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How To Handle Feeling Like Your Being Taken Advantage Of At Work



If you’re wondering whether you are being taken advantage of at work, then there is a good chance you are being. Identifying this is the first step to dealing with the issue. But that doesn’t mean you know how to handle it. Fortunately, this guide is here to help.

Signs You’re Being Taken Advantage Of

Think bout your typical days at work and then consider the following. If you’re being taken advantage of, then you’re going to be experiencing some, if not all, of these.

  • You work hard, but you don’t get any credit
  • Worse, someone else, probably your immediate boss, takes the credit for your work
  • It’s normal for you to do the jobs that others won’t
  • You find yourself sorting other people’s issues – it’s expected
  • The company doesn’t stop contacting you just because it’s the weekend or the evening
  • You can’t remember the last time you were thanked for anything 

In short, if you’re expected to do things that others aren’t, and you never get thanked for it, you are probably being taken advantage of.

Speak To An Expert

If you generally enjoy your job, then it can be hard to do anything about being taken advantage of. However, this isn’t fair, and you deserve better. The best place to start dealing with this issue is to speak to a professional, such as this unfair dismissal employment lawyer.

You don’t need to be unfairly dismissed for speaking to them; they are experts in employment law. Explain what is happening and why you’re concerned. They will help you develop a plan to deal with the issue. It should result in significantly better working conditions and a better work/life balance. 

But, if your employer reacts badly, at least you already have the right people on your side with you. 

Speak To HR

The person you speak to will depend on the setup in your company. In some cases, it will be a dedicated HR team; in others, you’ll just need to talk to your boss. 

It’s best to request a meeting with them. Prior to the meeting, make notes regarding how you are treated differently and include examples. You can then present these in the meeting once you’ve said your piece, pause to allow them to respond.

In some cases, they will simply not be aware of the issues and will immediately strive to deal with them. You may find it useful to have a suggestion regarding how things can be improved. 

Of course, there are also plenty of incidents where your words will fall on death’s ears. They are either complicit in you being taken advantage of or don’t care.

Go Above Them

If there is a higher boss in the company, then it’s time to request a meeting with them and reiterate your issues. They should be more interested, especially if they are less directly involved in your sector. 

Again, state your concerns and let them respond. This should be more favorable. 

If it isn’t or there is no higher boss, you’ll need to speak to your specialist about filing a complaint against the company. This will force them to change and can also be damaging to their reputation. It can be beneficial to mention you’ll be taking the complaint further before you do.

Don’t forget, if they then make things difficult for you or fire you, it is possible to lodge an unfair dismissal claim and get recuperation. You may not get your job back, but you will highlight the issues within the business. This can potentially force them to change and make others aware of what the business is like. 

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