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How do I check the balance on my Jimmy Johns gift card? |



To check your gift card balance, you will need to go online and enter the code on the back of the card. You can visit any Jimmy John’s restaurant or online at www.jimmyjohns.com

Jimmy John’s gift cards are a popular gift, and can be used at any Jimmy John’s location. You can use your card online by going to the jimmyjohns.com website or you can use the app on your phone. Read more in detail here: how to use jimmy john’s gift card online.

How do I check the balance on my Jimmy Johns gift card? |

Check the balance on your Jimmy John’s gift card. To check the balance on your Jimmy John’s gift card, call Jimmy John’s customer care or go to Jimmy John’s website.

How can I check the amount on my Bath & Body Works gift card?

Gift Card Balance To check your available balance, (1) visit any Bath & Body Works (BBW) or White Barn (WB) store or click here; (2) call 1-800-640-6052; or (3) text BBWGIFT to 95035; message & data rates may apply; reply BBWHELP for help; terms & conditions here.

Also, how can I find out how much money is left on my Walmart gift card? You may check the balance of a Walmart Gift Card online here, at a Walmart store, or by calling 1-888-537-5503 with your 16-digit card number and PIN.

Also Know, how do I check the balance on my H&M gift card?

H&M Gift Card Balance

  1. Make a balance check.
  2. Call 1-800-230-7616 for more information.
  3. Shop at H&M.

Is it possible to return Bath & Body Works gift cards?

Gift Cards cannot be returned, used to already bought items, used to pay down a credit card debt, or used to purchase another gift card.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the value of my pink gift card?

To check the balance of your Gift Card or eGift Card, click here.

To discover your balance and apply it to your purchase, enter your Gift Card number and PIN in the Gift Card boxes at checkout, or call (800) 270-8999.

What is the balance on my metro card?

You have three options for checking the balance on your Subway Gift Card: Ask a cashier at any Subway location to Check your account balance. for you. Subway.com allows you to create an account and Check your account balance. online. Subway may be reached at 1-877-697-8222.

How many Bath & Body Works gift cards can I use?


You may use up to two Gift Cards per transaction when making an online purchase. If the value of your Gift Card or E-Gift Card is insufficient to cover the complete cost of your online purchase, you must pay the balance using a valid credit card or PayPal account.

Is it possible to purchase gift cards via the internet?

Yes, we do! GiftCards.com offers prepaid Visa gift cards that may be personalized online. A Visa prepaid virtual card may also be purchased. Prepaid Visa cards are also available at a variety of prominent merchants, including supermarkets, petrol stations, department stores, and more.

What is the location of a Bath & Body Works gift card?

This card is issued by Bath & Body Works GC, LLC. Redeem this card for merchandise only, and for cash when the balance is under $10, at all Bath & Body Works (BBW) or White Barn (WB) US & Puerto Rico store locations and online at BathandBodyWorks.com; it may not otherwise be returned.

What is the balance on my Visa Gift Card?

On the back of your card, to the far right of the signature area, there is a three-digit number. To assist us in verifying your card, enter the last three digits. Gift cards are only usable in the United States. Visa Prepaid Cards for Small Businesses may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Do H&M gift cards expire?

H&M Gift Card is valid for 1 years from the date of the last activation or purchase. At the expiry of the validity period, the H&M Gift Card cannot be used for purchase, reactivated nor can the unused remaining value be refunded. The H&M Gift Card can be used until the balance of the card is zero.

What is the number on the gift card?

Under the barcode on the back of your gift card, you’ll find the gift card number. Your card’s PIN is likewise on the back, but it’s disguised behind a scratch-off surface. You can read the four-digit PIN by scratching off the protective layer with a coin.

Can you use an H&M gift card online?

H&M Gift Cards and H&M Merchandise Cards may be used in H&M stores and online at hm.com in the country where the card was bought or where the H&M Merchandise Card was issued. You can use the H&M Gift Cards and H&M Merchandise Cards to pay for the full value or part of the value of your selected item(s).

How long does an H&M gift card last?

2 years

How does H&M giftcards work?

About The H&M Gift Cards

You can use your H&M Gift Card to make full or partial payments. Your desired amount will be deducted from your card and any remaining balance will be displayed on your receipt. Check your account balance. here. To reload your physical gift card, visit any H&M store.

Where is the PIN code on H&M gift card?

The PIN number may be found on the back of your Gift or Merchandise Card. Scratch the back of the grey box to uncover it. Please contact Customer Service if you have any questions.

Does a Walmart gift card have an expiration date?

Walmart Gift Cards have no expiration date. Law that governs. When you buy, receive, or redeem a Walmart Gift Card, you agree that these Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of the state of California, without respect to considerations of conflict of laws.

How long does it take to activate a Visa gift card?

The gift card should be available to use after you’ve activated it. I’ve witnessed instances when a gift card issuer imposes a waiting time after purchase, which means that the gift card may not be valid for up to 24-48 hours following activation.

What is the value of a Walmart gift card?

Check your account balance.

You may check the balance of a Walmart Gift Card online here, at a Walmart store, or by calling 1-888-537-5503 with your 16-digit card number and PIN.

On a Walmart gift card, where is the pin?

A PIN is a one-of-a-kind personal identification number for your Walmart Gift Card. It’s beneath the silver scratch-off area on the back of your Gift Card in the bottom right corner.

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