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Five Household Items to Invest More in for You and the Planet



The household is where we relax, recharge, and can have the largest impact on ourselves and the planet. When we’re at home, no one is watching our actions and behavior. We buy unsustainable products and wastewater, and energy. We can make bad decisions if we are only concerned about judgment. The things we spend money on can have a significant impact on the world. Whether you are focused on saving money, doing better for the world, or trying to accomplish a combination of both things, there are plenty of ways to do what’s right for you and the world. Below are five household items to invest more in.


We tend to buy items that are affordable for us, which is a good thing. But for some things we should spend a little bit more. When it comes to throwing blankets, comforters, and sheets, you should invest in good quality. You can also choose to find sustainably made blankets and other bedroom items. The better the quality of the bedroom items, the longer they will last. When you want to be comfortable, you should put more money into commodities in your home, like blankets.


One area of the household that can change your impact on the planet and keep more money in your pocket is your appliances. When you are in the market for a new appliance, you should think about investing in smart appliances. Energy-saving alternatives are available. Look for the Energy Star logo. Smart dishwashers can save you money on power and water. They recycle water and save power. Smart dryers save energy, but you can use wool dryer balls to cut down on the drying time.

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Smart refrigerators save on power and help you conserve food. They can even make grocery lists for you. Next time you need an appliance, you should think about upgrading to one of the smart options.

Organic Cleaning Products

Another way you can improve your life through household products is to use organic cleaning products. When you choose natural options, you’ll be doing what’s right for your body and the Earth. When you are around harmful chemicals all the time, it isn’t good for us. We breathe them in. They seep into our skin. Whether you are into doing your part for the environment or not, choosing organic cleaning products is better for you and the planet. When you spend a little bit more, you will smell and feel the difference.

Water Filtration System

A great product to help you do what’s right for your body and the planet is to invest in a water filtration system. A reverse osmosis filter is a small add-on to your faucet, and it provides cleaner water than the bottled stuff. Not only will you be drinking cleaner water, but you also won’t be buying those wasteful plastic bottles. This is a choice that keeps you healthy and lowers your negative impact on the environment. It’s a simple purchase that enables you to kill two birds with one stone. Investing in a good water filter system is a good choice.

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Smart Thermostat

Like smart appliances, the thermostat has also evolved. With one of these thermostats, you can turn the thermostat on and off, control the temperature, and be able to keep the home comfortable without running the heat or air all the time. Some of these thermostats even allow you to change the temperature of specific rooms. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll also be able to do your part by mitigating your impact on the environment.

The household is where we want to be comfortable, but it’s also where we are the most wasteful. Every time we purchase a product that is bad for the planet, we vote with our money. Whether you are passionate about the planet or just want to be more comfortable and save some money, the products above can do all of the above.

In the home, no one is watching you. If you’re focused on being judged, you might behave differently. But if you simply want to do what’s right for you and the planet, you can do what you need to do and create some peace of mind.

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