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Where can I use Sodexo RuPay card? |



RuPay card is issued by the Reserve Bank of India and can be used in some places where Visa or MasterCard cannot. It has no upfront charges, so it could prove to be a great option for those who are looking for free or low-cost transactions.

The “where can i use sodexo card online” is a question that has been asked by many people. The answer to the question is, you can use your Sodexo RuPay card at any of the following locations:

Where can I use Sodexo RuPay card? |

The Sodexo Premium Pass is issued on the RuPay platform and may be used at retail establishments and online merchants around the nation that accept RuPay Cards.

So, where do I go to utilize my Prepaid Card RuPay?

‘Merchant Business’ is any physical or online establishment in India that accepts an RUPAYprepaid card, including stores, shops, restaurants, hotels (whether retailers, distributors, or manufacturers), as well as retail stores and online merchants.

Is it also possible to use my Sodexo Premium Pass on Amazon? Select your favorite product or service from over 9,000 locations nationwide, and pay with your Sodexo PremiumPass! Visit http://merchants.sodexo.ph/ now to find the closest retailer effortlessly anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!

How can I activate my Sodexo RuPay card, for example?


  1. Enter the phone number or email address that you used to register.
  2. Enter the 12-digit card reference number & thecaptcha.
  3. Select Get Activation Code from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter the activation code (which you will get through email and/or SMS)

What is the procedure for checking my Sodexo RuPay balance?

You will get an email/SMS reminder every time you make a transaction with the updated card balance. You may also check your card balance by login onto the CardholderPortal (www.sodexobenefitsindia.com/users/cardholderportal) or using the mobile app.

Answers to Related Questions

What are the advantages of using a RuPay card?

The Benefits of Using a RuPay Card

Consumers, retailers, and banks in India will all benefit from RuPay Cards. The versatility of the product platform, high levels of acceptability, and the power of the RuPay brand are all advantages of the RuPay debitcard, all of which lead to a better product experience.

Is it possible to get a free RuPay debit card?

RuPay provides you with discounts that are tailored to India. It implies that your RuPay card might be issued by any bank, but the offers remain yours. The RuPay card is a cashless transaction project sponsored by the Indian government via the NCPI (National Payment Corporation of India).

What are the different varieties of RuPay cards?

Rupay Debit Cards are divided into many categories, although there are primarily two types: RuPay Platinum and RuPay Classic. These cards allow you to shop, pay bills, and take cash from your savings account at any time and from any location. You may enjoy the pleasures of life every day with this card since it comes with various perks, which are listed below.

What is the procedure for registering my RuPay card?

Online registration and activation of a RuPay debit card

  1. Choose the things you want to purchase and then choose the payment gateway option.
  2. Select “pay by debit card” as your payment method.
  3. Now, input the 16-digit card number, the card’s expiration date, and the CVV number from your RuPay debit card.

What is the purpose of the RuPay Platinum debit card?

Annexure 2 accompanies the circular. The following are the specifics of the RuPay Platinum Card’s features and bonuses / offers: 1. Personal Accident Insurance: For Platinum debitcardholders, RuPay provides Rs. 200,000 in personal accident insurance (accidental death or permanent disability).

Who is the owner of the RuPay card?


Type of product Contactless smart card Stored-value card Credit card Debit card Card (digital) BharatQR
Owner India’s National Payments Corporation
Country India
Introduced 26th of March, 2012
Markets India Bhutan Maldives Singapore International bycard reciprocal agreements between the UAE and Bahrain

Is RuPay the same as a credit card?

What is a RuPay Card, and how does it work? RuPay is the country’s own effort for debit and credit card payments, coined from the terms “Rupee” and “Payment.” RuPay, like Visa and MasterCard, is not a standalone card. Instead, it’s a payment network that allows banks and credit card companies to issue debit and credit cards.

What is the purpose of a Prepaid Card RuPay?

Prepaid Card RuPay

Rely on a convenient and hassle-free payment solutionthat was specifically made to fulfil your varied needs. ThePrepaid Card RuPays were launched in 2013 with the objectiveto offer a service to the unbanked audience and to act as anextension to the card market.

What exactly is a Zeta wallet?

Zeta is a digital wallet software that serves as a one-stop shop for all forms of transactions. The software may be used for a variety of things, including payments, bill payments, online shopping, and financial transfers. Customers may get a Cash Card from Zeta that can be used for any transaction.

Is it possible to add money to our Sodexo card?

The Sodexo Meal Pass is, in fact, a PIN-based card. Your static PIN will be included with the card welcome package. Yes, Sodexo will send you SMS notifications for your purchases and loadtransactions.

What is the Sodexo card reference number?

The Card Reference Number may be found on the Welcome Letter that comes with your cardwelcome package. This number is essential for card activation; thus, keep the Welcome Letter until the card has been activated. Sodexo premiumpass is a service provided by Sodexo.

What is the procedure for deactivating my Sodexo card?

The Card supplied to you is Sodexo’s property and must be returned to Sodexo upon request. A card may only be revoked by the Customer, not the Cardholder, after it has been issued. Sodexo will not accept requests for card cancellation or refunds sent directly to them.

How can I use my Sodexo Gift Pass to redeem it online?

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Sodexo Gift Card for Online Shopping

  1. To begin, place an order for your Sodexo Gift Pass.
  2. It will be delivered on time by Sodexo.
  3. You may go to SodexoOutlet after receiving your gift card.
  4. You may also redeem it for a variety of options.

Is it possible to use our Sodexo card at Big Bazaar?

The Sodexo MealCard is accepted at Big Bazaar. I recall buying goods from the Big Bazaar in New Delhi and paying the amount of Rs. 5000 using my Sodexo Meal Card. You can’t purchase alcoholic or non-food things; you can only shop for food using a meal ticket.

How can I make use of my Sodexo mobile pass?

You have three options for activating your Activation Code:

  1. Send ACTIVATE (Space) 10-Digit Activation Code to +639221000281 through SMS.
  2. Using the Internet: a.Go to www.mobilepass.sodexo.ph and choose Consumer from the drop-down menu. b.Click the ACTIVATE button and type your ActivationCode in the box.
  3. Using a mobile application: a. Select “Activatecode” on the Homepage.

Is Sodexo accepted by Grofers?

Grofers currently takes Sodexo vouchers for delivery, and now they’ll be able to accept them digitally as well. Sodexo announced in a statement that it has introduced an IVR-based payment system that would allow users of Sodexo Meal cards to pay for groceries and other food products delivered to their doorstep.

What exactly is a Sodexo card?

The Sodexo Meal Pass is a reloadable magnetic stripe PIN-based prepaid card that accepts rupees. It may be used to pay for meals and non-alcoholic drinks at Sodexo merchant locations. The Meal Pass is a prepaid instrument issued by Sodexo to its clients and authorized by the RBI.

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