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Preparing For a Scheduled Duct Cleaning Services



HVAC systems accumulate dust and debris, are infested by rodents and insects, and are prone to mold. That is why you need duct cleaning services. When left uncleaned, these elements can cause allergic reactions to family members, discomfort in the home, system failure, and other respiratory problems.

Homeowners should hire professional cleaners to remove the dust and debris in the system and ensure improved air quality. However, since many duct cleaning companies claim to be experts, research first before hiring one. You can get these cleaners from the internet or your friends’ referrals. Ensure you check their websites and scroll down to the customer reviews to see the previous client’s experience. Once you get the right duct cleaning services company, you should prepare for the HVAC cleaning day. Some of the things you should do to prepare adequately are;

Schedule An Appointment

Most duct cleaning services companies work with appointments because they have many clients to attend to. Besides, if you are busy with work, you also need to select a day when you are free or when there is someone at home.

Duct cleaning services can take many hours, or even the entire day, depending on the size of your ductwork. When scheduling the appointment, ensure you consider a time that won’t cause inconveniences to you or the company.

You can ask them the time they begin and end their operations. Also, consider your family members. The duct cleaning process is noisy, and you don’t want to distract someone when they are working. Alternatively, you can transfer your family to a new home on the duct cleaning day.

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Clear The Space Around The Duct

You want your household items to be safe and the cleaners to take the shortest time possible while doing a thorough job. To make this happen, you should clean the space around the duct. Remove any seats or tables around the area for easy access.

You should also remove any items near the air duct and ventilation registers to give the cleaners ample space and an easy time to clean. Also, ensure there are no items on the paths to make movement easier.

Communicate Clearly With The Cleaners

Ensure the cleaners know everything about your ductwork. This includes its size, type, and how it functions. It would also be easier to share pictures of your heating and cooling machine. Talk to the company about your home’s location and the areas of the ductwork you want them to notice more.

You should be ready to ask any questions and answer your duct cleaner’s questions. Ensure you are sure about the duct cleaner before the appointment day, and if anything changes, tell them. Communication is essential for both parties.

Plan Ahead

Is there anything the duct cleaning Services Company wants you to get from the store? They could ask you to buy covers for your furniture to protect them from dust. If it is a requirement, get the covers before the cleaners arrive to avoid wasting time.

You can also vacate your pets and family members to give room for duct cleaning. This is also important because the dust from the HVAC is dangerous to breathe and could cause respiratory problems. If you are not at home on the cleaning day, ask a relative to be around to help the cleaners with anything they need.

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Take A Leave At Work

If you scheduled the duct cleaning on a workday, you should talk to your boss and take a day off. This ensures you don’t land into trouble with your boss and that you are not nervous the entire day about not going to work.

If you don’t want to take a leave from work, you can schedule the cleaning for a weekend or on the day you won’t be going to work. You should also speak to the cleaners on the morning of the scheduled day to confirm if they are coming. If you want to appreciate them with snacks, ensure they are ready to avoid running to the store when it’s too late.

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