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How Do You Write A Janitorial Contract?



No matter what the nature of your job or business is, making a contract is necessary because it helps you in a couple of ways. These contracts would help you in generalizing/standardizing how you deal with routine customers.

It would also help in creating awareness about how much you are going to charge for different services that you have to offer.

Not only that, but it also makes the customers realize the formality of the prevailing work being done by the janitor. It would clearly state the commitments that either party has.

Consider all the important things mentioned below that must be included in a janitorial contract.

Initial Information – Explicit Data

In this section, you need to provide your basic information and that of your customer. This would include your name, house address, email address, and even the contact number of both parties.

This is at the top so that the contracts can be sorted out easily when there is a lack of time. They can take a quick look at the contract and decide how urgent the case is.


The janitor must provide ample information about what exactly they specialize in. They need to cover the entire scope of services so that the customer gets a variety to choose from.

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For example, if you only cater to internal janitoring issues and do not mention that in the contract, your customer can be misguided. This way, your client would know exactly what to expect out of the 60 minutes that you would allocate to them.

Price and Time Negotiation

This is probably the most searched-for and important area of a janitorial contract. After negotiating a price with your customer, you must mention that on the contract so that neither of the two parties can make any false claims.

It would be best if you also mentioned the exact duration of your work and how you would not be working on any specific day of that month.

How many times you would visit in a month is to be mentioned as well. There are many janitorial service bids that individuals tend to make, due to which these services are economically competitive.

Necessary Supplies

This would vary depending on how much the customer is ready to pay. If the customer pays less, the janitor might ask them to bring the supplies as they would much rather use those supplies at a place that would have higher pay.

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You must mention all the items in this section and all the exact dates during which you will need these supplies for your necessary work.

Rules for Termination

You need to set certain limits and boundaries with your customers. There might be instances that you would much rather avoid. If the customer walks on that road, then your contract must state that you can cancel the contract in that case.

You must mention the starting and ending date of the contract too so that later no false claims are made by either of the two parties.

These are all the important clauses you must enforce and read when you make a janitor contract.

Going through this contract is not only necessary for the janitor but also for the customer so that both parties are on the same page regarding it.

This might be an odd job for some, due to which these contracts are taken lightly. However, that is not the case; janitors tend to earn good money.

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