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Avoid having to get a new checkbook for your business by investing in a prepaid card. With these cards, you can build up funds quickly and then spend them at any time. These cards typically come with no monthly fees or overdraft charges so the options are practically endless when it comes to how much you want to save each month before spending all of that money on something else.

The “axis bank cheque book request message” is a question that people ask to get new cheques. This is the best way to contact Axis Bank.

Method 1: Use Internet Banking to request an Axis Bank cheque book.

Select the’services’ option from the top menu and scroll down to ‘Request for’. Finally, as seen in the figure below, click on ‘Cheque BookRequest.’

With this in mind, how can I get a Cheque book from Axis Bank as soon as possible?

a. Support Home Page >>Get It Done Instantly >> Click on Cheque Book Request>> Enter Registered Mobile Number >> Enter OTP >>Select Account >> Click on Submit >> Cheque Book willbe issued and delivered.

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  2. (You may also utilize this option by scrolling up and clicking on ‘Request Using Registered.’)
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Also, how can I get a Cheque book right away? Simply enter your credentials in the retail area of the Internet Banking site and click the Cheque Book link under the Requests tab. You can see all of your transaction accounts in one place. Choose the account for which a check book is needed, the amount of cheque leaves needed, and the delivery method.

How long does it take to acquire a Cheque book from Axis Bank in this case?

It usually takes 3 to 4 business days. The cheque book is printed in a day, however it takes longer to arrive through courier. When booking using an application, will the Axis Bankcheque book arrive?

Is it possible to get a cheque book straight from the bank?

As soon as you order your cheque book at an ATM, phone your bank’s call center and request that it be sent to your local branch. You may still contact the call center, but you’ll have to wait until the chequebook is restored to its original location, which is your bank’s central processing center.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the price of a Cheque book?

A chequebook may cost anywhere from $25 to $70, plus taxes and delivery, depending on the type and amount of checks purchased.

Is there a price for a cheque book at the bank?

Charges for obtaining a cheque book

Account holders with a QAB of Rs 1 lakh or more, as well as elderly persons, would not be charged a fee to get chequebooks. However, both current and savings bank accountholders would be charged Rs 50 (excluding GST) for an emergency cheque book (a total of ten leaves set).

How long will it take to get the cheque book?

Cheque Book Tracking

In most cases, a check book will be sent to your postal address as it appears in our records, and it should arrive within 7 working days.

When will I be able to get my hands on a checkbook?

Checks should take one to two weeks to arrive. You may normally pay extra for expedited shipment if you need the checks right away. Your checks will take 10-14 business days to arrive, whether you purchase them directly your bank or from a third-party vendor. You should purchase them all at the same time in a little bundle.

Is it possible to get an immediate cheque book from Icici Bank?

Step 1: Go to to learn more about us. Step 2: Type your Login ID and Password in the boxes provided. Step 3: Go to Customer Service and choose ServiceRequest. Step 5: Choose the appropriate account number and submit.

What method do you use to find out what your account number is?

Your personal account number (typically 10-12 digits) is unique to you. It’s the second set of digits to the right of the bank routing number on the bottom of your checks. Your account number may also be found on your monthly bill.

What is the best way to see my bank statement online?

To create an account statement, follow these steps:

  1. Click My Accounts > Account statement.
  2. Select the account for which you want a statement to be generated.
  3. For the statement period, choose an option.
  4. If you choose the By Date option, enter the start and end dates.
  5. To see, print, or download the account statement, choose an option.

What is the number of leaves in a cheque book?

a total of ten leaves

What is the meaning of Cheque Leaf?

A check leaf is a single leaf from a cheque book that is withdrawn for the purpose of cash withdrawal or payment to others.

What is the meaning of a bank cheque book?

A checkbook is a folder or compact book containing preprinted paper instruments used to pay for goods and services and provided to checking account holders. A checkbook is a collection of consecutively numbered checks that may be used as a bill of exchange by account holders.

How can I trace my Axis Bank cheque book?

Check the Status of Your Cheque Book

  1. The cheque book for my Burgundy Account has not arrived. So, what do I do now?
  2. b. Phone: Dial 1800 419 0065 to reach us.
  3. c. Email: Use the ‘Email’ option below to send us an email.
  4. d. Branch: Go to an Axis Bank branch near you.

What is the proper way to draft a cheque?

Is there a proper method to write a check?

  1. Remove the words ‘OR BEARER’ from the top left corner of the check and replace them with ‘A/C Payee’:
  2. There should be no space before or after the receiver’s name.
  3. In the ‘RUPEES’ column, always enter ‘ONLY’ at the end of the Amount in Words.
  4. Signing on the MICR Band Isn’t a Good Idea:

How can I get a copy of my Axis Bank mini statement?

Service for Missed Calls

  1. To check your account balance, call 1800 419 5959.
  2. To get your Mini Statement, call 1800 419 6969.
  3. To access your account balance in Hindi, call 1800 419 5858.
  4. To receive your Mini Statement in Hindi, call 1800 419 6868.
  5. To recharge your phone immediately, dial 08049336262.

How can I use the internet to activate my Axis Bank credit card?

How can I create a PIN using Internet Banking?

  1. First, go to
  2. Step 2: Go to Internet Banking and log in.
  3. Step 3: Go to Accounts & click on My Credit Cards.
  4. Step 4: Select More Services from the drop-down menu.
  5. Step 5: Change the PIN on your credit card.
  6. Step 6: Press the Enter key.
  7. Step 7: Enter desired PIN number & click on next.

What is the procedure for obtaining an Axis bank statement?

Find out how to sign up for e-statements.

  1. Login with your User Credentials to Internet Banking, then go to “My Profile” and “Contact DetailsUpdate.”
  2. Click here to see the website.
  3. Send GREEN to 5676782 through SMS.
  4. 1860-419-5555, 1860-500-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555, 1860-419-5555

What is the procedure for canceling an Axis Bank cheque?

You will only be able to stop unpaidcheques using the below options: a. Axis Mobile app:Login into mobile app>>Request Menu>>Chequestatus/Stop cheque.

What is the definition of a cheque?

A cheque, sometimes known as a check in American English, is a document that instructs a bank to pay a specified sum of money from a person’s account to the person in whose name the cheque was issued.


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