Capcom. It unites both surviving and exploring, allowing players to dive into the absolutely new world. Start your adventure as an Aquanaut and meet the most unbelievable creatures.
Really Bad Chess It’s a classic game with a new concept. The innovation lies in the fact that all the pieces on the board of players are random. Be smart and try to create new strategies to win with any combination!

There’re more impressive games for mobile devices on iOS. Apple Arcade regularly adds new games, which you will never try anywhere else. If you want to be the first to estimate the newest products in the mobile gaming industry, it’s strongly recommended to subscribe to Apple Arcade.

Choose the games you like most and enjoy the unforgettable experience in any place and at any time.

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