Potential Medicinal Properties of the Strawberry Cough Marijuana Strain



Meta Title: Medical Benefits of Strawberry Cough Strain

Meta Description: Have you heard of the potential medicinal benefits of the Strawberry Cough cannabis strain? Learn all about the possible effects this cultivar provides.

Have you heard of the Strawberry Cough marijuana strain? It has delicious flavors and a brilliant terpene profile. It may surprise you that this cultivar could provide incredible medicinal benefits.

Always find top-quality products when searching for strawberry cough seeds. Buds grown from them provide the sought-after medical effects this strain may produce.

Discover the genetics and THC levels of Strawberry Cough. Learn about all the potential medicinal benefits of this cultivar.


Strawberry Cough is a popular hybrid strain with sativa-dominant genetics. Kyle Kushman created it, and it won Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. This cultivar’s parents are Strawberry Fields and an unknown Haze variant.

This strain has 80% sativa and 20% indica genetics. Strawberry Cough has high THC levels of 20–25%. It has minimal CBD levels, around 1%.

Strawberry Cough’s primary terpene is myrcene. Its secondaries are pinene and caryophyllene. These compounds are known to provide medicinal benefits.

Primary Effects

First, let’s talk about the primary effects of Strawberry Cough before we explore its potential health benefits. This sativa strain provides epic energizing sensations. It’s a must-add to your cannabis-consuming journey.

You feel creative and talkative soon after consuming Strawberry Cough. Enjoy a buzzing cerebral high as it sets in. Experience a fuzzy, soothing body sensation.

Now’s the time to take on any creative projects you aim to complete. Bring some friends over and share snacks. You soon feel relaxation in your muscles and bones without sedative effects.

The effects of Strawberry Cough attract consumers of all kinds.

● Energizing

● Creativity inducing

● Relaxing

● Cerebral high

● Body buzz

● Talkative

Potential Medicinal Effects

Four hundred twenty enthusiasts report Strawberry Cough helping them combat general or social anxiety. Some say they feel less depressed and stressed after consuming this strain. User reports show this cultivar may help to improve mood swings.

Terpenes are responsible for the delicious flavors and aromas of cannabis nugs. They also potentially produce medicinal effects.

Myrcene, the primary terpene of Strawberry Cough, provides potential medicinal benefits. Research shows that it may treat pain. Some find it might offer anti-inflammatory properties. The possible sedative effect helps users with insomnia.

Pinene, or alpha-pinene, provides anti-inflammatory effects. Users seek this compound to ease chronic pain and general anxiety. Some research shows it may even treat liver and kidney issues.

Caryophyllene is believed to help support your immune system. Some research suggests it may treat chronic pain and reduce inflammation. Users also report feeling less socially anxious.

Strawberry Cough is said to provide incredible medicinal benefits.

● Stress

● General anxiety

● Depression

● Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

● Mood swings

● Social anxiety

● Arthritis

● Chronic pain

● Insomnia

● Anti-inflammatory properties

Strawberry Cough For The Win

Strawberry Cough is sativa-heavy and has high THC levels. It has won awards for its incredible effects and flavors.

This strain may provide incredible medicinal benefits along with tantalizing effects. Users report feeling less anxious after consuming Strawberry Cough. You may find it eases chronic pain, arthritis, and depression.


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