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How do you strikethrough text in PowerPoint? |



Being able to strikethrough in PowerPoint is a key skill for anyone working with this presentation software. But how do you do it? Find out in this post, where we’ll use the power of computing to unlock the mysteries of strikethrough text in PowerPoint!

How can you strikethrough text?

When giving a PowerPoint presentation, you may need to emphasize certain points by striking through text. Striking through text allows you to show the audience which text should be placed in the background and gives more attention to other, more important, parts of your presentation. Fortunately, PowerPoint provides an easy way to strikethrough text.

To strikethrough your text on a Windows-based computer using PowerPoint 2019:
1. Open the slide in which you wish to strikethrough text.
2. Highlight the text you wish to strikethrough by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor over it.
3. Right-click with your mouse, then click Font in the popup window that appears. The Font window will appear with several options for formatting your font and its appearance on the slide.
4. Select the Strikethrough option from within this font window and click OK at the bottom of this window when finished so that changes are applied immediately and permanently to your slides or presentations as needed or desired by you or requested by any stakeholders who will be viewing them.

How can I remove strikethrough from PowerPoint?

Though it is helpful to add strikethrough text in PowerPoint if you need to indicate something has been removed, there may be times when you have accidentally struck through a text and wish to remove the strikethrough. To remove strikethrough in PowerPoint, simply follow these steps:

1. Select the text or object that has the strikethrough formatting
2. Access to Font section in Home tab
3. Click on Strikethrough icon/button (looks like a letter ‘T’ with strike-through line
4. This will toggle the strikethrough effect on and off

What is the key strikethrough command?

The “strikethrough” command in Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create a line across text that indicates that it should be disregarded. It can be utilized to indicate an outdated point or a removed phrase, and makes it easy for readers to quickly assess the changes in your text. To access the strikethrough command, create or open a presentation. Then, select the text you want to strikethrough by double-clicking on it; this will reveal several formatting options in the top toolbar. At the far right of the toolbar, you’ll notice a square button with an X through it – this is the strikethrough command. Click once on this icon and your text will have a line applied across it, indicating that you’d like viewers of your presentation to ignore it moving forward. If you should change your mind about removing something from your presentation, simply re-select the striked-through text and click on that icon again – its appearance will change back to normal.

How can I get back slides that have been hidden in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint offers a range of features for hiding slides, allowing you to toggle between different presentation settings with just a few clicks. If you have hidden some slides, but now want them back, it’s easy to make slides visible again.

First open the PowerPoint presentation and locate the hidden slide. This can be done by double-clicking on any slide in your presentation and then using the “Slide Sorter” view, located under the “View” menu tab. Once in that view mode, you should now be able to see all your slides including those that are currently hidden.

The slide icons may appear differently if they are currently hidden; however this is easily identifiable because they will display as a faint gray color or may even contain diagonal lines over the outline of the slide icon. To make them visible again simply select each slide that needs to be revealed and click on “Show Slide” from within the “Slide Show” tab and your slides should now show up again in their original colors. Repeat this step for each hidden slide until your presentation looks complete.

In documents, how do you strikethrough?

Strikethrough allows you to mark text in a document to indicate that it should not be used. This feature can be useful for quickly marking large segments of a document with one command. Text can be easily crossed out in documents such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and PowerPoint presentations.

In Microsoft Word and Google Docs, text can be struck-through by highlighting the desired text and selecting either “Strikethrough” or “Format” or “Formatting” and then “Strikethrough” from the menu bar.

In PowerPoint, highlight the selected text and right click on it. From the dialogue box that appears, select Format Text Effects then select Strikethrough. You will then see a line over your text indicating it is struck through.

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