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How to make a donation on Twitch



Twitch is a live streaming video platform, primarily used for gaming content. It’s also a great place to watch live esports matches, shows and talkshows. The service was originally launched in 2011 as a spin-off of the Justin.tv website. Twitch has over 100 million monthly active users and 2.2 million broadcasters.

If you’re a fan of someone on Twitch, you may want to donate to them as a way of supporting their channel. This is a guide on how to make a donation on Twitch.

First, you need to have a Twitch account and be logged in. Then, find the streamer you want to donate to and click on their profile picture.

On the right-hand side of the profile, you’ll see a section called “Donate”. Click on this and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your donation amount.

Enter the amount you want to donate and then click on the “Donate” button. You’ll be asked to confirm your donation and then taken to a page where you can enter your payment information.

Once you’ve entered your payment information, your donation will go through and the streamer will receive a notification about it.

how to donate on twitch

The benefits of donating on twitch

Donating on Twitch is a great way to show your support for your favorite streamers. Not only does it help keep their channel running, but it also gives you some benefits too.

Here are some of the benefits of donating on Twitch:

> You’ll get a badge on your profile that shows everyone that you’ve donated to a streamer.

> You’ll get a special chat badge that lets you chat with other donors.

> You’ll get access to exclusive donor emotes.

> You’ll be able to support your favorite streamers even when they’re offline.

> You’ll be able to donate to multiple streamers at the same time.

Top tips for donating on twitch

Here are some top tips for donating on Twitch:

> Make sure you’re logged in to your Twitch account before you try to donate.

> Check to see if the streamer has a donation goal set up. This lets you know how much they need and when they need it by.

> If you want to donate anonymously, you can do so by unticking the “Display my name in the donor list” box.

> If you want to donate more than $500, you’ll need to contact the streamer directly.

> Twitch takes a 5% fee for all donations, so keep this in mind when you’re deciding how much to donate.

Examples of successful Twitch donation campaigns

Here are some examples of successful Twitch donation campaigns:

> In 2017, Twitch streamer “Peeve” raised over $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

> In 2018, Twitch streamer “Dr DisRespect” raised over $70,000 for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

> In 2019, Twitch streamer “ summit1g ” raised over $150,000 for Extra Life, a charity that raises money for children’s hospitals.

How can I track my donations on Twitch?

If you want to keep track of your donations on Twitch, there’s an easy way to do it.

Just head over to the “Donations” section of your account settings and you’ll be able to see a list of all the streamers you’ve donated to, as well as the total amount you’ve donated.

What payment methods are available for donations on Twitch?

There are a variety of payment methods available for donations on Twitch. These include:

> Credit/debit cards

> PayPal

> Amazon Payments

> Bitcoin

> Square Cash

Can I donate to more than one streamer at a time?

Yes, you can donate to more than one streamer at a time on Twitch. Just head over to the “Donations” section of your account settings and you’ll be able to add multiple streamers to your list.

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