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How do I find my Penn ID number? |



The Penn ID number is a unique 16 digit identification number that identifies all of your personal information at the University, including financial and academic records. You can find this by opening up WebAdvisor in Canvas or by visiting mypenn.com/students/id/.

The “penn id login” is a website that allows users to find their Penn ID number. The site also has information about how to change your password, and other important account information.

How do I find my Penn ID number? |

All communications you receive from Penn State’s Undergraduate Admissions Office contain your student ID number. To access your offer of admission and retrieve your ID number, log in to your MyPennState account. The first digit of your nine-digit Penn State ID number is a nine (9).

So, how do I load cash onto my Penn card?

You may load money onto your PennCard in two ways. Add money to your account with your credit card or a transfer from your bursar account. Simply go to www.penncash.com and choose either “Login to your Account” or “Making a Deposit” from the drop-down menu. (Please keep in mind that credit card transfers are not immediate.)

What is SFS credit, on the other hand? Student Financial Services extends the Student Financial Services line of credit (also known as the SFS account or Bursar) to students who are in good financial standing with the university. Any purchases made with your SFS credit card are added to your tuition statement and are payable monthly.

Where can I utilize PennCash in this case?

PennCash may be used to pay for purchases at a variety of on-campus locations as well as partnering off-campus shops that have card readers or point-of-sale terminals.

What is the location where I can get my Penn card?

Pickup PennPass (Building entrance is next to Starbucks on the corner of 34th & Walnut Streets.) Please bring your PennCard. Last day for pickup is Tuesday January 31, 2020.

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What can I do with my Upenn dining dollars?

Dining Dollars are monies on your PennCard that may be used to buy anything at any Penn Dining location, including our retail stores: Accenture Café, Houston Market in Houston Hall, Joe’s Café in SHDH, Mark’s Café in Van Pelt Library, Lauder College House Retail, and Pret A Manger are all situated in 1920 Commons.

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