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In What Ways Does SafeOpt Help Publishers?



As the online publishing landscape becomes increasingly competitive, publishers are under pressure to find new ways to protect their revenue. However, as online marketing becomes increasingly blurry, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Luckily, you can use specific options to help you navigate the turbulent waters of regulation and still retain more and happier customers on the other side. This post will discuss how one such tool is making waves in the online publishing industry and allowing businesses to make more money sustainably.

What is SafeOpt?

SafeOpt is an exciting service that has been gaining traction over the past few years thanks to the way that it helps publishers with a range of issues. The service works in two ways: SafeOpt for Publishers and SafeOpt for customers. In many ways, this is what sets it apart from its competitors in the industry. Due to its ability to attract both customers and publishers and bring them together, it is mutually beneficial to both parties. Users are more likely to sign up for targeted promotions when they are offered targeted promotions without compromising their privacy or anonymity. In the end, consumers get precisely what they want, and businesses gain access to a treasure trove that they can dip into in order to promote their own brands. One of the critical ways it does this is by generating a secure, anonymous ID. Once a publisher knows that a user has shown interest, it can target this ID with a range of personalized content and promotions, increasing the likelihood of some form of conversion.

How Can it Help Publishers

As you can see, SafeOpt has the potential to shift your user engagement into overdrive. Moreover, thanks to its 175 million tier-one US-based users, publishers gain access to a wealth of opportunities to boost business, maintain customer satisfaction, and maximize advertising and promotion returns. So let’s take a look at how this service can help publishers succeed.

Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is one of the most important metrics for businesses because it can determine if the company will generate profits from a particular campaign. Businesses need to have an understanding of their return on investments because it can help them make future decisions about their investments and what areas are worth investing in. It also helps them understand if they are generating enough revenue to cover their costs and make a profit. As such, it is a critical metric that businesses consider when embarking on advertising and promotional activities. SafeOpt helps publishers increase their advertising ROI by offering a highly engaged audience and providing a range of plans that fit almost any budget. Moreover, their plans are scalable, meaning the cost increases in line with your growth.

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Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is a significant issue for most businesses because it results in lost revenue and potentially lost customers. There are numerous reasons why customers abandon their carts during the checkout process, but it is safe to assume that if they have made it as far as the checkout, they are interested in your product or service. Most abandonments are due to distraction and apathy rather than difficulty completing the purchase (the latter of which can be remedied by fixing the user experience). However, if it’s the former, SafeOpt can assist you in re-engaging these customers. In most cases, all that is required is a simple email nudging the prospect back into the buying process in order to complete their purchase. This can be achieved using a variety of techniques, such as:

  • Offering discounts: Discounts are the best way to entice customers back to your business. You can present money-off coupons for the items in their cart or additional coupons if they add more and complete the purchase.
  • Simple reminders: Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder that they still have items to buy.
  • Generating scarcity: Scarcity is only effective if your product or service lends itself to it. However, you could use it in conjunction with other options like offering a discount if they buy within a certain period of time.
  • Providing user testimonials: There is nothing more potent than real user testimonials. In some cases, getting your customers back can be as straightforward as providing customer reviews on the product/s they were about to buy.
  • Offering assistance: Some users abandon their carts due to technical difficulties or security issues. You can improve the odds they will return and complete their purchase by providing assistance.

They Can Help Publishers Collaborate With Other Brands

Brand collaboration is vital for businesses to attract more customers because it helps customers find new brands they might be interested in. As a result of SafeOpt’s focus on creating happy customers, it is designed with brand collaboration in mind. Publishers can take advantage of this feature and embark on profitable campaigns that appeal to their users.

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Assist In Navigating The Tricky Compliance Environment

Customers have become increasingly protective of their user data because they know companies are using it to sell things and target them with advertising. This is not what customers want, so they have been fighting back by giving companies less information about themselves and taking steps to protect themselves from what companies can do with their personal data. Moreover, several jurisdictions and supranational states have enacted laws regarding how businesses can interact with such data, including GDPR, CCPA, and CAN-SPAM. SafeOpt helps businesses to circumnavigate these compliance issues by using permission-based personalization and keeping their users’ data anonymous throughout the process.

They Can Enhance Your Email Marketing Efforts

An email is an essential tool for publishers as it provides them with an effective way to reach out and generate revenue from their audience. Emails are also a low-cost option for publishers who want to get their content in front of more readers. SafeOpt provides publishers that use their network with a way to get more out of their emails, including options for retargeting, which is a highly efficient marketing strategy that allows marketers to show relevant promotions to people who have previously visited their website.

SafeOpt is a tool that publishers can use in a multitude of ways allowing them to make better strategic decisions. Furthermore, it does this while keeping you compliant with privacy regulations and maintaining your customer’s trust.

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