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Smart Tips to Pack Fragile Items for Moving and Storage



It doesn’t matter what you’re packing or why; it’s essential to get the packaging right. This is particularly important when you are moving things from house to house or putting items into storage. Entrust MoveDay Movers in Ft. Lauderdale because of a top-quality move at the right price whether you’re moving across town or across the country.

The good news is, there is a right way to do this to ensure everything stays intact and in good condition, which is to get a van for hire in Blackpool.

Using Loggers

This is particularly relevant if you are using a moving company to relocate your items for you. No matter how carefully you pack your boxes, you can’t guarantee that the movers will take as much care of your stuff. 

 However, if you take a look at the available data loggers you’ll find one that can help you. In essence, these are stickers that adhere to any or all packages. The stickers have pre-defined characteristics and a dot in the center of them. For example, they will know if a parcel has had too much weight placed on top of it or the temperature has gone colder or warmer than expected. 

The colored dot changes color and alerts you to the fact that the package has been subject to unacceptable conditions. It’s a great way of checking your parcels without opening them and encouraging movers to be gentle with your items. 

Pack It Properly

When you’re packing to move or store items, you’ll probably have invested in boxes designed for the task. These are a great idea as they will all stack easily on top of each other. This makes it much easier for you to fill the dedicated space and store items safely. If you have a lot of fragile items that need to be packed, it’s advisable to hire an expert moving company to help you with this task.

Each box should be filled as much as possible, but all items need to be inside the lines of the box. Boxes that are filled have less room for items to move and become damaged. 

However, this isn’t always possible. That means you also need plenty of packaging material that can be stuffed into the corners of the boxes to prevent anything from moving. This doesn’t just reduce the likelihood of items moving and being broken. It also strengthens the box, ensuring it can cope with being moved around several times. Here, you can hire the services of international movers & packers that have all the expertise in packaging fragile and breakable items, and transporting it to distant locations, without a single item being damaged or broken. It is because they use special containers, boxes and packaging items.

You can also use dividers to help separate specific items, such as glass. This prevents them from banging into each other in transit and being damaged

Label it

Labeling a box may not keep fragile items safe, but it will tell you and others what is in the box. This can help you locate items in storage when needed. It can also help with stacking as it will be easier to place fragile boxes at the top of a stack instead of the bottom.

Adding the word ‘fragile’ will also help.

Use Extra Tape

The weakest point of any box is where it opens and closes. This is usually at the top and bottom. The top can start to give if excess weight is placed on it, while the bottom can give as it is picked up and put down multiple times. Avoid this being an issue by adding extra tape to the seams; it will strengthen the box and help to protect the contents. 

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