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Why a Side Hustle is More Than Just a Good Idea



Why a Side Hustle is More Than Just a Good Idea

You really don’t need a side hustle if you’re happy with your life. If you are happy with your full-time job, enjoy simple weekends at the mall or places nearby and that’s all you desire, then you really don’t need a side hustle. 

On the flip side, if you are an individual who is passionate about life, yearn to discover your true potential, want to meet and network with interesting people, accumulate valuable life experiences, and achieve the financial independence necessary to pursue this lifestyle; you have a problem.

“The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately.”

If you look at anybody who has achieved a reasonable amount of financial success, you will notice without exception, that every one of those individuals has taken the initiative to cultivate multiple revenue streams over a period of time. 

It’s not as if they had multiple million-dollar enterprises running simultaneously from day one. It’s not that easy. They started small, investing both time and money with caution. The working financial logic is simple – when one fails to give expected dividends, others will make cutting the losses much more practical.

In this day and age, when the concept of a job guarantee is more of a myth than anything else, a side hustle is not just a necessity, it’s mandatory. It’s not simply about the extra income that you’re rewarding yourself with. A side hustle is an opportunity to follow your true instincts and develop yourself to your full potential.

As someone who has bought and sold many businesses and still run a few, I will try to throw light on some convincing arguments that could possibly make you see why a side hustle is more than just a good idea.

Don’t Wait For Somebody Else, Employ Yourself

Why a Side Hustle is More Than Just a Good Idea

Sure, you have a daytime job that pays the rent. Does that mean you have to limit yourself to that one single facet of your existence and suppress the ten or twenty other facets that truly define who you are? Everybody has talents and passions that lie latent just because nobody will hire them for it. The question is: If you don’t give yourself a chance, how could you possibly expect some random person to do the same? 

With the internet opening up a gazillion different platforms to showcase your skills and monetize them, you can easily find the motivation to dedicate at least an hour a day to your pet project. Start small and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Cutting Down Risks

If you think that sticking to a day job that barely pays for your existence is low risk, you’re wrong. It’s exactly the opposite. By not venturing out and testing yourself, you lose out on the opportunity to discover new skill sets that could provide you with financial independence, a high-quality lifestyle, and mental wellbeing. 

A side hustle helps you discover that side of yourself without losing out on the safety net of your day job. Even if it doesn’t add any substantial financial value in the beginning, it will provide you with a whole new level of confidence that can empower the entrepreneur in you.

You’re the Boss

Why a Side Hustle is More Than Just a Good Idea

Regardless of what your employer has you believe, your day-job boss has a professional obligation to limit you and your skills to the interests of the organization you work for. Don’t let that one person influence your whole life. A side hustle gives you the opportunity to take responsibility for yourself and discover your true priorities.

Spark Your Creativity

Your work environment has you cut off from your inner creativity. If you have a job that takes care of your creativity, nurtures it, and pays you for it; you’re one lucky person! 

For the rest, a side hustle is the only way to take control of your life and to use your creative side to your own advantage. The toughest part is starting, the rest is purely organic.

Time Management 101

Why a Side Hustle is More Than Just a Good Idea

You never understand the value of something when you have too much of it. Time is essentially the most valuable commodity and a side hustle helps you learn to manage it better. To be able to multitask between your regular gig and side hustle successfully is a challenge. 

When you have mastered the art of multitasking with a side hustle, the wisdom you acquire from it spills over to other aspects of your life. You will learn to effectively manage time between friends, family, your passions, and your profession.

Enhance Your Connectivity

The most powerful aspect of the internet is how it connects like-minded people so effortlessly. A side hustle expands your circle of contacts in ways you never would have imagined. If you’re passionate about something and starting out on a project, you start connecting with people who have done something similar or have just started out. 

These people could be living next door or they could be on the other side of the world – it doesn’t matter anymore. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Having a social circle comprised of people who are passionate about the same things helps you to go the extra mile to achieve your goals and get the most out of life.

Challenge Yourself

“Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.”

-Oprah Winfrey

Your day job places you in a neatly folded envelope where you are cut off from the promise of the world outside. It extracts a sliver of your personality for its interests – wasting everything special about you – and leaving you in a superficial “contentment bubble.” Without challenging yourself, you never grow, never understand your true value, and a treasure of talent is laid to waste. You ARE passionate about something, regardless of what you tell yourself. 

Final Thoughts

It’s your responsibility to go after your dream because nobody else will ever care about it as you do. Developing a side hustle requires courage, determination, and ambition. The hard work that goes into it and the rewards that come out of it will come on their own when you take up the challenge to be limitless.

If you’re passionate about what you’re working on, it ceases to be work. It makes a challenge easier and much more enjoyable. The monetary benefits that could or could not arise from it are secondary. What’s primary is the desire to develop your true potential and getting back your respect.


How Does Time Management Affect Work-Life Balance?




Work Life Balance

We are living in a rapidly changing world with a lot of uncertainty looming around us. We set specific goals and milestones for ourselves and hustle and grind incessantly to achieve them. We, as millennials, have been living in a competitive and digitalized society. There is a constant need to prove ourselves and succeed in life. The fear of missing out, or as the millennials say FOMO, is accurate and brings anxiety and stress. The need to be everywhere, please everyone and emulate a particular kind of lifestyle and personality takes a toll on your mental and physical health. This tug of war between managing your time, achieving your goals, and being present for your family and social circle inadvertently affects your personal life and relationships. 

It is perfectly healthy to have ambitions, but at the same time, it is necessary to strive for balance in life. How would you feel to miss out on those special moments and happenings that no camera or social media app can capture? The simple pleasures of life are too precious to be missed out on to meet another deadline. Rather than getting pulled in both directions, be smart and devise a time management plan. It will not only help you be organized and keep your work life in check but will gradually strengthen your ability to carve out that much-needed “me” time and some time for your family and friends. Be smart about your time. 

Some essential time management tips :


Spend the initial 20-30 minutes of your mornings planning your day. Use the various planner apps available online to create your schedule, or use the simple and old-fashioned pen and paper formula. It will aid you in creating a timeline for your day and prioritize your tasks better. Creating a timeline for each job and working in tandem with the plan you chalk out for yourself is necessary for the program you devise for the day. 

Be practical

Every individual wants to tick off their wish-lists points, more commonly known as the bucket list. Be it travel-oriented wishes, work-related goals, specific experiences they want to have, or a simple buy they wish to make. It is different for every person. While making a list is appreciated, be practical about your goals and do not live for them. Life will sometimes throw in some surprises that you can experience only when you are present to live them and not chase your dreams. 


Learn to delegate work. It is advisable to have a strong sense of responsibility to succeed in your professional life. Still, it also requires you to wise and divide and assign duties to your team members. Build a trustworthy team and have faith in their abilities to make things happen. You cannot be a one-person army, be it in your personal life or professional life. Society needs to thrive and grow together as a unit. 

Planning, Practicality, and Delegation will help you grow and devote time to yourself. Time management will maintain that much-needed work-life balance and open your mind to various other opportunities and life experiences. 

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Why Diversity is Key in Business Marketing




Diversity in business

Diversity and inclusion have become essential to businesses as they allow a mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures to provide the diversity of thought required in marketing. However, many businesses do not place enough emphasis on ensuring that they have a balanced, diverse and inclusive team, especially in their marketing departments. This needs to change, and this article will look at reasons why businesses should focus on diversity and inclusion and why they are both essential for businesses.

Improved Creativity and Innovation

Having a marketing team filled with people from different backgrounds and who have different experiences, skills and knowledge leads to an increase in creativity and innovation. This is because each member of the team has different, unique ideas that can greatly benefit the organization as a whole. Additionally, employees feel more comfortable sharing their ideas in a diverse environment.

It Protects the Business

In the past, businesses have gone viral for the wrong reasons, mainly because they did not understand how their messaging would come across. This negative publicity impacted the businesses that went viral for the wrong reasons, and it takes time for businesses to recover their image and marketing positioning once something like this happens. All of this negativity would have been avoided if different diverse voices had been listened to, and this is another reason why businesses should have a diverse marketing team.

Understanding Diverse Demographics

Having a diverse and inclusive team helps businesses understand diverse demographics better. This is because businesses can market their products and services as well as themselves better once they have people on their marketing teams who understand the demographics that the business is targeting.

The diversity of thought, opinions, and representation helps a business have different perspectives that they can incorporate into their marketing messages and that shape how the business and brand present themselves. Diversity Equity and Inclusion drive the decision-making process because businesses can use the members of their marketing teams to better understand different demographics and their differences.

Filtering Biased Data

Marketing teams have lots of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools at their disposal. These tools help businesses build campaigns, tailor their message, understand their customers better, and a lot more. However, the results you get out of these tools largely depend on the type of data you feed them.

A diverse marketing team can help the business filter data to remove biased data. If the marketing team reflects your customer base, they are in a great position to point out which data is correct and which would lead to unwanted results. A business should not be making decisions using insights gleaned from data that was flawed in the first place.

Businesses that understand the need for inclusion and diversity in their marketing teams do a lot better than those that do not. Their marketing campaigns do a lot better with their customers, they avoid negative publicity due to insensitive messaging, and they only make decisions based on the right data.

Image Source: Royalty-free image

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How to Use User-Generated Content



How to Use User-Generated Content

For a business to remain relevant on the internet, especially if you are a small business, it must constantly create content. And, just any content won’t do. The content you create must resonate with the followers and engage them thoroughly. 

This can be pretty tough to pull off consistently all by yourself. I speak from experience. No matter how good you are with content, no matter how much knowledge you possess about your niche, and no matter how driven you are – constantly coming up with ideas can be draining. Being consistent requires discipline along with creativity, and sometimes, creativity just wants to stay stagnant.

However, you can solve this problem by using social media followers to create content for you. Social media is full of precious information for businesses. It has become easy to directly connect with the customers and use data to make data-driven decisions. Let’s use what is available and look at eight simple ways how we can use the help of users to generate relevant content.


How to Use User-Generated Content

An easy way to make users create content for you is by using hashtags. For this, you need to first create a branded hashtag that gives off a strong vibe about your business. 

So, for a gaming company, hashtags like #LetsPlay, #PickUpTheGamepad, or something similar will make sense. Plus, if you can ensure that the hashtag is related to some kind of cause, then all the better. 

For example, a new government regulation might result in restricting the gaming industry. So, creating hashtags revolving around this topic will give you a better chance at attracting users and ensuring that lots of quality content is created.

User Photos

How to Use User-Generated Content

Text content alone will not help you widen your reach on social media. You will need images, as well. And these, too, can be sourced from your followers. Ask them to send in photos of them using your product or service. 

You can then select a few that look good and have a chance of being shared the most on social media to feature on your profile page. Ideally, photos should depict them enjoying or benefiting from the product. 

So, if you provide online gaming service, then photos showing people smiling while gaming is far more preferable than people just holding a gamepad in their hands and taking a selfie.

Post Comments

How to Use User-Generated Content

When you post content on your social media profile, you will most likely generate a massive amount of comments from followers. And while most of these comments will often be one-liners with no substantial content, there will be a few comments that can be deeply impactful or thought-provoking. 

So, when you see such comments, take a screenshot and post it on your social media page. You can also contact the user and ask them whether they wish to be tagged.

For example, you may post an article on how best to use your brand of nail polish. And among the many comments, the post will attract, you might come across one user who has narrated a story about how using the nail polish has helped her feel more attractive. These are the type of comments that you should screenshot and share.


How to Use User-Generated Content

You can also conduct a poll and use it to create excellent content. The best way to implement this is to conduct a poll wherein the participants are asked about your product or brand, and the results of which can be turned into an infographic. 

For example, if you sell internet security software, then the poll can focus on questions like how many people feel that their computer has become safer after installing the software; how many think that your security software is better than the rivals; how many feel that the pricing is okay, and so on. 

Once the poll ends, you can tabulate the results and get a good graphic designer to convert the statistics into an attractive infographic that has the potential to go viral.  


How to Use User-Generated Content

Asking your followers some questions about the product or service is also a good way to create user-generated content. The question must focus on evoking a response that highlights how good your offering is. 

So, a question like ‘How much weight have you lost by using our product’ should be used as compared to ‘Do you think diet is essential for weight-loss?’ 

The former will mostly evoke an answer that will reflect the quality of your product while the latter will only lead to a more generalized answer. You can then select the best answers and post them on your profile.


How to Use User-Generated Content

If your business is conducting an event that has the potential to attract the attention of the general public, then that, too, is an opportunity to generate user-created content. You can spread the news that a special event is being conducted, and invite people to attend. 

When they do come to the place, encourage them to share their experience of it online. They may publish a text post about how the event was or may even live stream their experience on Facebook. Whatever way they choose, it will benefit you by getting your business more exposure.


How to Use User-Generated Content

Another excellent way to generate top-notch content is by inviting testimonials from users. Just ask customers to provide their experience with your product or service detailing how using it has changed their life for the better. 

So, if your business manufactures shampoo, you can ask followers to send in their experience of how the shampoo helped them get rid of dandruff and made their hair lustrous and healthy. 

The best thing about this is that you will easily get so many responses since many people will jump at the opportunity to see their story featured by a business.

Influencer Marketing

How to Use User-Generated Content

Maybe you don’t have sufficient social media clout to create user-generated content successfully. So, what do you do? The best alternative for you is to use influencer marketing

Contact an influencer in your niche and use them as a tool to create content from the public. As a starting point, you can ask the influencer to use the hashtags discussed above so that your brand name gets sufficient exposure. You can then move on to using the influencer for collecting testimonials, conducting polls, asking questions, and so on. 

However, do make sure that the influencer you associate with has a good reputation so that your business will be seen in a more positive light by the people.

Final Thoughts

How to Use User-Generated Content

Building a brand presence on social media can be a great deal because it has the potential to make more sales than direct marketing. Social media helps you make customers feel a connection and trust your business. They are more likely to convert into actual customers when they see how others have benefited and how well you understand your customers and care for them.

Use a combination of all the ways that I have talked about. Reaching people and then showing them how helpful your product or service can be to them has never been this easy. If you play your cards right, you might not even have to spend much on elaborate marketing.

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