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School Bus Accidents – How to Avoid and Save Lives of Children



Schools have just started in several states of America and parents are highly cautious about sending their children to school after this long gap due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Within a short span of time, there have been instances of fatal school bus accidents. Our hearts shiver at the thought of school bus accidents that lead to the death of several innocent children.

Lately, in Orange County, a school bus accident left 10 children injured among whom 3 had to be hospitalized immediately. Police investigated and found out that the school bus approached a stop sign at the same time as a pick-up truck. Therefore, as there is a sudden increase in school bus accidents, let’s take a look at some facts.

What are The Most Common Reasons Behind School Bus Accidents?

Law firms like Ladah Law Firm report that there are nearly 580 school bus accidents reported every year. What are the leading causes of these accidents?

Lack of Driving Skills

Drivers of school buses need to be skilled enough to drive large buses. They should be aware of the safety precautions to take while driving school buses. They should be habituated to driving under loud distractions.

Poor Weather

It can be a difficult job to drive a school bus in windy or rainy conditions. Taking quick turns and stops is a challenging task.

Turning Left is Not Easy

A huge bus that has to turn left might even cross into a lane that has heavy oncoming traffic. In such cases, the other drivers have to be careful about preventing such accidents.

Blind Spots are Larger

Due to the huge size of the buses, their blind spots are also larger compared to four-wheelers. Whenever other drivers aren’t aware of the blind spots, this may lead to accidents.

Tips for Motorists to Avoid Bumping Into a School Bus

Drive Slow When You’re Near a School Bus

Slow down and move cautiously whenever you see a school bus in front of you. Whenever there are buses near you, you should assume that there are children around as well. Hence, be slow and give yourself enough time to react to any unanticipated situation.

Don’t be Distracted While Riding

Never use your phone for receiving a call or texting someone while riding, particularly when you’re driving with school buses around. Once you step into a school zone, avoid all sorts of distractions and focus only on the road traffic.

Give Enough Space for School Buses

Whenever you’re riding near school buses, you should give them ample space to carry forth with their task properly. School buses often stop here and there to drop and pick up children. They also need to come to a complete stop while dropping children, much unlike what they have to do while dropping adults.

Even though you follow all the safety practices listed above, you don’t have control over things that happen on the road. So, if you’re injured in an accident with a school bus, get medical help and call an attorney.

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